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Deluxe Room with Best View (Photo by Big Pillow Inn)
Map of Where to Stay in Pokhara - Best Boutique Hotels
Where to Stay in Pokhara - Best Boutique Hotels

It's hard to keep up with all of the new hotels springing up in Pokhara, Nepal's adventure capital and second largest city. To help you figure out where to stay in this beautiful lakeside town, here's a selection of some of our favorites, both classic and new, for every budget.

View from the terrace of Tiger Mountain Pokhara (photo courtesy Tiger Mountain)
Map of Best Resorts Around Pokhara
Best Resorts Around Pokhara

Most people come to Pokhara for the fantastic nearby trekking, and after a week of bucket washes and wet wipes you might just be ready for a splash of well-deserved luxury. The good news is that the charming countryside around Pokhara offers some of the Himalaya's most stylish and relaxing top-end places to stay. Budget a day or two to recover from your trek in style at one of these fabulous resorts.

Herb Nepal. Photo by Elen Turner
Beyond Hotels: 7 Unique Lodging Options in Nepal

Planning a trip to Nepal? The country offers much more in the way of accommodation than just hotels. Consider spending a night or two in one of these unique alternatives, be it a trailside teahouse, traditional homestay, Buddhist monastery, or luxury mountain lodge at 13,000 feet.

Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge in Bardia National Park
Best Jungle Lodges in Nepal

Nepal is an excellent destination for jungle treks, safari tours, and off-the-beaten-track adventure. If it's wildlife and national parks you're after, there are lodges in the heart of the jungle that rise above the competition to provide sustainable wilderness experiences that also prioritize comfort.