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Crystal Batdorj

From Zavkhan province of western Mongolia, I'm a pure nomadic girl and have a lot of beautiful memories from my childhood in the countryside where I've spent most of my precious time with my beloved family. So, you can call me an ambassador of nomadic people. Traveling is my childhood dream and I'm living in my dream! I love being outdoors, photography, and encouraging & educating nomadic children with all my knowledge or experience.

I have a decade of experience in the Mongolian tourism industry and designing excellent trips with my great passion and motivation. I've been working with my team for 10 years and we'd love you to experience and appreciate Mongolia the way it is meant to be experienced. WE'RE LOCAL EXPERTS! We are passionate about sharing our extensive knowledge of our beautiful country with you. Even though tourism infrastructure is still developing in Mongolia, we do our utmost to offer you wonderful experiences, and carefully select the best possible accommodation and services at each destination in Mongolia you visit with us.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"We specialize in Mongolia. Premium Travel Mongolia is a fully certified Ulaanbaatar based company run by a team of passionate Mongolian travel experts with experiences over a decade in travel (7 - 19 years experience) and tourism industry. We are a specialist tour operator offering experiential journeys and tailor-made holiday tours for small, private groups of international travellers.
(authentic Mongolian cultural trips, 4x4 off-road tours, horseback riding, hunting with eagles, photography trips, nomadic lifestyle experiences, and custom-made journeys! Private tours, fixed departure tours, family, friends, women only tours and group tours)

Furthermore, we strive to deliver the highest quality travel services in Mongolia, creating a unique tour itinerary for you, and further making your Mongolia holiday a lifetime experience. You, as our Traveler, can be confident that Premium Travel will organise your tour efficiently and will be there at your service throughout your Mongolia holiday should there be any need."

How did you get involved in travel?

"My favorite study in secondary school was geography, which opened my eyes to the world. I've learnt that there are so many exotic places and I wanted to see them all. So, traveling became my childhood dream like I said before. Soon after I graduated from university, I joined one of the biggest travel company and my journey began. Visiting one place inspired me to visit another place. Now, I have visited 16 provinces of Mongolia and 8 countries. My next level is starting which I'm planning to travel with my own family. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"My first travel abroad was to Turkey in 2011, and it was an eye-opening experience for me. I was traveling with 2 girls from my team. On day 2 or 3, we were traveling from Istanbul to Izmir on a 2-hour flight, with no lunch stop on the way. Our transfer from the airport to the hotel was a 1-hour drive in a stinky van. Three of us were terribly hungry, and tried to ask the driver to stop somewhere, trying to communicate with him using body language. Luckily, the driver understood us and stopped on the way and we found pomegranate and orange. We decided to drink squeezed pomegranate juice for the first time. The squeezing method was the traditional way, interesting to see. We each drank a bottle of juice and departed.
About 10 minutes later, we were driving on the beautiful cliff shore of the Black Sea and the sun was setting down - a very romantic scene. Unfortunately, inside of us was like dark cloudy scene right before the thunderstorm. We were feeling awfully bad because of no proper meals for many hours, drunk pomegranate juice plus stinky van. Then..,
Stooop!!! stop the van, I shouted. I threw up. Others threw up, too. Oh god, oh god, now I'm better. I'm better too.
And then, driver took very beautiful photos of us on the cliff with romantic sun-set, no-one looked that bad, his skill was good. That was an EXPERIENCE! :-) "

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