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Joe is a travel writer and political editor from the UK who has worked with airlines, tourist boards, PR companies and travel companies from right across the globe. He has written the Tangier & Mediterranean Coast section of the 2015 Fodor's Morocco guide, had a cover story published in the National Geographic Traveller magazine, and is currently Iceland guide writer for the British airline easyJet's inflight magazine. Joe also advises travel companies and tourist organisations on PR campaigns and occasionally writes corporate publications for the travel trade.

When writing about travel, Joe tries to ensure that the "true" image of the destination is described to the reader. He believes that culture and history really make a place, and these aspects should be highlighted and protected. As a travel writer who aims to experience more authentic aspects of a destination, in his writing Joe tries to persuade readers to travel off-the-beaten-track and leave the familiar behind.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Scandinavia and cold places have always fascinated me. The nature and cultures are unrivalled and make for interesting travel writing that is sure to grab the readers' attention. Iceland and Denmark are particular specialities. I also have a particular penchant for all things Arabian, having studied the politics and history of the Persian Gulf and wider Middle East for several years. Again, the likes of Oman and UAE conjure up images unlike anywhere else in the world.

I am a graduate of Politics & Military History, so the history and culture of places are particularly exciting for me. Exploring battlefields, historical sites and unique cultures are specialist activities. Visiting uniquely British locations around the world (Gibraltar, Bermuda, Newfoundland & Labrador, etc.) are also specialisms.

City breaks are often overlooked these days in favour of more adventurous experiences, so a major aim of mine is to reinvigorate interest in city breaks as a place to visit and somewhere that often has many hidden adventures. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I have been interested in all things travel related since the age of 15 when I took my first flight without family or friends. Being stranded in a snow-covered airport at 3am really makes you grow up and appreciate the hard work and dedication that people involved in the travel industry put into their jobs.

At the age of 16 I wrote my first published travel writing article for Tourism Malaysia, and things just developed from there. At the age of 18 before starting university I travelled to Asia and got a few commissions from some well-known travel publications to write about destinations and experiences - From this point on I started calling myself a travel writer."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"During a visit to Tangier on the northern coast of Morocco whilst writing a section of the 2015 Fodor's Morocco guide, a colleague and I were approached by a local named Rashid. We couldn't quite figure out if he was trying to scam us or not, but we went for a delicious cup of fresh mint tea with him in a café used as a filming location for The Bourne Ultimatum anyway. We started talking to Rashid and he told us about his family and upbringing in a small village in the Rif Mountains... But then he told of how he lives in a palace next door to the King's palace in the city. He then opened his briefcase and took out pens taken from hotels around the world which he lined up on the table... And then he told us that he had, and I quote, "all of the world's internets" locked in his briefcase. We still laugh about this bizarre claim to this day, and we'll never forget Rashid. "

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