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Yo! In between the seven mountains of beautiful Bergen you will find me (a behavioral neuroscience student) and my dog, Luffe. She is a beautiful Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and together we walk everywhere and we know Bergen with all its hidden gems, history and charm.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I love Norwegian history, music, literature, art, food, Norse mythology and can tell you a lot about this. Personally, I love hiking, camping, swimming, diving, and yoga as well as hunting and fishing. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"Growing up I just loved walking and biking around in my neighborhood and as I grew older I went around my little town Tønsberg (the oldest in Norway!). A bit older my friend and I started to get the bus and train to the other towns in Vestfold and the east coastline of Norway. My parents have been amazing taking me to lovely places such as Kenya, and with studies, I've been to Australia and Hong Kong to mention some crazy lovely destinations. With friends, I've been to Iceland, Italy, Nepal and the US to mention others. Just writing this text makes me grateful and happy! I've also been so lucky to have lived in addition to Tønsberg and Bergen also in Oslo which I know very well as well as Edinburgh in Scotland and Barcelona in Spain. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Travelling doesn't need to be far away for it to be unforgettable. Even a walk around Bergen in areas I haven't been before can be breathtaking, but to mention some of the international and most unique I would say China, Nepal, Kenya, the Pyrenees in France, Iceland, California, the Caribbean, and I have to say: Norway!"

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The Barents Sea off Norway's north coast
Northern Norway Winter Adventure - 14 Days

This exciting two-week road trip from late February to early April takes you deep into Norway's boreal territory for unique winter-themed activities and few crowds. Your self-drive tour begins from Tromsø, 'Gateway to the Arctic', where you can ride a cable car, meet reindeer, and chase the Northern Lights after dark. Continue to Alta for some of the oldest rock art in existence today (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and a 3-day dogsledding tour. From here, drive to Karasjok and Europe's northernmost point where you can hike along the stunning North Cape before flying to Oslo for one more night on the town.

Summertime adventures stay golden above the Arctic Circle
Midnight Sun Road Trip in Arctic Norway - 8 Days

This adventurous weeklong road trip from late May to late August begins and ends in Tromsø, the country's gateway to the Arctic, where—during summer months—the sun never sets on these gorgeous views. From here, you'll journey through rugged landscapes of Norway's second largest island (Senja), and partake in active outings like cycling, kayaking, and swimming before ferrying to another less-populated island (Andøya) where spotting whales is practically a guarantee. Hike the coastal trail on the Queen’s Route before heading back to Tromsø for a few more nights of Scandinavian fun.

A branch of the Svartisen glacier
Summer Road Trip: Helgelands Coastal Tour - 10 Days

Road trippers will cover a great deal of scenic ground between southern Norway and the tip of the Arctic Circle with this 10-day itinerary. Start the adventure in Bergen's colorful wharf city before you make your way to Fjærland on Norway's biggest fjord. From here, continue towards the mighty Geirangerfjord and city of Trondheim, and finally, the Helgeland Coast—named one of the world’s top undiscovered island gems. This Norwegian Scenic Route (the longest in the country) runs from Holm to Godøystraumen with detours in Svartisen glacier and the Seven Sisters mountain range, to name a few. In other words, outdoor opportunities aplenty!

A branch of the Sognefjord in early autumn
Classic Autumn Fjord Adventure - 7 Days

This classic and incredibly scenic itinerary checks off several key Norwegian highlights in the span of a week after the summer crowds have left. Start off in Europe's fastest growing capital with a day in Oslo. From here, travel via the Flåm Railway, one of the steepest trains in the world, and stay a night in Aurland before taking a cruise through the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord. You'll then travel to Bergen and spend a few days exploring this colorful wharf city surrounded by seven mountains before returning to Oslo for one more night on the town.

Winter comes early in the Lofoten Islands
Romantic Autumn Adventure in Norway's Arctic - 9 Days

This autumn-themed trip for two explores Norway's snowy Arctic using a variety of travel modes and cozy accommodations. Start with culture and great restaurants in Tromsø before heading to Lyngenfjord, where you'll stay in a glass-topped igloo—prime for spotting the Northern Lights. Then, board the Hurtigruten for an overnight sail to the Lofoten Islands. Finish the adventure with a night in Oslo, the fastest-growing capital in Europe.

Prime territory for spotting the Northern Lights
Tromsø & Alta Winter Adventure - 7 Days

This exciting and less-traveled winter adventure takes you deep into Norway's boreal territory. Your weeklong tour between November and April begins in the quietly sophisticated city of Tromsø, where you can sled with huskies and reindeer during the day and chase the Northern Lights after dark. Continue to Alta by car or bus for snowsports in the Arctic wilderness and a UNESCO World Heritage Site comprised of rock carvings. To up the Alta adventure factor, spend your last two nights in a nearby hotel made of snow and ice!