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Unnur Silfá Eyfells

Hi! My name is Unnur, but because my name is so hard to pronounce a lot of people just call me Iceland! I don't mind, because as I was born and raised in Iceland, being Icelandic is a huge part of my identity.

I was raised in North Iceland, in the town of Akureyri. As my parents both worked for the local electric company, as a kid I would travel with them around the country side. A favorite memory of mine is spending a summer living near the village of Kópasker in North Iceland. While my parents worked, I got the position of junior helper at a nearby farm and spent my summer feeding the sheep, taking care of motherless duckings and just wandering on my own through the endless fields that surrounded me. It was a beautiful time that has shaped my existence - nearly 30 years on I'm still full of wanderlust.

My grandparents were also pioneers of travel in the Icelandic highlands, so when I was not entertaining myself on local farms I was spending time in the highlands. Once, my family nearly called the search and rescue department because I went missing in Kerlingarfjöll. A few hours later I returned, in tears, because I had chased sheep around the mountains for nearly 8 hours but they wouldn't eat the apples I tried to feed them!

This should tell you a little bit about my love for Icelandic nature and my natural sense for my environment, but also my desire for adventure.

When it comes to Iceland, I want to share the love I have for my country with others - but I also want to assist with your travel itinerary in a way that gives you the greatest experience possible in a responsible and honest way. I won't hesitate to tell you if your plans are too ambitious or unrealistic, but I will always give you advice and options to make your Iceland adventure a unique, personal and unforgettable holiday.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"As a travel agent and consultant I specialize in travel to Iceland and Greenland. My niche is tailor made holidays, honeymoons and luxury travel. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I was raised in a family who loved to travel, but my inspiration to working within the tourism industry came during my solo back-packing trip around the world in 2007.
During the trip, I was struck by how small communities in developing countries were not benefiting, socially or economically, from the tourist services provided in their areas. After my return I decided to study for an undergraduate degree in Tourism at the University of Iceland, with a focus on human geography and responsible tourism. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I've been so blessed to be able to travel around the world but here are some of my favorites from around the world:

Being randomly invited to family dinner in Koh Sok, Thailand
Whale watching with my son an a RIB boat in Húsavík, Iceland
Spending a week living with a monk in Takayama, Japan
White river rafting with my colleagues in North Iceland
Hiking in the Cameron highlands jungle to see the Raffelasia flower, Malaysia
Kayaking in Heinabergslón, Iceland
Dogsledding in Ilulissat, Greenland
Travelling though the country side and getting to know the locals in Myanmar"

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