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I'm originally from Maine, USA and decided to plant my feet and live in Ecuador with my family of four. I've been living in Quito for almost 8 years now and have traveled extensively throughout the country. Most of my husband's family think I'm actually more Ecuadorian than he is! Coming from a small town and moving to the city, I think it is SO important for everyone to travel outside of their comfort zones. It is the best way to see, live, and learn new cultures. I'm very happy to call Ecuador my home and the best part is having four worlds all in one to explore at anytime; the Amazon Rainforest, Pacific Coast, Andes Sierra and Highlands, and of course the Galapagos!

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I'd say I specialize in Amazon and Galapagos trips. I've visited both areas frequently over the past 7 years and know the ins and outs of the possible activities, weather, best things to pack, and tips for optimizing your time in each of these beautiful areas."

How did you get involved in travel?

"I've always been interested in travel, whether it was taking off on 2 week long road trips across the United States or Canada, soaking in the colorful cities of Latin America, or villages in the Amazon, there has always been an inner calling to visit somewhere new. When I was studying at the University of Maine, I decided to follow this intuition with a degree in Environmental Recreation Management and a focus on Tourism. Over the years in college I became very passionate about sustainable tourism and conservation, especially since my studies were very much surrounded by the Maine woods and coastal areas. After graduation I shortly thereafter found myself in Quito working in tourism and helping others discover this beautiful country."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"The most memorable experience I've had was visiting the Amazon Rainforest. It was so pristine, lush and green, and just beautiful. The sounds that nature provided were incredible and the jungle vibe made me feel so relaxed and calm. I did not want to leave, I'm pretty sure I left a piece of my heart there. What made the trip even more special was meeting some of the local indigenous tribes and visiting their communities. These people are so special to me because they are so kind and humble, they live with the bare necessities, no phone or WiFi, because there is no signal to be found this deep, and they are probably the happiest people you could ever meet. There is so much to learn from them and they are so inviting and actually WANT to tell you about their way of life and why they choose to live the way they do. I left the trip a totally different person and viewed my life differently from then on."

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Wonderful vacation · Galapagos Islands - Aug 27 - Aug 31, 2019

Traveler: Daniel W. - Local specialist: Katie Beckwith

Trip was wonderful overall, and Parque Hotel was exceptional. Receipt of itinerary details could have come earlier. Also, itinerary should include address and phone number of Hotel (some confusion since several hotels have similar names in Guayaquil). Katie was very pleasant and responsive .