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Eric Gerhardinger

I like getting off the beaten path, prioritizing making my money go as far as possible, and getting into nature as much as possible. I typically avoid large cities and spend very little time at popular sites. I love maps and looking at geography and topography to find places that interest me and likely aren't visited as frequently.

How did you get involved in travel?

"While I have been traveling for many years, I joined KimKim in 2023 because I think they are truly driving innovation in how people travel and making more adventurous trips accessible for those who don't want to spend time planning. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"In college, I got the opportunity to backpack across the Yucután Peninsula in Mexico spending less than $10 a day taking second-class busses and trying to find the cheapest foods and lodging. As a result, I got to spend a lot of time interacting with the local cultures and avoiding the more expensive tourist areas. It was my first trip out of the US and it impressed upon me the beauty of learning about other cultures and the kindness that transcends culture. "

Favorite experiences

Río Pacuare Whitewater Rafting

Located along Costa Rica's Caribbean slope near Turrialba is a deep gorge considered one of the best river-rafting sites in the world. The Río Pacuare runs 67 miles (107 km) from the Talamanca Mountains to the Caribbean in the southwest of the country. Along the way, it passes through some of the...

Kathmandu Sightseeing: Swayambhunath and Durbar Square

This sightseeing tour begins west of Kathmandu City and a short distance from the popular tourist district of Thamel, in a place called Swayambhunath, also known as the "monkey temple." Sitting on a hill overlooking the city as well as Kathmandu Valley, Swayambhunath is really a holy place and...

Beach-hopping on Santorini with car rental

Explore Santorini's unique volcanic beaches, often surrounded by looming seaside cliffs on this self-guided day. Most of the island's banks feature dark volcanic sand in black and red hues, contrasting perfectly with the deep-blue sea and white-washed villages. Enjoy relaxing, swimming, or...