The distance from the historic city of Córdoba to Malaga on the Costa del Sol is about 107 miles (172 km). The most comfortable way to get from Córdoba to Malaga is hiring a private transfer or driving a rental car—a quick trip of under two hours, with the option of stopping for sightseeing along the way. However, there is also a high-speed train that cuts the length of the trip down to just one hour. Bus routes are available, too.

Malaga’s art and beaches are the perfect complement to Córdoba’s rich history. Experience them both in one trip, plus Seville, with this six-day itinerary

By Rental Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 2 hours

Getting from Córdoba to Malaga takes just under 2 hours along highway A45. This is a toll road—tolls can be paid via machine using your credit card, or via cash to a tollbooth attendant.

Alternatively, you can avoid the toll road by turning onto highway A384 near the city of Antequera. Antequera is known for its ancient burial mounds and Alcazaba fortress, so although this route will lengthen your trip by about half an hour, it might be worth it if you’d like to stop off there.  

By Train

Duration: 1 hour

Spain’s state-owned train operator is called Renfe. Renfe operates high-speed trains leaving throughout the day from Córdoba to Malaga. There are two types of trains: AVE and AVANT. AVE trains are faster and sometimes offer wifi (although on this route, the travel time is more or less the same with both types of trains).

While the AVE trains are more expensive than AVANT, they also offer a more flexible ticket. Booking in advance is recommended.

By Bus

Duration: 3 hours

ALSA operates buses between Córdoba and Malaga. You can choose to arrive in Malaga’s central bus station, or Malaga Airport. Several buses run per day. Booking in advance is recommended. Note that some buses make more stops along the way than others.

ALSA buses are generally comfortable. However, most likely buses on this route will not offer WiFi. While some buses have toilets onboard, using the toilet beforehand is wise. Bring food if you think you will get hungry.


Map of How to Get from Córdoba to Malaga
Map of How to Get from Córdoba to Malaga