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Planning your family trip to Norway

A grass-roofed hytte, Western Norway
Map of Family Travel in Norway's Countryside
Family Travel in Norway's Countryside

Norway's cities may be an obvious choice for a family trip — museums, history, the works — but its countryside may have even more to offer. In an age where screens abound, a different way of life still exists in the Norway's small towns and natural areas. Here are a few ideas for taking your family through this beautiful country's less-trodden landscape.

Many of Oslo's hotels are ultra-modern
5 Family Friendly Hotels in Oslo

You'd be hard-pressed to find a European capital more suitable for families and kids than Oslo. A number of hotels cater to parents of both small children and teens — with the right lodging, you'll feel right at home in this booming heart of Scandinavia.

Family Friendly Hotels in Bergen
Family Friendly Hotels in Bergen

Bergen is an incredibly family-friendly destination, with no shortage of child-oriented activities—both indoor and outdoor. After long days spent exploring the scenic Norwegian coastal city, you'll want to be sure you have a comfortable place to relax and recharge. Here are 5 of Bergen's best family-oriented hotels.

Hotel on Djupvatnet Lake, Norway
Map of Best Family-Friendly Lodging in Lapland & Northern Norway
Best Family-Friendly Lodging in Lapland & Northern Norway

With activities like dog sledding, whale safaris, and hunting for the Northern Lights, the Lapland and Northern Norway region is a natural destination for travelers with kids. Most area lodging readily caters to groups and families—here are 4 of the best options, from Tromsø hotels to traditional tents in the wilderness.

Norway family-friendly itineraries

Take a local trail with views of the Aurlandsfjord
Map of Family Hiking in Oslo, Bergen & the Sognefjord - 7 Days
Family Hiking in Oslo, Bergen & the Sognefjord - 7 Days

This fast-paced itinerary covers three popular destinations with plenty of local twists for a unique family adventure. Start in Oslo where you'll have a few days to explore the capital's forests and rivers. Then head west to catch trails and views around the Sognefjord as you travel by train, ferry, and rental car. Finish with a fjord cruise to Bergen and pick between many hikes within its seven surrounding mountains.

Sail through the Geirangerfjord and get up close to waterfalls
Map of Best of Western Norway - 11 Days
Best of Western Norway - 11 Days

This family-friendly road trip covers a mix of popular and lesser-known destinations on Norway's stunning west coast. Start with a few days in Bergen to explore numerous cultural opportunities and easy hiking trails. Then, pick up your rental car and head north through distinct fishing communities to get to Ålesund. From here, choose your own activities as you slowly make your way to Solvorn where you'll stay at the oldest family-run hotel in the country before looping back to Bergen.