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We are the adventure travel experts for uncommon places, pioneering tours to unique destinations in the Philippines and Colombia and providing our guests with exceptional experiences since 2011.

We believe that true adventure can be had only if you are far away from crowds, familiar things and your comfort zone. We are serious about taking our guests on extraordinary trips and we do that by going to lesser known destinations --- places that even most locals don’t know about. Unspoiled by mass tourism the raw beauty of these places is awe-inspiring and the emotions that they inspire can be life-changing. We also go to some classic destinations, but we experience them in a more authentic and in-depth fashion than most tourists do. For example, instead of simply looking at the famous Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippines from a view deck like most people, we hike into the mountains, walk amidst the rice paddies and spend nights in the villages of the Ifugao, the indigenous people who made them. By exploring new destinations and embracing unique adventures, we let people discover the best of a country, and often, the best in themselves.

We also believe that nature is best appreciated by engaging it physically and that a perfect vacation is one that is jam-packed with activity. In other words, we enjoy tiring people out. We appreciate rest and relaxation as much the next person but with so much to see and experience in the world it's against our principles to let our guests spend a lot of time lazing around. We've dedicated ourselves to showing our guests as much of a country's best as their time will allow. Tired faces with big smiles are our typical indicators of a successful trip.

Finally, we believe that the best people to show you a place are those who live there. True adventure involves the unknown and unexpected, but you want to travel with people who are intimately familiar with a destination. We focus on only a few countries and these are the countries that we call home. Our head office for Sales and Marketing is in the United States but we are operationally based in each of our destination countries and all of our trip leaders are locals. That’s why we’re the experts in our chosen destinations. What’s uncharted to everyone else is home to us.

We go to great lengths to show our guests the best that this magnificent planet has to offer. Come travel with us and let us show you your Uncharted Earth.

Featured trips & expertise

Guatiquia River in Chingaza National Park
Bogotá's Active Adventure: Bike, Hike, and Climb - 6 Days

If you're interested in the kind of vacation that revitalizes body and mind while pushing the limits of your endurance, consider this active six-day Colombian itinerary. It's centered in and around the capital of Bogotá and packs enough high-intensity exercise to really get those endorphins pumping. Even better, all these activities occur outdoors, on city streets, and in all that surrounding nature for which Colombia is deservedly famous.

5 Great Day Trips from Cartagena

Cartagena has long been Colombia's top tourist destination. This is no surprise—it's one of the most well-preserved Spanish colonial cities on the continent. But what do you do once you've exhausted all the culture within the city's ancient ramparts? Let this be your guide to the best day trips outside Cartagena.

Ultimate Guide to Hiking in El Cocuy National Park

In a country known for tropical jungles and white-sand beaches, the glacial peaks of Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy stand out. Located north of Bogotá in the beating heart of the Andes, this untamed páramo highland ecoregion holds the best high-altitude hiking in Colombia.

Rafting the whitewater near San Gil is one of many great adventures you can have in Colombia.
Best Adventure Activities in Colombia

Repelling down waterfalls, rafting turbulent rivers, paragliding over cities and navigating steep trails on a mountain bike are just a few of the epic adventures you can have in Colombia. Throw in diving, trekking, kiteboarding and bungee jumping and you have a full plate of adrenaline-fueled options. This article describes the best ways to get your heart pumping in Colombia.

Hike through the Valle de Cocora in Colombia's Coffee Triangle.
How to Spend 10 Days in Colombia

If you have 10 days in Colombia you can visit two or three areas of the country, thanks to low cost airfares that can jet you quickly between different regions. Enjoy the country's dynamic urban centers, get out in the countryside for hikes, visit a coffee plantation and sunbathe on the Caribbean coast, these are just a few of the things you can pack in during your 10-day stay.

Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona
Extreme Adventure Summit to the Sea - 14 Days

This outdoorsy, action-packed itinerary hits the crown jewels near two of Colombia's most exciting cities. Start off in up-and-coming Medellín before driving to the "coffee triangle" where you'll stay in a traditional ranch in the Andes. From here, embark on a three-day hike through some of the last surviving snowcapped peaks in the tropics before rafting in two of Colombia's major rivers. Next, you'll head north to the Caribbean coast for white sand beaches, sailing, and a chance to scuba dive in one of the few coral reefs in Colombia. Finish off the two-week adventure with time to explore the romantic cobbled alleys of Cartagena's Old Town.

Recent Trip Reviews for Uncharted Earth

Active, Philippines - Aug 8 - Aug 12, 2018

Traveler: Blair M. - Local specialist: Leo Cuesta

Johnas was WONDERFUL. Thank you for a wonderful trip. Everything was handled expertly.

Leo Cuesta, local specialist, responded to this review:

Thank you for your review Blair, I'm glad you had a great trip despite the less than perfect weather! Thanks for choosing to travel with us and we hope to go on another adventure with you in the future (we also do trips in Colombia, you might want to consider that for your next vacation)!

Trip to colombia, Colombia - Jun 24 - Jul 3, 2018

Traveler: Robert R. - Local specialist: Cami Sarmiento

Overall, this was a rewarding trip, however, not without some issues. In general, too much time was spent traveling from place to place, especially with some of the long car rides for activities that were only a few hours in length. EVERY flight we took on Avianca experienced delays, significant delays or cancelation. By and large, our guides were excellent, except for our experience on Day 2 going to Chingaza (see below). No events / activities were planned for any of the evenings and it... read more

Overall, this was a rewarding trip, however, not without some issues. In general, too much time was spent traveling from place to place, especially with some of the long car rides for activities that were only a few hours in length. EVERY flight we took on Avianca experienced delays, significant delays or cancelation. By and large, our guides were excellent, except for our experience on Day 2 going to Chingaza (see below). No events / activities were planned for any of the evenings and it might have been nice if we had been able to attend some sort of cultural event or to be directed to a special restaurant. Some specific comments follow:

Day 1- Edgar met us at the Hotel just as the World Cup match ended with Colombia's victory. He was excellent. He took us around the park nearby, to a Sunday craft market, and he made several good dining suggestions. He was also our guide on Day 3 which was also an excellent tour of places in Bogota. At our request, he brought us to the main food and flower market and introduced us to numerous indigenous fruits. In retrospect, we should have flown to Pereida at the end of Day 3 to give us more time in coffee country.

Day 2 - Chingaza was interesting but not worth the long trip. We met our guide in La Calera but the vehicle was not large enough for all the passengers. At the park, it was cold, raining, windy and at high altitude. We needed extra layers of clothing and waterproof footwear. Our guide was completely immersed in her discussion of the surrounding environment, would not stop talking for the entire time we were with her and didn't properly assess my wife's level of discomfort and desire to return. The park was interesting but I think it likely that there may have been other activities near Bogota that would have be more interesting.

Day 4 - By far the best day of the trip. The visit to the coffee farm was without a doubt the highlight of the trip. We very much liked our guide, Juan.
Day 5 - Salento and the Cocora Vally hike were nice but we needed to end early to fly to Medellin. Worst day of travel on the entire trip. No direct flights on Avianca so we needed return to Bogota. Our first connecting flight was cancelled and the later flight was 2 hours delayed. In all, it took us 8 hours. It would have faster to drive and even faster to fly on EasyFly direct in 1 hour.

Day 6 - Medellin, we had a nice morning touring Medellin but it probably should have been the entire day. We did not see as much as we would have liked. Then we spent two hours driving to Guatape, a beautiful town with some stops along the way. Unfortunately, we arrived in Guatape late in the day and during a rain downpour and were not able to walk around much. The visit to the town should be been the priority of the trip, not the side stops. Long drive back resulted in a very late dinner.

Day 7 - Rafting. The trip itself was great and worthwhile but our departure from Medellin should have been earlier, not 11am. Consequently, we didn't get back to Medellin until it was almost too late to go out to dinner.
Day 8 - Cartagena. Excellent day touring the City with Richard.
Day 9 - Isla del Encanto. Two problems. 1) We were not instructed to bring towels and I had to rent them for 60,000 COP. 2) The guides explained the set up of the resort to all the passengers in Spanish on the boat before docking. After docking, they repeated the explanation to a group in English. It was a busy day (national holiday). By the time they finished us giving information about the resort, more boats had docked and every cabana chair on the beach and near the beach were taken by people who had exited the boats earlier. We asked the staff to help but pretty much got a cold shoulder. Given that we probably paid twice as much as everyone else, we were fairly irritated by this sequence of events. Otherwise, the visit was nice.
Day 10, we spent in the old city on our own before going to the airport.

Cami Sarmiento, local specialist, responded to this review:

Thank you for your trip review and your detailed feedback. I’ve already spoken with Isla del Encanto regarding the issues you had with them and things should be better in the future.

It’s a shame about Avianca’s flight delays which resulted in your losing touring time. They are typically the most reliable Colombian airline and that was unfortunate.

I’m glad you had a great Colombian vacation. Thank you for choosing to have me arrange it for you and I hope to put together another trip for you in the future.