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Emily G Richards

Hi Everyone, I’m Emily! Shortly after graduating from college a volunteer/ internship brought me to South America. I fell in love with the food, landscapes, and endless adventure!

How did you get involved in travel?

"Growing up I was always interested in Latin America, but didn't have the chance to travel. Living in Lima gave me the opportunity to pursue my interests of exploring the region!"

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"My friend and I were backpacking in Southern Mexico. Our hostel was a really neat tree house property located about 20 minutes outside of town. During the day we were easily able to take local buses to and from the hostel to the town, but we didn't consider in the evenings. One afternoon, we lost track of time and missed the local bus. We decided to hang out and have dinner at the main square before heading back to the hostel; we figured we'd just take a taxi that night. Turns out there were no taxis at that hour.

We ended up hitchhiking and getting a ride in the back of an old pickup truck. As I stood in the truck bed I stared at the summer sky above. The stars glowed, we listened to faint mariachi music, and I thought to myself, these are the unique experiences we travel for!

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