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Shanoon Khalid

I have headed sales & marketing for some of the high-end luxury resorts in the Maldives for the last 7 years and during my time in the resorts, I saw the need for a brand in the Maldives for discerning travellers to tailor their experiences by understanding ‘every detail’ of their request. Maldives needed a travel counsellor and a company that delivers the most personalised and prompt service by recommending selected luxury resorts. Maldives has over 100 resorts and it is important to know where you are sending your clients to.

After traveling to more than than 23 countries building on extensive relations and partnerships, I decided to open Adore Maldives by selecting only 25 to 30 luxury and deluxe resorts that offer unique experiences. Our collections of resorts are wonderful choices for families, couples or divers. The Maldives has many beautiful resorts, but choosing one is not easy unless you know them by heart.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Being a local, I know the Maldives Islands very well and I am specialised in travel and tourism. Every month I visit 2 to 3 resort islands to check what's new and try their new activities or gastronomies and compare them. I meet the managements of the resorts and I talk to the key people such as the Chefs, the Dive Teams, Spa teams to ensure the resorts are exciting for my travellers to enjoy."

How did you get involved in travel?

"I joined the Maldives luxury resort industry straight after my studies and since then the passion has driven me to excel in the service industry.

Each resort island I have worked for had something unique, either its location, the reef, the dive sites, the layout of the villas, the Spas on the resorts etc. Many of these little details matter to the travellers when making a lifetime holiday to the Maldives. Thus, making it extremely important to know exactly what they are getting. Therefore, I decided to open Adore Maldives creating the concept of the Maldives Travel Counsellor giving the most up to date advise to our travellers. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Swimming with Manta Rays.

Maldives has the world's largest gathering of Manta Rays in one spot. It is called the 'Hanifaru Bay' a UNESCO bio-sphere reserve located in Baa atoll.
Snorkelers who enter here has to request a permit to ensure the Manta Rays feel they are the only ones in this sanctuary. During the Manta season from May to Oct, sometimes you encounter more than 60 or 80 or even 100 Manta Rays, gentle giants swimming just next to you. "

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