Linda Veråsdal

I live part time in Norway and Gambia, and in-between I travel. The passion for exploring new places at the same time as doing it in a good and honest way, led me to the role I have to day. Providing custom-made extraordinary travel experiences, while using tourism as a tool for development.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I specialize in travels to Norway and various places in the country. The experiences varies from outdoor adventures to more culture-based activities. Norway has a wide range of different activities you can do, and many small hidden gems and hamlets you can visit. Tailor-made off beaten travels and travel as a local. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I have always been curious about people and places, which led me to the realization that my life would consist of traveling... in one form or another! Early in life I traveled mostly in Norway and worked various places from south to the North-cape, east to west and in between! From there onwards, I started to travel abroad.

Combined with my interest of social welfare, using tourism as a tool for development has been my call. This slowly led into establishing Ethical Travel Portal."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"There are many... Most of them connect the sense of a place and the wish of time standing still to be able to absorb the experience. Add-on experiences that is difficult to plan for! It can be through exploring Norway, my own country, or as in my latest travel to Romania.

We stayed at a traditional house when the neighbor asked us over to see his vegetable garden. I have never seen so many different types of tomatoes! In less than ten minutes, he filled his basket and invited us in for a drink. Chopped the veggies and served it with ovens baked bread and home made juice! This happened at the same time as he was telling his interesting story. He then excused himself as he drove off to pick up his wife and daughter, leaving us in the kitchen enjoying the food! That is digging deep into the local culture.

Another experience happened recently in The Gambia, during a trip where we were looking for cotton farmers. When we finally found the village, we had been traveling to the opposite side of the country, far in and far East. There, the most pristine village popped up from nowhere. Very local and traditional, no electricity or running water, but so beautiful and the sense of a community feeling with great hospitality."

Featured trips & expertise

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Recent trip reviews for Linda

Best of norway , Norway - Jul 12 - Jul 20, 2017

Traveler: Vadim K. - Local specialist: Linda Veråsdal

Alex has my opinion in our email conversation

Norway , Norway - Jul 9 - Jul 16, 2017

Traveler: Jadwiga H. - Local specialist: Linda Veråsdal

Everything was perfect like we want it to be. Linda did wonderful job helping us with everything. We had no issues. Very happy great trip.

Linda Veråsdal, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Jadwiga, I am glad to read this and hope to see you on a KimKim trip another time!
Thank you for your feedback!

Bergen scenic and hiking, Norway - Jun 30 - Jul 7, 2017

Traveler: Peter R. - Local specialist: Linda Veråsdal

Nearly perfect, but one suggestion: the agent might let the client know when to expect to receive confirmation and final details....versus having the client wonder when are the details coming (we became a little anxious so we asked)....especially important for a first-time client.

Linda was great and went the extra mile to deal with an extra night....

Linda Veråsdal, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Peter, thank you for your feedback, very important one!

During the peak season it does sometimes take a bit of time to get all the final details. A lot of services and products to be finalized and fit together with information from the different suppliers. I will improve this process and make it more clear to the client when they can expect the final details. Thank you for the feedback.

It was a pleasure to have you and Alden in Norway!

Express norway, Norway - May 25 - May 31, 2017

Traveler: Stuart N. - Local specialist: Linda Veråsdal

The Norway Trip that we just experienced was with out doubt one of the best experiences that gave us a taste of everything on a short agenda.

Linda followed me up on every detail and I couldn't be happier with her service.

Linda Veråsdal, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Stuart, thank you for your feedback. I am very happy to read that you were satisfied with your trip and value it as one of the best experiences! It was a pleasure organizing it for you, and hope to see you back again one day.

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