Mallorca, the largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands, is approximately 122 miles (196 km) from the neighboring island of Ibiza. Their proximity makes it relatively easy to travel between the two, with the possibility of doing day trips to one or the other, or spending some time on each island and exploring all they have to offer.
The quickest way to get from Mallorca to Ibiza would be via plane. There are several daily nonstop flights between Mallorca’s capital city of Palma and Ibiza airport, with a flying time of about 45 minutes. Taking the ferry has a travel time of 3-4 hours. While the ferries aren’t the fastest, they do have numerous daily crossings and are generally comfortable and reliable.

If money is no object, you can get from one island to the other would be by private helicopter, which takes about an hour. There are several private charter services that offer everything from day excursions to one-way trips.
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By Plane

Duration: 45 minutes
It’s a quick flight from Mallorca to Ibiza, with regular daily flights between Palma and the Ibiza airport. Upon arrival at the airport, you can catch a taxi to Ibiza town, which is about 3.7 miles (6 km) away. The popular resort town of Portinatx is just over 21 miles (35 km) from the airport, and while the trip is a bit further, taxis are still considered the most reliable mode of transport.

By Ferry

Duration: 3 - 4 hours
The main ferry terminal on Mallorca is located in the capital city of Palma. Depending on the season, there are usually several daily runs to Ibiza, with a travel time of 3 - 4 hours. This is considered one of the busiest ferry routes on the islands, so if you want to be sure to catch specific ferry, its best to book in advance. You can also purchase tickets at the port, and there are ferries that allow for both foot passengers and those travelers who want to bring their car. Most of the ferries have open seating lounges and food for purchase.

By Helicopter

Duration: 1 hour
For an exciting and luxurious jaunt between the islands, there are several companies that offer helicopter charter services from Mallorca to Ibiza. Keep in mind that space is limited when it comes to traveling this way, so you’ll want to make sure you talk to the charter service and verify how much luggage you can bring. You can also combine your charter to Ibiza with an aerial tour of the islands, and if you happen to have a valid helicopter license, some companies even offer self-fly rental services.


Map of How to Get from Mallorca to Ibiza
Map of How to Get from Mallorca to Ibiza