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Cami Sarmiento

I'm the vice president of Uncharted Earth, an adventure travel company that specializes in lesser known and relatively undeveloped travel destinations. We seek out unspoiled nature destinations and authentic experiences to give our customers exceptional adventures that go way beyond typical tours.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Mountains, rain forests, tropical islands and volcanoes; hiking, snorkeling, diving, climbing, kayaking and mountain biking. Anything active in a beautiful and unspoiled nature setting in Colombia and the Philippines. I also specialize in interacting with indigenous people and immersing people in traditional culture. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I've always loved traveling and experiencing new places. I've gone all over Colombia, my home country, and I've lived in China, the Philippines and both coasts of the United States. I got my MBA in the Boston area, originally intending to go into strategic consulting, but during my time there and the years immediately following graduation I rediscovered my love for travel and nature. In 2013 I decided to make a career out of what I enjoy the most --- going to new places and immersing myself in spectacular nature --- and joined the adventure travel company that would become Uncharted Earth. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"My husband and I were on our honeymoon in Peru. 2 days after our wedding day we were already on an overnight bus to go on a 4 day trek of the Santa Cruz trail, one of the best trails in the country and very popular. On the first day of our trek we encountered several parties who were doing the trek in the opposite direction. Starting on the second day, however, my husband and I trekked virtually alone, seeing no more than 10 other people for the rest of the trek. It was unbelievable that such a beautiful and popular trail had so few people on it. Having the Santa Cruz trail to ourselves was amazing. At the end of the trek we found out that there had been a transportation strike right after we started hiking. No other people had been able to get to the trailheads after we had started. The strike then conveniently ended on our last day, so we were able to return to the city. We couldn't believe our luck. That trek was the perfect wedding present from the heavens. "

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Hike through the Valle de Cocora in Colombia's Coffee Triangle.
How to Spend 10 Days in Colombia

If you have 10 days in Colombia you can visit two or three areas of the country, thanks to low cost airfares that can jet you quickly between different regions. Enjoy the country's dynamic urban centers, get out in the countryside for hikes, visit a coffee plantation and sunbathe on the Caribbean coast, these are just a few of the things you can pack in during your 10-day stay.

Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona
Extreme Adventure Summit to the Sea - 14 Days

This outdoorsy, action-packed itinerary hits the crown jewels near two of Colombia's most exciting cities. Start off in up-and-coming Medellín before driving to the "coffee triangle" where you'll stay in a traditional ranch in the Andes. From here, embark on a three-day hike through some of the last surviving snowcapped peaks in the tropics before rafting in two of Colombia's major rivers. Next, you'll head north to the Caribbean coast for white sand beaches, sailing, and a chance to scuba dive in one of the few coral reefs in Colombia. Finish off the two-week adventure with time to explore the romantic cobbled alleys of Cartagena's Old Town.

Colombia Honeymoon
Great Honeymoon Ideas for Colombia

The romantic city of Cartagena, white-sand Caribbean beaches, beautiful Coffee Country and sizzling salsa dancing combine to make Colombia a wonderful honeymoon destination. This list covers some of the top destinations to consider when making plans for your post-nuptial getaway.  

Best Places To Visit In Colombia's Coffee Region

Colombia's Coffee Region is dotted with small pueblos where life has changed little over the past century. Towns like Salento, Pijao, and Filandia still retain the same colonial air of yesteryear, when coffee farmers brought their product to market along old country roads. This list includes the best towns to visit, plus vibrant cities and also backcountry areas where you can experience Colombia's stunning landscapes.

 El Chocó
Tips for Visiting El Chocó on Colombia's Remote Pacific Coast

A visit to El Chocó on the Pacific coast opens up adventurous opportunities to explore the jungle, go whale watching or scuba diving. You can also just enjoy the sea view from your hammock, gazing across a Pacific Ocean that looks very different from the one many know on the West Coast of North America. The following areas of El Chocó covered here are located in the area around Nuquí and Bahía Solano.