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Gratitude is the feeling I have when looking back at my career path and finding myself where I am now - Scandinavia. These cultures are brilliant in outlook towards nature, society, world around. The outlook is very innovative and at the same time grounded in the very core of traditions. An example to that? - All the three winners of Bocuse DÓr Culinary Chef competition 2019 are Scandinavians, and they create the cuisine of the future using berries, mushrooms, herbs their grandmothers used to pick in beautiful nordic forests. I truly think that meeting and knowing Scandinavians is a way to become better contributors to our own societies:)

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Scandinavian capitals and major cities, Southwestern and Southeastern Norway, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian Lapland, Finnish lakeland, farm-to-table foodie tours, trekking, kayaking, yachting"

How did you get involved in travel?

"By my education I am a specialist in applied linguistics, and after graduating (it's a typical joke) I suddenly felt like I couldn't apply it anywhere. Thus I came across with guiding, firstly in Turkey, then in India, Greece, Montenegro. Back home I started to work in travel & lifestyle field and been several years counselling in the concierge services. I am very happy that I have joined the team of Easy Travel. We share same attitude towards working in travel which is a great care for details, loads of respect and appreciation to each of our guests, and the same to our guides, drivers, other colleagues, and the same to ourselves."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Island hopping on a postal boat in Fjord Kysten - the area in Norway where the Nordfjord meets the North sea. I will never forget the people which we've met during the trip: those strong women, each living alone on their small islands, while their husbands and sons are browsing the seas for fish far away in Lofotens.
And I would love to share the unforgettable experience of settling a heritage tour for the family from US originating from a small place in Denmark: we absolutely accidentally found a guide who had been years back teaching music in the local school in the same place. Both guide and guests as the result were giving their feedback with tears of joy that they've met. This is truly unforgettable!"

The historic Bryggen district along Bergen's picturesque wharf
Oslo to Bergen Winter Adventure - 6 Days

Prepare to discover Oslo and Bergen's charm and culture as you explore the city by public transport during a local-led tour in both cities. You'll travel by train from Oslo to Bergen, with a stop in Flåm, on one of the world's steepest and most beautiful journeys that winds past lush fjord landscapes, gushing waterfalls, and steep, snow-capped mountains⁠. In Flåm, you'll go on a fjord cruise past some of the highest peaks in the region—before heading to Bergen where you'll discover the city's magical layout and history during a local tour—as well as go on a second fjord cruise past Mostraumen and finally to Modalen.

Bergen's UNESCO-listed waterfront after a snowfall.
Oslo, Bergen & Tromsø Winter Adventure - 8 Days

Experience the magic of a Norwegian winter with this diverse 8-day itinerary. After a night in the thriving capital of Oslo, you'll take one of the steepest trains in the world to Flåm's snow-covered fjords. Journey west to Bergen, where you’ll explore its UNESCO-listed waterfront and vibrant restaurants before flying north to picturesque Tromsø. Finish the trip with two nights in the Arctic wilderness, dogsledding through snowy forests and searching for the northern lights.

Winter wonderland scenery in Northern Norway
Norway Arctic Experience in Alta - 7 Days

Located in the northernmost county of Norway (Finnmark), the city of Alta lies in an area with a relatively mild climate. With this winter-themed adventure, you'll meet huskies and reindeer, see UNESCO-protected rock carvings, experience Sami culture, and enjoy snow activities. Easily reachable by plane, the area offers forests, mountain plateaus, and coastal landscapes bathed in distinctive blue light—perfect for star gazing and searching for the Northern Lights.

A rushing river in the town of Lom—gateway to Jotunheimen National Park
Norway Outdoor Adventure: Oslo to Trondheim - 10 Days

Hiking enthusiasts will love this 10-day summer adventure in Central Norway's great outdoors. You'll climb several of the best summits with a guide, and take memorable drives through mountains, fjord-side villages, and working farms. There's also time to hit the water with a kayak in the UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord and take a rafting trip in the Driva River. Plus, with overnight stops in Oslo and Trondheim, you'll experience just the right dose of urban fun.

Lofoten's village of Reine after dusk
Northern Norway Arctic Adventure - 5 Days

In less than a week, experience snow-covered scenery and the Northern Lights with this photogenic road-trip through the Lofoten Islands. The trip begins with a car ferry from Bodø, where you'll drive across the coastline at your own pace and explore some of Norway's oldest and most colorful fishing towns hugging the shore with traditional red 'rorbu' (fishermen's huts). Conclude the adventure with an overnight coastal steamer to Tromsø for a slice of Northern Norway's biggest city.

Scenic Lofoten Islands
Top 10 Regions in Norway: Where To Go & What To See

Whether your ideal vacation consists of hiking, surfing, or even dogsledding, Norway has you covered. From Svalbard to Stavanger, this country's unique regional offerings are endless. Start planning your journey with this detailed round-up of the best regions in Norway.