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Julia Halloum

Hello! I am your Client Relations contact - I am here for you once your trip is booked to answer any questions and squash any concerns you have on your upcoming travels.

I am currently based in Patagonia - specifically Puerto Natales, Chile! I am very enthusiastic about traveling, nature, and culture and being right in the thick of it, I have a wealth of information about traveling in the area at my disposal. This, along with my enthusiasm and experience, will be of great assistance for you in your trip preparation!

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"All travel questions! "

How did you get involved in travel?

"My first major life change into being a full-time traveler happened when I had the opportunity to work on an expedition boat in Southeast Alaska. I fell in love with the lifestyle - meeting other travelers, exploring new landscapes, hiking mountains (I'm from the flatlands of middle-USA, so this was all new to me), and gaining immense knowledge from other cultures and places.

Ever since, I have centered my life around hiking, traveling, and meeting new people! And working in tourism has been a great way to do so! I know the importance of crafting a well-planned trip in remote regions and I think this understanding and experience will be of great benefit to others. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Roadtripping from Minnesota, USA to Denali National Park in Alaska sure was the longest road trip through the most remote regions that I've ever done! I highly recommend it!

Also, I lived for a time on a sailboat in the Caribbean and endured a category 3 hurricane while on the sailboat off the Dutch island St. Maarten, and "unique "is certainly one of the words I can use for that experience! "

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