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Jacqueline Kehoe

Amateur historical geologist. Self-titled Scrabble champion. Avid believer in the Oxford Comma. Always eats breakfast. Always. My approach toward travel? Make it a priority, and you're golden.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Norway is where my soul chords vibrate. Otherwise, plant me in a national park and leave me for days — I'll be fine."

How did you get involved in travel?

"I grew up in Iowa, and didn't see the ocean or step foot on a plane for 18 years. Needless to say, once I did, I went nuts. I haven't stopped since, and I rarely go a month without a trip somewhere. Though my preference is to move places — not just visit and country count. Now I work in the travel industry, writing, editing, and learning landscape photography."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I learned I have a phobia of ice and snow at elevation on top of a glacier in Norway. I was bawling like crazy as a white-out rolled in, making the entire place look like the inside of a ping-pong ball. We had to scale the side of a mountain to shorten the route and get back in time...I will never, ever, ever climb a glacier again!"

Featured trips & expertise

The National Theater in Oslo
Oslo Like a Local

Oslo, Norway's capital, is one of the fastest-changing cities around. The population — and a diverse one at that — is booming, but its humble, Scandinavian roots remain strong. With new restaurants popping up every month, an artistic movement experiencing a renaissance, and a history that's steps from downtown, the only way to do Oslo is like a local.

An aerial view of Bergen from Mt. Fløyen
Bergen Like a Local

How many cities can you name that sit along a fjord, in the mountains, surrounded by islands? If you've been to Bergen, your answer is probably one. It's a microcosm of all Norway's best scenery with a dash of both traditional and contemporary culture. The city, though world-class, has humble, unpretentious roots — and the only way to do it is like a local.

Besseggen, Norway
Ultimate Guide to Multi-Day Hiking in Norway

Phone off, out-of-office reply on. When it comes to long-distance hikes, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better country than Norway. With cozy, for-public-use cabins dotting the hills and a landscape that just won't quit, this could be the excuse you've been waiting for.

Chasing the auroras, Norway
Northern Lights in the Alta Region: How to Beat the Crowds

There's a wrong way to see the Northern Lights: hopping on a giant tour bus with cameras flashing and a cacophony of "oohs" and "ahhs" interrupting your moment with Mother Nature. Ditch the crowds and have a memorable experience viewing the auroras in peace — it just takes a little research and know-how.

Hiking one of Norway's peaks
Where to Hike in Norway: 4 Regions To Know

A guide to hiking in Norway is akin to swimming in the Pacific — where do you even begin to explore? What ground you decide to cover will depend on your endurance level, the season, and how much time you have. Stunning views are around every corner; here, nature is left at its most pristine. Hiking is one of Norway's most beloved pastimes, and this is why.

Cycling along Norway's fjords
Ultimate Guide to Biking in Norway

Even from behind windows and on four wheels, Norway is already jaw-dropping. But from two wheels, feeling the warm sunlight on your skin and rush of cool air? Unbelievable. Cycling across Norway is slowly catching on, and there are routes to be conquered and explored all across the country - read on for some of the best.