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Best Local Experiences in Iceland

As a destination, Iceland is absolutely booming — and that means the list of crowded, tourist hotspots is getting longer and longer. If a more authentic take on this island country is what you're after, veer off the Ring Road. Skip the popular tourist attractions, and explore in all directions. Here are five of our favorites ways to get a deeper look into the Land of Fire and Ice.

2 Weeks in Iceland - 2 Unique Itineraries

Glaciers, waterfalls, and wildlife like you've never seen: fourteen days is plenty of time to experience Iceland beyond what you'll find in any guidebook—both on and off the beaten path. Here are two itineraries that make the most of two weeks in the Land of Fire and Ice.

7 Days in Iceland - 3 Unique Itinerary Ideas

Iceland doesn't need a London, Paris, or Rome to fill any travel itinerary — budget, luxe, adventure, or otherwise. With no shortage of beautiful landscapes, untamed wildlife, and plenty of both nature and nightlife, you'll have no trouble keeping busy and entertained throughout your week-long vacation.

Options for Touring Iceland

From natural phenomena like geysers and glaciers to Reykjavík’s buzzing cultural and dining scene, you’ll want to make the most of your trip to Iceland. Learn about your options for touring the country and start planning an adventure that works for you.

How to Tour the Golden Circle Like a Local

It's no secret that Iceland is drawing more and more visitors every year. If you're joining the ranks, skip the crowds at the most popular Golden Circle attractions and visit the area's lesser-known (but equally stunning) sights, restaurants, and lodges instead.

Ultimate Guide to Iceland’s South Coast

Iceland's most visited region attracts more than a million visitors a year with its dramatic landscape. Get inspired to plan your own trip with these itinerary-planning tips and top recommendations for South Coast lodging and dining.