Mountain Biking in Nepal

Switchback descent towards Lupra (© Dan Barham)
Mountain Biking in the Lower Mustang Region

Hit the trails made famous by the Anthill crew and Redbull Media in their two awesome mountain biking films from 2011 -12. Stark and stunning, the landscape is high altitude desert and your trails are on the ancient trading route from India to Tibet.

Kalinchowk views
Kalinchowk Trekking, Mountain Biking and Rafting - 8 Days

The Kalinchowk Adventure Itinerary combines a great 3-day trek in the Himalayan foothills with mountain biking and rafting. This is the perfect trip if you want to experience some of the best action sports Nepal has to offer while moving along trails with amazing views, and getting a great closeup view of the culture of the famous Sherpa people.

Mountain Biking in the Everest Region
The Everest Epic - Mountain Biking in the Everest Region of Nepal

The Everest Epic is truly an epic ride. At the high point, you reach Pikey Peak, one of Nepal's best view points . Here you have the chance to see 8 out of the world’s 14 peaks above 8000 meters, including Mt Everest, from the seat of your bike! This journey is filled with single track of the best kind, it will suit people who like All mountain or endure style riding and you will be challenged on your physical ability as well as on your technical biking skills… and you will have a blast!