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A dazzling view of one of Slovenia's many lakes
Family Travel in Slovenia: Where & How to Go

Slovenia may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think "family vacation," but that might be the best reason to visit. With its under-the-radar status, your family will discover a more authentic European experience that's less overwhelming than London or Paris. And with its medieval history and ecotourism experiences, there are plenty of kid-friendly activities year round.

7 Best Boutique Hotels in Ljubljana
7 Best Boutique Hotels in Ljubljana

Ljubljana embodies an enchanting mix of medieval history and modern hospitality, and this blend of old and new is reflected best in the city's excellent boutique hotels. In Old Town and beyond, you'll find options ranging from simple to luxurious that match the city's unique charm—here are seven of the best.

7 Places Most Travelers Miss (But Shouldn't) in Slovenia
7 Places Most Travelers Miss (But Shouldn't) in Slovenia

As a country still off-the-beaten-path for many travelers, one could say Slovenia itself is a place most people miss, but shouldn't. With its rich history and stunning topography, it's an undisturbed fairytale land come to life. Whether you're into beer, architecture, or adventure, you'll find an unexpected must-visit spot in this roundup.

Planning Your Honeymoon in Slovenia
Planning Your Honeymoon in Slovenia

With its soaring alpine landscape, iconic Lake Bled, and stunning wine country, Slovenia is perfect for an unconventional honeymoon stay. From castles and caves to world-class cuisine, let Slovenia be the fairytale ending to your nuptial celebrations.

Best Local experiences in Slovenia
5 Best Local Experiences in Slovenia

Slovenians know their country is something special—and with its supremely walkable capital city, centuries-old wine culture, and countless ways to get outside, travelers are beginning to understand why. So how do locals take advantage of all their country has to offer? Here are five authentic experiences you can have on your own trip to Slovenia.

Overlooking Lake Bled. Photo courtesy of Bigstock
Beyond Hotels: 7 Unique Lodging Options in Slovenia

Slovenia remains one of Europe's best-kept secrets, rewarding travelers with all the charm and beauty of its neighboring countries and significantly fewer crowds. Enhance your trip with unique accommodations: choose a treehouse overlooking sparkling Lake Bled, a classic mountain chalet in the Soča Valley, or a number of other properties that will make your stay in Slovenia exceptionally memorable.