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I like to think myself as an outdoorsie and I believe in active travel style. I plan and guide a kitesurfing and paddle-boarding holidays at the best locations around the world and while traveling the world for the past 10 years I found out that Slovenia is really amazing country to live in. And travel it too, especially if you are an active and green person.

I'm guided by philosophy "to experience" rather than just "to see" and I believe in combining the popular spots with less touristy and more local spots. When I do travel for my self, I like to go "off the beaten path" and that I wish for you too.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Slovenia, active travel, paddle-boarding trips, hiking trips, special experiences and workshops known for Slovenia. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"Travel is in my DNK, I've been always a little restless, trying to meet different ways of live, different cultures, different mindsts. At the same time being active while traveling is very important to me, as I like to do something all the time.

When I met a guy who shared the same passion, we created a Bananaway, which represents an active and zippy way of life. For the past 6 years we have been designing a kitesurfing trips to countries like Brazil, Kenya, Phillippinnes, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, ... which incorporate cultural and culinary experiences as well.

On the other side, summer in Slovenia is amazing, Slovenia trully is a little green paradise and as a local we can show you the best of it! And so we love to think we're traveling with you!"

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"One of the most memorable experience was definately 4x4 kite adventure in Brasil, when we were trying to find a way through the dunes and reach the Atins and Lencois Maranhense on our own for the first time. As we never been there befor, as there is no official road and as the trip was depending on the tide and constantly moving sand dunes, our heart pumped faster and I will never forget, how we managed to navigate us there.

I really like the african safari experience, when out team was having a lunch in a campsite and a wild elephant visited us, so we could walk with him and observe him from up close. It looked like campsite has a local pet, we loved it. "

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Best Summer Hikes in the Slovenian Alps
Slovenia | Jul 9 - Jul 15, 2019

Kelly W.
Portland, OR | Reviewed on Aug 02, 2019

This trip was the highlight of my time in Europe! I told them I wanted to hike and they planned a trip that was challenging in exactly the way I wanted it to be. They partnered with an excellent tour group located in Lake Bled who were extremely helpful upon my arrival.

Hiking to the top of Mt Triglav and staying in huts along the way was a beautiful way to experience Slovenia. I highly recommend it!

Local specialist: Spela Zupanc
Spela Zupanc
Local specialist in Ljubljana | Replied on Aug 05, 2019

Kelly hi! Thanks for writing such a nice review! We're glad your holidays exceed your expectations! If your ever come back to Slovenia, we will love to help you plan your holidays again! ;) Best, Spela