Adore Maldives Pvt. Ltd.

Our Luxury Collection of Resorts in the Maldives is handpicked. The Resorts are reviewed by The Maldives Travel Counsellor based on personal experiences. We only offer resorts & services we are contracted with and have excellent relations with.

The company is based in the Maldives, as it is essential for The Maldives Travel Counsellor to be on the ground and up-to-date with the latest developments and inventions of the resorts. Where is my water villa located? How is the marine life at the house reef? What is the latest creation of the island’s chef or what about the new resort openings? – there are no secrets to The Maldives Travel Counsellor.

“I missed the service of a local agency who is able to think and act globally. We focus our actions in the luxury traveller, understanding their need from Mississippi to Osaka,” Shanoon Khalid - Founder & CEO of Adore Maldives Pvt. Ltd

Why do you need the Maldives Travel Counsellor?

The Maldives Travel Counsellor is on the ground and know what’s worth and what’s coming.
Always available: The Maldives Travel Counsellor uses all communication channels to effectively connect with clients and travellers personally
Exclusive selection for demanding travellers: the personal collection of luxury resorts hand-picked by The Maldives Travel Counsellor is available on

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