For families seeking adventure and wildlife amid the beauty of Norway's fjords and northern shores, look no further than this perfectly curated 10-day trip. Journey through dramatic mountains and waterfalls on one of the world's steepest railways before traveling above the Arctic Circle to experience the midnight sun. Along the way, you'll sail through fjords, spot sea eagles and dolphins, ride cable cars along mountain peaks, and zipline the highest of Bergen's mountains.


  • Sail the stunning UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord 
  • Take an exhilarating cable car ride to Mount Fløyen
  • Soar the skies as you zipline over Mount Ulriken
  • Discover the rugged beauty of the Arctic island of Senja
  • Experience the phenomena of the midnight sun in Tromsø

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo, Fjord Dinner Cruise Oslo
Day 2 Train to Flåm, Stegastein Viewpoint Flåm
Day 3 Nærøyfjord RIB Boat Safari, Visit Undredal Flåm
Day 4 Cable Car to Mount Fløyen, Discover Bergen's Seven Peaks  Bergen
Day 5 Mount Ulriken Zipline Experience, Explore Bergen Bergen
Day 6 Transfer to Senja Senja
Day 7 Arctic Boat Safari, Explore Senja Senja
Day 8 Explore Tromsø, Kayak in the Midnight Sun Tromsø
Day 9 Wildlife Cruise Around Tromsø Tromsø
Day 10 Depart Norway  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Oslo, Fjord Dinner Cruise

Welcome to Oslo!
Oslo Harbor—your setting for this evening's dinner cruise

Velkommen til Oslo! Norway's pint-size but rapidly growing capital has charm and character in spades. Surrounded by mountains and sea, this small city is easily toured on foot and perfect for families. Check in to your hotel, rally the kids, and head out to explore. Your first stop is the buzzing core around Karl Johan's Gate—the main thoroughfare from the city center to Palace Park. Wander around Aker Bryyge, a scenic area on the waterfront filled with great restaurants, museums, and boutiques. 

Stop for tebrødstenger (a delicious jam-filled pastry) at one of the cafés along the promenade before taking in the modernist architecture of the Munch Museum and Oslo Opera House. Travel back in time at Oslo's Open-Air Folk Museum, where kids will have a blast wandering through centuries of traditional Norweigan life. Continue the cultural theme with a stroll through the fascinating Vigeland Sculpture Park, home to 200 larger-than-life sculptures by artist Gustav Vigeland. 

After a refresh at your hotel, get ready for the perfect start to your Norwegian adventure. As dusk descends, you and your family will dine in style as you step aboard your floating restaurant and cruise past the stunning Oslo skyline, taking in its modern and historical landmarks. Unwind as you leave the city lights behind you and enter the calm waters of the Oslofjord. Enjoy a delicious, locally-sourced Nordic dinner as you and the kids relax while spotting the famous sights from your unique vantage point under the starry skies.

Day 2: Train to Flåm, Stegastein Viewpoint

Flåm Railway
Travel on one of the world's most scenic railways

Enjoy breakfast in Oslo before heading west to Flåm for the next leg of your family adventure. The journey is as breathtaking as the destination; after a transfer at Myrdal, you and your family will embark on the famous Flåmsbana ("Flåm Scenic Railway") and travel through dramatic fjord landscapes and snow-covered peaks on one of the world's steepest and most beautiful railways. Keep your camera to hand as you task the kids with watching out for the thundering 305-foot (93 m) Kjosfossen waterfall. 

Check in at your hotel, but don't linger too long, as you won't want to miss a trip to the stunning viewpoint of Stegastein. An open-air lookout with panoramic views of the fjord below, the manufactured platform (designed to resemble a walkway through the air) stands 2,132 feet (650 m) above the Aurlandsfjord, jutting out 98 feet (30 m) from the cliffs. Capture the kids' wonder-filled faces before heading back to Flåm. Your most strenuous decision now is deciding which restaurant to dine in and recounting your favorite memories of the day. 

Day 3: Nærøyfjord RIB Boat Safari, Visit Undredal

Photo from FjordSafari
Experience the beauty of the fjords from the water

If yesterday's train journey gave you a taste of the extraordinary beauty of Norway's fjords and mountains, today you'll experience the captivating scenery of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord up close as you sail along the pristine fjords. Hear tales and history of the area from your local guide as you and the kids cruise along on your sturdy inflatable RIB boat. Pass picturesque villages with colorful houses and enchanting waterfalls before alighting at the village of Undredal.

Nestled between two steep mountain slopes, the tiny town is famous for its goat's cheese production and reputation as the inspiration for Disney's first "Frozen" movie. Explore the colorful streets and discover the smallest stave church in Norway before visiting a local goat farm. While the kids play with the friendly goats, learn how villagers have been making artisanal cheese for centuries and other curious village traditions. Sample the different types of cheese the traditional way, served with flatbread and jam, before returning to Flåm.                            

Day 4: Cable Car to Mount Fløyen, Discover Bergen's Seven Peaks 

Welcome to Bergen
Welcome to beautiful Bergen!
Plan your trip to Norway
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.

Today you'll transfer from Flåm to Bergen, Norway's second-largest city and famous for its vibrantly painted houses that nestle along the UNESCO Heritage-listed preserved harbor and dot the surroundings. Ringed by seven stunning mountains and fjords, Bergen is brimming with family-friendly outdoor activities and serves as a gateway to some of Norway's most famous sights.

After a quick refresh at your accommodation and a bite to eat, you have several options. For an excursion the kids will adore, take the Fløibanen funicular to the summit of Mount Fløyen, one of Bergen's seven peaks, where a glass-enclosed lookout platform offers breathtaking views of the city below. Hike along one of the many child-friendly trails into the forest, where you'll find picnic tables, children's play areas, and a small lake with canoes to rent. As you stroll back down the path, have fun discovering the hidden troll sculptures along the way. 

Families with older children who fancy a challenge should opt for the 1,300-step Sherpa stair climb to the top of Mount Ulriken. Regale the kids with stories of the specially trained Sherpas from Nepal who laid the giant rocky steps over three summer seasons before marveling at the panoramic views from Bergen's highest point. Afterward, dine in style at one of the city's many excellent eateries before calling it a night in advance of tomorrow's epic adventure.

Day 5: Mount Ulriken Zipline Experience, Explore Bergen

Ulriken Cable Car
Bergen's cable car is nothing compared to the zipline!

This morning, get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience as, after breakfast, you and the kids will head back to Mount Ulriken, this time by cable car. Once you reach the top, the adventure really begins! Head to Bergen Base Camp, where you'll be kitted out, ready to zipline the highest of Bergen's seven mountains. Glide effortlessly along the 984-foot (300 m) zipline over forests and mountains as the adrenaline rush and stunning views combine to make a family memory that will last a lifetime.

Spend the rest of the afternoon discovering the city's gems, and if the kids are animal lovers, don't miss the Bergen Aquarium and Urban Zoo. Art lovers should head to the four KODE Museums with collections from old masters to modernists with an appealing interactive art space for younger family members. End the afternoon with a trip to the VilVite Science Center, where families can explore together over 100 exhibits, including meeting robots and taking a virtual underwater tour. Afterward, dine at one of the harbor side restaurants, taking in the stunning fjord views.

Day 6: Transfer to Senja

An early winter sunset in Senja
Don't miss Norway's midnight sun on the island of Senja

Today you'll leave the city behind and transfer to Senja, Norway's second-largest island that sits north above the Arctic Circle and is easily reachable from the country's northern capital, Tromsø. Known for its dramatic scenery, thanks to its imposing mountains, steep fjords, sandy beaches, and tiny fishing villages. Senja is the perfect spot for adventurous, outdoor-loving families who crave adventure and nature-based excursions off the beaten path.

During the summer months, you'll have the opportunity to experience the phenomenon of the midnight sun due to the island's northernmost setting. Even the world's weariest of kids will be astonished when nighttime never falls, and the sun's dimming golden light gives the surroundings an ethereal glow. Families with older children can make the most of this unique phenomenon as many sights and activities stay open during the endless summer days and into the early hours of the morning.

Day 7: Arctic Boat Safari, Explore Senja

Explore Senja
Make time to hike the iconic peak of Segla

It's your first full day on Senja. After a leisurely breakfast (especially if you stayed up to experience the midnight sun), get ready for one of the ultimate ways to explore the island's breathtaking coastline. Make your way to the harbor and step aboard your boat, where you and your family will spend the next few hours sailing along the icy turquoise waters as you explore remote coastal destinations amid the Arctic wilderness. Children will adore helping the crew spot sea eagles, seals, and, if you're lucky, perhaps even a whale or two. 

As the kids enjoy their time as captains of the sea and relish their new seal and eagle spotting roles, relax as you glide through the archipelago. Gaze at the hundreds of tiny islands and inlets before heading to one of the nearby fishing villages to see the local fishermen as they go about daily life. Afterward, spend the rest of the day exploring the hiking trails in the Ånderdalen National Park, and don't miss the iconic peak of Segla, with its imposing sheer cliff face and panoramic views of Mefjord and Øyfjord.

Day 8: Explore Tromsø, Kayak in the Midnight Sun

View of Tromsø from bridge
Tromsø's mountainous fjord setting is hard to beat

After breakfast and a final exploration of Senja, it's time to bid farewell and make your way back to Tromsø on the mainland. Often referred to as "Paris of the North," the city blends a compelling mix of vivaciousness and charming historic architecture. The best way to enjoy the scenery is a cable car trip that sweeps you up the Storsteinen mountain to a platform with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, islands, and fjords. There are several nearby hikes to discover; otherwise, grab a bite to eat at the nearby restaurant and head back to town.

The long daylight hours give ample time to explore, and if the kids are still on a cable car high, take a guided walking tour through Tromsø and discover the city's rich history and architecture, which dates as far back as 1789. Alternatively, visit the Magic Ice Bar, where even in summertime, you and the family can experience a true taste of the Arctic. Kids will love realizing that everything, from the tables, chairs (you will be given super warm ponchos and gloves!), and even glasses, are made of ice as you enjoy your refreshments surrounded by ice sculptures. 

For families with older kids that don't mind a later bedtime, take a guided sea kayak tour to explore the Arctic wilderness under the light of the midnight sun. Kayak past small islands and encounter wildlife such as otters, puffins, and bottlenose dolphins while sea eagles fly above in the amber-hued skies. On a nearby island, you'll take a break and enjoy the warmth of a campfire and tasty grilled treats with a warm beverage before heading back to Tromsø and tucking the kids into bed. 

Day 9: Wildlife Cruise Around Tromsø

Wildlife Cruise
Keep a lookout for orcas on today's wildlife cruise 

It's time to head to the harbor this morning to experience the epic coastal scenery of Arctic Norway with a full-day wildlife cruise. Board your hybrid-electric ship and discover the beauty of the Tromsøfjord area as you cruise quietly past snow-capped mountains and meander through the fjord as you spot landmarks such as Tromsø's famous Arctic Cathedral before heading out to sea. 

Your friendly and knowledgeable guide will share stories about local culture, history, and nature as you and your family look out of the ship's panoramic windows for wildlife from the comfort of the warm lounge. Sail past picturesque hamlets as the kids try to spot the seals, dolphins, eagles, and occasionally orcas that live in the area. You'll even get to adventure beneath the ocean's surface with an underwater drone that reveals the Arctic water's hidden world.

Before heading back to the city, you'll stop at a local village and learn about the fishing traditions of many Norweigan coastal towns while tasting plenty of the local delicacies. Back on board, relax as you cruise gently back to Tromsø and set about deciding where to spend your last night. With a world-class dining scene, a range of international cuisine, and traditional Norweigan fare, you'll be spoilt for choice. 

Day 10: Depart Norway

Depart Norway
Until the next time, Norway
As your family adventure draws to a close, make your way to the airport, and prepare to board your flight. Trygge reiser (safe travels)!

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Map of Summer Family Adventure in Northern Norway & the Fjords - 10 Days
Map of Summer Family Adventure in Northern Norway & the Fjords - 10 Days