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I spent 8 years working and travelling around Southeast Asia and fell in love with everything it has to offer. I enjoy getting off the tourist trail, meeting local people, giving back, travelling responsibly and experiencing a ton of new exciting adventures.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"We specialise in The Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos and Thailand.

We provide a variety of experiences. We like to include all the main highlights but also experiences that are unique and off the beaten track. By combining nature, culture, incredible food, amazing sights and lovely people, we ensure our experiences leave you with a trip you'll never forget. We have a range of activities available to suit all needs and preferences. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"From a young age I have been obsessed with travel. My desire started on a trip around Europe before I left to Southeast Asia after university. Over the past 8 years I have lived and travelled in various counties like Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos and The Philippines. I started my career in Travel after a quick realisation that I not only loved travelling myself, but also enjoyed helping others to relive the incredible experiences I have had. Along with my friends and business partners, we combined our knowledge and put together many of our exciting travel programmes. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"On my first trip to the Philippines, I arrived in El Nido completely amazed by the view from El Nido Bay. The shooting limestone cliffs, pure white sand and turquoise waters proved that this really was an untouched paradise. I had heard that El Nido was still home to many unexplored Islands and beaches. After spending a week there I became friends with some lovely local people, who told me about this pristine Island called "Darocotan Island." I got on the back on motorbike and headed off in search. After an hours drive north of El Nido, heading through stunning countryside, I arrived at a very local town. Looking out I could see Darocotan and after negotiating a rate with a local boatman we headed across. I spent the day relaxing on the beach, snorkelling at a shipwreck just offshore and exploring the coral reef. This paradise stayed in my memory for the years that followed and it's now one of the destinations on our Palawan tour."

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El Nido, Palawan
Island Hopping in the Philippines: Manila, Donsol, Cebu & Palawan - 20 Days

Spend 20 days island hopping in the Philippines, hitting some of the country's major highlights. You'll begin in Manila, the country's busy capital. Then, you'll swim with whale sharks, and snorkel in Donsol. Next, you'll fly to beautiful Cebu, where you'll swim in pristine waterfalls, see the famous chocolate hills, and look for marine turtles. Finally, you'll arrive in Palawan, the country's largest province. Adventures include visiting shipwrecks, exploring an underground river, and hiking to hidden lakes.

Hidden Lagoon in Coron
Philippine Honeymoon: Boracay, El Nido & Coron - 11 Days

Covering some of the Philippines' most desirable beaches, this 11-day tour offers the perfect romantic getaway for couples. Stay in luxury resorts in exotic locations from private islands to jungle hideaways. Enjoy customized private tours of nearby islands, snorkel shipwrecks, and lounge beachside with a cocktail in hand.

A Taste of Southern Thailand - 5 Days
A Taste of Southern Thailand - 5 Days

Go beyond the stunning islands and emerald waters of Phang Nga Bay, and get a taste of the local lifestyle on this 5-day trip to southern Thailand. You'll kayak through the lush jungle, unwind on pristine beaches, and eat authentic Thai food with a local family on your homestay in a small fishing village.