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Ha Thu

A traveler at heart, a mother and a wife. I love to make trips now even more so with my family. I love to see my son’s reactions such as the first time he saw the sand and beach of Danang. He has caught the travelers bug already. I want to share these places with others too, whether it be where to get the best seafood in Asia or how to plan a perfect adventure or even family holiday, my own experiences help me understand exactly what people want and provide places they are looking.

My job title may be Travel Designer, but to me we are all friends who are yet to meet, I want to share my experiences across Asia and in particular Vietnam. To welcome you as my friend and to look after you in the same way.

No two people are the same, so no two trips can be the same. I will make sure you return knowing your trip was just like you, one of a kind!

How did you get involved in travel?

"You may say I was born into travel, well not exactly but about as close as you could be. My hometown is located next to Hanoi’s airport, all my childhood I saw the planes taking off and landing, I used to sit wondering where they may have come from or where they may go! The where they may go, was the part that always seemed more exciting to me, dreaming and planning these trips in my mind, where I would travel and the places I would see. I would read books and guides, anything I could lay my hands on to learn more and let my imagination grow.

As my younger years gave way to my teenage years, my dreams of travel appeared shelved as a career in banking and finance had been mapped out for me. But fate it appears is a traveler too. When 15 my father’s company took a trip, I was allowed to join. This trip made me realize travel is what I want to do! It was banking and finance that allowed it all to happen.

After completing my high school studies, I was fortunate enough to go to Europe to study, this of course immersed me into new cultures, new ways and well new everything. Especially shopping, living and studying in London. I loved how the city never slept, my part time working at a Thai restaurant in Waterloo allowed me to feed my hobby of shopping, exploring the small market stalls, as well as the high streets. I then moved to further my studies in Switzerland, I was amazed with natural beauty of the country and also the price of all, my shopping had to take a temporary vacation. It allow me the chance to explore France and Germany, my travel dreams of a child had been far exceeded, it was not enough and I knew now, my career was meant to be travel planning. My time in Switzerland also provided me one more great addition, my husband. He was studying at tourism school, it seemed fate was rewarding my bravery, we then returned to Vietnam together after completing our degrees. I was now a business and finance major, seeking work in tourism. I was soon offered a position and my dreams as a young child truly had been realized, arranging these incredible journeys for people across Asia, knowing I made the right choices. With many more journeys since and many more planned, I hope to continue to see more exotic destinations and to help others see them too.

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"As I mentioned, when I was 15 years old, my father took me to an area of Vietnam called Quang Binh, which many will not have heard of. Here though is a cave, when I saw I inhaled sharply and said “WOW this is fantastic” – the caves are Phong Nha and it is believed to be one of largest in the world, some say 3rd largest others 4th. As a small child in such a vast place, it made me realize how much of the world people never see, I honestly to this day can of course recall it but also struggle to put into words how it made me feel or to explain the sheer size.
For me this is a place you really have to see it to believe it and then you will understand my lack of words. Just awe-inspiring! If you are ever coming to Vietnam, I would love to share this with you. A cave so big you can fit a jumbo jet inside.
We spent one camping inside, although I could barely sleep I was still so excited about this place, wondering how it felt to discover the place. Even now as I write this, I can recall all the emotions, smells, sights and sounds. That truly for me is both unique and memorable.

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