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Yuliana Martínez

I am a professional in Tourism. My passion about traveling started long time ago when I decided my career, because I wanted something different, something that I enjoy everyday of my life. I love to show the beauty of my country to the people, I like to organize tours and trips to amazing destinations, where people can really get in touch with Colombia and its magic.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I am really into nature and cultural activities, I love to give unique experiences, in which the people can discover Colombia in a deep way, falling in love with it and discovering why the risk is wanting to stay."

How did you get involved in travel?

"I started traveling at university. I went to Ecuador and Chile with friends, and I helped to organize those trips... the first was for more than 40 people, it was chalenging but great at the same time and I learn lot. I really love to know other cultures, people and places, I think is the best way to grow and open your mind to the differences and ways of life. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I had the opportunity to be out of the country for two months some years ago. In that time I went to Chile and Argentina. In this time I learnt a lot about other cultures and my mind was opened to the love of traveling.
When I went to Argentina, Mendoza, which is a city 6-hour long from Santiago in Chile, I was planning to stay just for 4 days, but there were a lot of snow and the border with Chile was closed for many days. I had to stay there for 5 more days and at first it was hard because it was not planned, and it was stressful to go everyday to the bus terminal, got on the bus for hours and then go back again to the hostel many times. At the end I could travel to Santiago, but those 6 hours finished in 12, for the long traffic jam all over the way. Through this experience I became more patient, solucion oriented and efficient when planning trips."

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Colombia in December

You won't find a more festive month in Colombia than December. Everyone here prepares weeks in advance for Christmas and the New Year, with seemingly non-stop parties and celebrations leading up to the big day. Higher lodging and airfare prices are to be expected, as is great weather throughout the country—even famously rainy Bogotá stays mostly dry this month.

Explore Tayrona National Park - 4 Days

If you only visit one place on Colombia's northern coast, make sure it's Tayrona National Park. You'll pack a lot of activity into this short itinerary—arrive in the colonial city of Santa Marta before spending two days hiking to some of Tayrona's most secluded beaches and the Pueblito Ruins.

Family Travel in Colombia: 3 Options for a 10-Day Trip

With 10 days, your family can easily combine three or more areas of Colombia thanks to an inexpensive domestic air service. And with so much diversity—from the Amazon and the Andes to cosmopolitan cities and quaint colonial pueblos—there are plenty of options for a tailor-made stay.

Family Travel in Colombia: 3 Options for Your 7-Day Trip

Colombia holds plenty of solid itinerary options for families with a week to spend. Combine city exploration with a visit to coffee country, check out the Caribbean coast, or head to the more remote southern reaches—wherever you decide to go, all three of these curated options are perfect for kids and parents alike.

A sample of Cartagena's beautiful colors and architecture.
Discover Colombia's Cities - 10 Days

Perfect for travelers who love urban energy and culture, this fast-paced itinerary highlights four awesome Colombian cities: Bogotá, Medellín, Santa Marta, and Cartagena — each with their own special qualities and vibes. Too much city? You'll visit a coffee farm in the Andes and hike through a rainforest for a dose of beach and Caribbean Sea to round out this fun adventure.

Bogotá, Amazon & Cartagena - 10 Days

In just 10 days, this exciting tour of Colombia covers a great deal of ground including four nights in the Amazon region, sandwiched between two world-class cities. You'll start off exploring the cosmopolitan capital of Bogotá before flying south to Leticia; from here, take part in a series of unforgettable days via foot, canoe, and other small boats in Colombia and across the border in Peru and Brazil. Then fly north to the Caribbean Sea and wander Cartagena's romantic inner-walled city before culminating with a speedboat ride to the Rosario Islands.