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Karen Torme Olson

I am a journalist whose love affair with travel writing started in a rural Missouri town. I didn't need to travel far, but capturing the essence of rural Berger, Mo. and its 226 residents was a challenge that resulted in the book: "Berger: Life in a Missouri Rivertown."
I also worked at "Stars and Stripes" in Darmstadt, Germany and pursued stories that reflected the country's culture and history, a bit of a challenge since I didn't know a word of German. But finding ways to connect with the people I met along the way, despite the language barrier, was the best training possible for a travel writer.
The bulk of my career--22 years--was spent as an editor at the Chicago Tribune, after which I branched out to freelance travel writing.
I am the author of the first three editions of Frommer’s “Croatia,” and a major contributing author and editor for two editions of Frommer’s “Eastern Europe.”
In addition, I have published articles and photographs from spots as diverse as Ukraine, Kansas, Scotland, Kosovo, and Texas.
I believe that my best travel stories are those that grew from interacting with the people who live in the places I visited. Anyone can snap a photo and describe what they see, but understanding and appreciating a place's soul and its people comes from making connections.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Croatia, Eastern Europe, the Midwest, and wherever I happen to visit. I often focus on food and wine traditions wherever I am because I find that what happens around the table gives a great insight into the history and culture of people and place.


How did you get involved in travel?

"I always have been the kind of person who would go anywhere and try anything without thinking twice. Whether it is a trip to E3 in Los Angeles, an Outward Bound experience in Minnesota's Boundary Waters, or a weekend in London, I am game. My journalism skills have taught me to expect the unexpected and the importance of making connections with people. Being able to do that and to tell vivid stories about the places I've been make travel writing a natural outcome."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"My most moving experience involved a handshake in Kosovo. While walking with friends in downtown Pristina, a man heard us talking and asked if our accents were American. We said yes and with tears in his eyes, he shook hands with each of us saying, ‘Thank you for what you did for us. Your country saved our lives.’” That sentiment was repeated over and over as I traveled through Kosovo--even 10 years after President Bill Clinton sent military intervention to stop the ethnic cleansing that was happening there.

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