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Sofía Kikut

I have always loved adventures, languages and cultures and traveling is the best way to learn them. During college I studied languages hoping to get to know all the cultures I possibly could, and the best classroom to do this is by traveling ! It has allowed me to meet amazing people around the world, tasting all kinds of foods and learning different languages! My goal is to integrate my traveling experience with my knowledge on my beloved Costa Rica, to make sure you fall in love with our beautiful coasts, volcanoes and cloud forest, and of course, with our worldwide known motto: the "Pura vida" lifestyle!

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I specialize in tailor-made travels to Costa Rica to fulfill every expectation and make your travel adventures in Costa Rica unforgettable!"

How did you get involved in travel?

" I had the opportunity to visit other countries during different student exchanges. After college, I decided that I wanted to get involved with traveling and travelers and experience first hand all this cultural learning. As a passionate about my country and all it has to offer and as a regular traveler myself, I realized I should put this experiences together and make sure your trip to Costa Rica has everything you need to become an unforgettable adventure! "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"On my year abroad in Europe, I traveled for the first time by myself. I was completly alone in a different continent, whose languages I only knew through books and dictionaries. I found myself overwhelmed, but determined to explore this new cultures. After a year of constant traveling, I realized I had picked up accents and ways of othere cultures, I even felt identified with some particular traditions! Somehow in a place far away from where I was born, I felt home. All of this experiences are know part of me, and when I got back home I realized how much I love my home and my traditions, and how important is to learn from others to appreciate the diversity of this amazing world. I realized for the first time that this wide world is my home!"

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