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Caroline Carret

I'm Caroline, originally from France, and decided to move to Colombia after a six months travel in South America. I felted in love with Colombian culture, its amazing landscapes, and diversity.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Hiking, coffee region and Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta"

How did you get involved in travel?

"I started traveling when I was studying with the first internship in French Polynesia, then a few months in New York, and Orlando. After 2 years of work in a travel agency in Paris where I finally decided to travel again and started a 6 months trip around South America, including a few months in Colombia, where I decided to stay!"

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I will never forget my 3 days trip on the Amazon river. Lost in the middle of the jungle with no connections, no wifi, I spent incredible moments on this boat sharing with Indigenous Colombians and staring at the wonderful nature. "

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Bogota and Cartagena - 6 Days
Bogota and Cartagena - 6 Days

Six days is just long enough to experience the energy and culture of Colombia's most exciting destinations—with a bit of beach time thrown in for good measure. You'll start off in the cosmopolitan capital of Bogotá where you can indulge in the thriving food and art scene, then jet off to Cartagena to explore Old Town—the inner-walled city that abounds with colonial architecture and history. Throw in a day trip to the Caribbean Rosario Islands and you have a vacation worth its weight in gold.

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From the buzzing nightlife of Bogotá to the up-and-coming neighborhoods of Medellín and romance of Cartagena's Old Town, this well-rounded journey covers Colombia's best urban highlights, and yet breaks it up with outdoorsy adventures along the way. Starting in the capital, the two-week adventure is ideal for travelers who want to experience culture and historic sights, but who are also enticed by hiking in coffee fields, exploring a rainforest on the Caribbean Coast, and relaxing on white-sand beaches.

Colombia Coffee Country
Ultimate Guide to Colombia's Coffee Region

Colombia's coffee region set amidst the rugged hills between Medellin, Cali and Ibague produces some of the finest coffee in the world. Besides learning how the coffee is made, you can experience stunning national parks, vibrant cities, and quiet pueblos. We're spilling the beans with some expert tips on getting around the region and the best places to visit.

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The Real Colombia - 9-Day Adventure

In nine days, explore the ice-capped summits of the Sierra Nevada to the white sand beaches of the tropical Caribbean coast to discover a range of indigenous and contemporary cultures, as well as astounding biodiversity. Drive across city centres and take scenic mountain roads through the famous coffee region. Experience Colombia’s warm climate and culture by river and sea on rafting and sailing expeditions.