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Maurice Whelan

Adventure comes naturally when your a kid you want to climb that tree, cross that stream and even the largest step outside your comfort zone is easy because as a kid you do what feel right at the time and have no sense of danger. Then we all grow up and life gets in the way of adventure. That is if we allow it to happen and forget what it is like to be a kid and exploring new places.

This is why I spent 7 years travelling to shake off the mundane and see what the world is like when you allow it to introduce you to new experiences.

Now I am back home in Ireland since 2012 and after experiencing adventure activities in so many other countries I realized that Ireland has everything needed for world-class adventure along with a vibrant history and culture which I enjoy sharing with people.

Whether its a gentle cycle in your local park or scaling the highest peaks I believe we all need to get outdoors much more. Nature is our playground and we need to remember what it is like to play again.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Saying that "I" specialize in Hiking and cycling would be to deny the amazing team that I work with at Ireland Walk Hike Bike. Our company was set up with one purpose in mind – to show guests the real Ireland that we know and love. Having watched many visitors “flash” through Ireland – my business partner and founder of the company Linda Woods decided back in 1994 to find a better way to see the country. As Linda says “My aim was to slow people down, so they really get their feet into the soul of the country, meet the locals & discover what makes Ireland & the Irish tick………” and 24 years later – this is exactly what Ireland Walk Hike Bike is still doing today….

We specialise in hiking and cycling holidays both Guided or Self Guided and take great pride in designing bespoke holidays in line with the needs of our guests."

How did you get involved in travel?

"My professional career began in the fitness industry where I managed a gym and worked as a personal trainer. I then got itchy feet and took off to travel the world and in the intervening years worked in various roles in the hospitality sector. I ended up in Hotel management and quickly realised that if I continued on this path my balance between the ability to enjoy the activities I love and to make a living was severely skewed. I packed in my role in hotel management and sought out a new opportunity to allow me combine my passion for being active and sharing my home country with people. 1 year later I was director of Ireland Walk Hike Bike creating and delivering holidays of a lifetime for our guests. 5 years on and I am lucky to say I am one of those annoying people who has my dream job."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"My wife and I were trekking in Northern Laos and after 7 hours of intense hiking through the jungle we came to our overnight stop which was a shack made from Wood and sheets of corrugated iron. Certainly not the Ritz but perfectly adequate for the night. Our guide got a fire going and after a few hours we ate dinner and it got very dark in the jungle. Suddenly a number of children emerged from the darkness and came toward our hut. The guide explained that they were from a local village not too far away. We spent the next 3 hours showing the kids photos on our digital cameras and trying to communicate with them by drawing pictures. The catch was we had no paper so we had to write on our bodies. It began with arms and legs but by the time the kids left our camp I looked liked I had been tattooed from head to toe !!"

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