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Susan Deslaurier

My joy is creating authentic and enriching experiences that go beyond “viewing” a faraway land, providing a cultural bridge with local people that leads to life-changing experiences for travelers. I offer extensive consultation and planning services to help you shape an escorted or independent journey of your dreams. With my personal introductions to local people and handling of every logistical detail, you can relax and immerse in the experience. Donations to local projects are part of every trip, providing a sense of purpose in every journey as you explore rich cultures and make new discoveries about yourself.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"East Africa Wildlife safari, conservation, cultural and spiritual adventures, biking and trekking trips, family tours, off the beaten path and custom-made trips. Mixing driving, walking, boating and cycling to vary the perspective. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"My lifelong curiosity about the world, how people live in different ways, and generally soaking up the beauty of the Earth in any way possible, established a theme of travel throughout my life. It became a basic need through the years of raising my two daughters, alternating domestic and international trips each year to round out their education in a real-world classroom. I traveled to more than a dozen countries before my heart was captured by East Africa during a visit as a board member of an education Foundation. I then lived and worked alongside the people of Kenya and Tanzania during yearly visit, where I learned about local culture, challenges faced by the community, and their vision of the future. My relationships deepened within the Maasai community and exploration of the spiritual, cultural, and natural surroundings. Eventually, I left my American corporate job in executive coaching and communications, and established a travel business to share the experience with others. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"In my early days living within a Maasai village, I woke in the middle of the night and roamed out to the compound fence, and perched on the small ladder that crosses it, dreamily ecstatic about being in such a beautiful place. In my little bubble of joy disregarded the ruckus of goat cries in the pen next to me, and the scurrying of the puppies as I finally returned to my mud hut to sleep. Some hours later, I hear commotion of people outside, and come out to see that a leopard has come and killed several goats, and dragged one off to eat elsewhere. I ask “How did he get in here?” I’m told “Over that fence ladder”. I caught my breath as I realized that it was all unfolding in the sounds I heard while sitting there, with a leopard likely waiting for me to get the heck off of his exit door. I learned to be more respectful of real-deal Africa after that. "