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Vilde Brecke

Yo! In between the seven mountains of beautiful Bergen you will find me (a behavioral neuroscience student) and my dog, Luffe. She is a beautiful Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and together we walk everywhere and we know Bergen with all its hidden gems, history and charm.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I love Norwegian history, music, literature, art, food, Norse mythology and can tell you a lot about this. Personally, I love hiking, camping, swimming, diving, and yoga as well as hunting and fishing. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"Growing up I just loved walking and biking around in my neighborhood and as I grew older I went around my little town Tønsberg (the oldest in Norway!). A bit older my friend and I started to get the bus and train to the other towns in Vestfold and the east coastline of Norway. My parents have been amazing taking me to lovely places such as Kenya, and with studies, I've been to Australia and Hong Kong to mention some crazy lovely destinations. With friends, I've been to Iceland, Italy, Nepal and the US to mention others. Just writing this text makes me grateful and happy! I've also been so lucky to have lived in addition to Tønsberg and Bergen also in Oslo which I know very well as well as Edinburgh in Scotland and Barcelona in Spain. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Travelling doesn't need to be far away for it to be unforgettable. Even a walk around Bergen in areas I haven't been before can be breathtaking, but to mention some of the international and most unique I would say China, Nepal, Kenya, the Pyrenees in France, Iceland, California, the Caribbean, and I have to say: Norway!"

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How kimkim Trips Work in Norway

When it comes to visiting Norway's fjords, cities, and hiking trails, one size does not fit all. In fact, it's the perfect destination for an adventure customized to your interests and tastes. Here’s some insight into how kimkim accomplishes that and helps you plan and book your dream trip.

A Northern Lights display from the Lofoten Islands.
Ultimate Winter Adventure in Norway's Arctic - 10 Days

Not for the faint of heart, this epic 10-day trip through Norway's wintry north includes a dizzying array of destinations, travel modes, and activities that are highly unique to the Arctic. Each day presents another opportunity for glorious views and local culture, and lots of animals like huskies, reindeer, and whales. Did we mention all the chances to see the Northern Lights including by horseback? Tepid travelers need not apply.

Drive through the village of Loen on the Nordfjord at the end of this trip.
Nordic Self-Guided Trek & Road Trip - 10 Days

You'll be at the helm of this unique Norwegian adventure, as you make your way through some of Scandinavia's most spectacular natural landscapes with stops in the country's two biggest cities. It starts with a train ride from Oslo that connects to a three-day trek in the Aurlandsdalen Valley, or what is known as the Grand Canyon of Norway, where you'll stay in cozy mountain lodges with fellow trekkers. From here, ferry to Bergen via the Sognefjord and grab a rental car as you make your way to coastal villages and mountain towns on your way back to Oslo.

Ferry through the Sognefjord to reach the city of Bergen.
Norway's Cities, Mountains & Fjords - 5 Days

This Nordic adventure covers several key highlights in a short amount of time, starting in Europe's fastest growing capital. Next, hike in Norway's mountainous interior before taking the scenic Flåm Railway towards the western coast. Finish with a ferry ride through Norway's longest and deepest fjord (Sognefjord) to get to Bergen—a colorful waterfront city surrounded by seven mountains.

The pretty port city of Ålesund shines at dusk.
Western Norway Fjord Road Trip - 8 Days

Get ready to hit the open road on this self-drive adventure down Norway's stunning west coast. Starting in Bergen, you'll hike, bike, and take one of the world's steepest train rides through the country's villages, mountains, and fjords. Top off your well-rounded trip in charming Ålesund, a fairytale city renowned for its Art Nouveau architecture.

The historic Bryggen district along Bergen's picturesque wharf.
Oslo to Bergen Fjord Adventure - 5 Days

This five-day jaunt covers a great deal of Nordic ground, visiting the country's two largest cities and its longest and deepest fjord. Start off in Europe's fastest growing capital before taking a scenic train and ferry to the fjord-side village of Balestrand. Continue north to Fjærland for glacier views and an award-winning museum before getting on another boat -- this time to Bergen, a historic wharf city and home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend your last day with a local guide who will show you the best of Bergen and its seven surrounding mountains.