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Born and bred in Bhutan, toasted and jammed in the travel industry. I do nothing else but organize tours to Bhutan, and during free time, I play music, climb mountains, race mountain-bikes, Freedive around Asia and spend time with my wife and two lovely daughters. Simply put - I'm a huge fan of the outdoors. For me, the travel industry is not just a business but a lifestyle which I want to share with people around the world. I believe we are in the business of selling dreams and our approach has always been to serve our guests with the best possible service standards.

We always try to go the extra mile to make our guests have a WOW moment that will last a lifetime. In order to achieve this, I've brought in a fantastic team of travel professionals who understand our travel motivation and core values, and is eager to serve our guests with the best of Bhutan. Do not take our word for granted, please check Tripadvisor's rankings for best travel agencies in Bhutan, and you will see us right at the top!!

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"We only sell Bhutan as we want to share what we know passionately. We create unique and immersive cultural tours but with a focus on soft-adventure experiences such as Mountain-biking, motorcycling and trekking. We are also one of the few companies in Bhutan specializing in tailor-made private tours only. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I started Bhutan Travel Club in 2008 after having worked for the Tourism Council of Bhutan for a number of years. As a research officer for the national tourism office, I was responsible for developing new experiences in Bhutan, conducting tourism impact assessments in destinations, interact with Bhutan visitors and collect visitor feedback through surveys, training local guides etc. I was also the project manager for the Tashel Online system used by the Government of Bhutan to issue tourist visas. Therefore my background has been in tourism policy and planning that focused on sustainability. Then I partnered with my younger brother who was working as one of the highly sought after tour guides in Bhutan and together we have a very good combination of the industry both as a policy-maker and field experience."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"We've created some of the most unique experiences for our guests that I believe no other travel company would have done. I've lead mountain-biking tour through the Jomolhari Trek as the first and the only travel organizer to do so. I've rode with some crazy kiwis throughout Bhutan bellowing on Royal Enfield motorcycles; Together with our clients, I organised fund-raising bike rides to raise money to support Draktsho Foundation in Bhutan; I've arranged two community weddings for our awesome couple guests and as a sustainable Tourism consultant for the government, I was hired by the national tourism office to document all potential tourism experiences in eastern Bhutan where the Govt. is trying to encourage tourism growth. This assignment made me explore every nook and cranny in eastern Bhutan where I hiked to in many places where no man might have set foot before!! My brother Sherab who is a partner in our company had the privilege to guide Their Majesties the King and Queen of Belgium!!"

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