Whisk the family away on a thrilling Arctic adventure with this two-week tour of Norway's winter highlights. Perfect for those with older kids, discover the stunning snowcapped peaks and glittering scenery around the Sognefjord and Nærøyfjord as you ride with huskies, snowmobile the icy terrain, and snowshoe hike in Flåm. Finish with a thrilling chase to catch the dancing aurora borealis and make memories to treasure as you experience Sámi hospitality and sled with reindeer.


  • Ride with huskies through the snow in Geilo
  • Experience authentic Viking life in Gudvangen
  • Zoom across the ice by snowmobile
  • Spend a thrilling night chasing the aurora borealis
  • Spend the night among reindeer in a Sámi camp

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Bergen Bergen
Day 2 Sail Like a Viking, Explore Bergen Bergen
Day 3 Transfer to Geilo, Snowshoeing Excursion Geilo
Day 4 Dogsledding Adventure Geilo
Day 5 Snowmobile Safari Geilo
Day 6 Train to Aurland, Explore Aurland
Day 7 Wintercruise on Nærøyfjord & Viking Valley Aurland
Day 8 Winter Snowshoe Hike or Cultural Tour in Flåm  Aurland
Day 9 Flåm Railway to Oslo Oslo
Day 10 Oslofjord Sightseeing Cruise, Discover Oslo's Museums Oslo
Day 11 Fly to Tromsø, Gateway to the Arctic Tromsø
Day 12 Whale Watching Safari, Northern Lights Chase Tromsø
Day 13 Reindeer Sledding, Overnight Camp in a Lavvu Tromsø
Day 14 Depart Tromsø  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Bergen

Bergen in winter
Explore Bergen's colorful harborfront in the wintertime

Welcome to Bergen! This cobblestone city, surrounded by the ocean and ringed by seven stunning mountains and fjords, is home to one of Europe's oldest ports and rich in culture and seafaring history. Settle in at your accommodation and then head out to explore. Your first stop should be Bryggen, the UNESCO Heritage-listed preserved harbor famous for its vibrantly painted wooden houses that date back to the 1700s. See if the kids can spot their uncanny resemblance to the streets of Arendelle in the Disney movie "Frozen!"

Next, stop at one of Bergen's charming local cafés and bakeries and treat the kids to tebrødstenger (a delicious jam-filled pastry and Norweigan staple). If there's time, you can ride the Fløibanen funicular to the top of Mount Fløyen—one of Bergen's seven peaks—for the city's best views. Afterward, stroll back down the path while discovering hidden troll sculptures along the way. Then, decide which of the town's many family-friendly restaurants to dine in as you toast the start of your family adventures.

Day 2: Sail Like a Viking, Explore Bergen

Explore Bergen's historical center
Explore Bergen's charming historic center as you head to the harbor for today's tour

Enjoy a leisurely wake-up and then make your way to the harbor for today's outing. You'll get to step back to an era when Viking ships ruled the seas and discover Bergen's charms from the water as you and the kids board your Viking-style ship! Complete with a square sail, clinker build, and overlapping wooden planks, there is no better way to experience Norway's rich history and your evocative surroundings.

Help the kids steer the ship or hoist the sail as you glide past the historic waterfront and admire the snowcapped mountains. Tales of Viking life and Norewigan history will add to the experience as the crew shares stories from long ago, and the captain sails with the weather, just as the Vikings would have done over 1,000 years ago. 

Day 3: Transfer to Geilo, Snowshoeing Excursion

Enjoy a winter hike in Geilo
Have a snowy family adventure in Geilo

Bid farewell to Bergen this morning and take a 3.5-hour train journey to the stunning mountain village of Geilo, where getting there is half the fun! Nestled in a valley, surrounded by mountains and two of the country's best national parks—Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda—Geilo offers a blend of magnificent scenery and many family-friendly action and nature-based activities. Relax as you travel along the beautiful Bergen Railway (Europe's highest railway line), sweeping past dense forests and great lakes through some of Norway's most unspoiled and wildest countryside.

After a refresh at your hotel, it's time to stretch your legs and go for a family hike as you join your local guide, don snowshoes, and explore the beautiful wintry surroundings. Have fun trampling through the snow as you venture across the winter wonderland and try and dodge the kids' snowballs! For Wim Hoff enthusiasts, there's the opportunity to go ice-bathing or the slightly tamer, ice fishing. Return to Geilo, find somewhere cozy for a hearty dinner, and watch as the tried and trusted combination of happiness, tiredness, and warmth works magic on the sleepy little ones. 

Day 4: Dogsledding Adventure

Dog sledding with Huskies
Meet friendly huskies for a dogsledding adventure

This morning, treat the kids to an adventure they'll remember forever. Dogsledding is a cultural Norweigan tradition that dates back centuries, and in the wintertime, it becomes a practical necessity, with much of northern Norway covered in snow and ice. Today is pure fun, so wrap up warmly, rally the kids, and walk to the nearby husky farm. Your guide will introduce you to your huskies, and your experienced mushers will teach you all you need to know, so you can take the reins and run your own sled.

Whiz across the icy surroundings with your impeccably trained Alaskan huskies as you spend the next 45 minutes touring the wintry highlands. Afterward, gather around the fire, and warm yourselves with hot cocoa and a snack as you hear stories about the huskies and their adventures. You'll also have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and take some family photos with your new furry friends. 

Day 5: Snowmobile Safari

Snowmobile Tour
Another day, another exhilarating snowy adventure
Plan your trip to Norway
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.

Hot on the heels of yesterday's dogsledding, you and your family will once again hit the snowy terrain and experience the thrill of snowmobiling. You'll follow a track to the side of Pålsbufjorden, a fjord in Nore og Uvdal where the landscape varies from open to alpine forest. After instruction on safety and how to use your vehicle, zoom across the Narnia-esque winter wilderness as the kids look out for the native elks that live nearby.

Take a break halfway through, warm up with a hot drink, and capture the kids' excitement before hopping back in the snowmobile and continuing your icy adventure. Along with elk, you may be lucky enough to spot some other wild animals, including roe deer, hares, foxes, and sometimes golden eagles. Afterward, head back to your hotel, where the rest of the evening is yours to spend as you choose. 

Day 6: Train to Aurland, Explore

It's all aboard the scenic Flåm Railway for a scenic winter journey

It's a day of rest after the exhilarating adventures of the last couple of days, and after breakfast, you'll wave goodbye to Geilo and head west to the peaceful town of Aurland. Relax on the 1.5-hour train ride to Myrdal, where you will board your connection on the famous Flåm Railway. Experience why the Flåmsbana is described as "the world's most beautiful train journey" as you travel through dramatic fjord landscapes with waterfalls, snow-covered peaks, and steep mountains. Arrive in Flåm, and take a private transfer to Aurland, just a few minutes away.

Check into your accommodation, a cozy fisherman's cabin right by the fjord, and head out to explore. Aurland's snug position, nestled in the innermost corner of the Sognefjord, is an idyllic setting, and once you've got your bearings in the small town, take the kids to the breathtaking Stegastein Viewpoint. Don't miss a family selfie on the manufactured platform that stands 2,132 feet (650 m) above the Aurlandsfjord, jutting out 98 feet (30 m) from the cliffs. Afterward, choose one of the local family-friendly restaurants to dine in—the Duehuset Pub has good food and fjord views.

Day 7: Wintercruise on Nærøyfjord & Viking Valley

Entering Gudvangen
Take in the stunning surroundings of the Nærøyfjord and Gudvangen

You'll experience the incredible scenery around Aurland today as you and your family make your way to the pier and prepare to cruise along the beautiful Nærøyfjord. Marvel at the thundering waterfalls and snow-covered peaks that tower 5,906 feet (1,800 m) above sea level as you journey through one of only two fjords to have earned the UNESCO World Heritage designation. Let the breathtaking setting fire the kids' imagination as you step back into another era in the hamlet of Gudvangen, home of Njardheim (also known as Viking Valley).

Njardheim recreates an authentic Viking village and is peopled not by actors but Viking enthusiasts committed to the era and who have made a life here their own. It's a fascinating, fun, and educational opportunity for you and the kids to immerse yourselves in all aspects of life in the age of Njord, the god of trading and sailing. Learn how to use traditional longbows, attend a banquet, play classic Viking games, and hear exciting battle stories. When you're ready, return to Aurland, where the evening is yours to spend as you wish. 

Day 8: Winter Snowshoe Hike or Cultural Tour in Flåm 

Snowshoeing in Norway
The best way to see Aurland's scenery in the wintertime? A snowshoeing hike

It's your last day in Aurland, and you have a couple of options. If the kids are clamoring for more snowy adventures, a local guide will help you get kitted out in the right gear and footwear for a snowshoe excursion through the gorgeous frosty landscape. Your guide will choose the best locations based on the kids' ages and physical ability and share entertaining stories of the region and the all-important snowshoeing techniques. They will also take professional photos of you and the kids so you can keep your hands warm!

Alternatively, if the kids are into Norse legends and storytelling, head to Flåm, where you and your family will enjoy a quiet evening walk through the village's cultural center and follow a hiking path through the surrounding small hills before finishing at Flåm's beach. As you stroll by the fjords in the crisp winter air, hear how life has transformed over the centuries, from the legends of trolls and witches to the present day. Watch as the kids listen, enraptured as your guides tell stories by the bonfire while you drink hot chocolate and soak up your hosts' unique insights. 

Day 9: Flåm Railway to Oslo

A journey on the Flåm Railway is an adventure in its own right

It's an early start this morning as you wave goodbye to Aurland, stock up on snacks, and board the quaint Flåm Railway to Oslo. Book a window seat and gaze at the stunning waterfall-dotted landscape as you travel to Norway's pint-sized but rapidly growing capital. With charm and character in spades and easily toured on foot, Oslo is perfect for families. Settle into your hotel and relax after your journey before rallying the kids to head out for dinner.

Your first stop should be the buzzing core around Karl Johan's Gate—the main thoroughfare from the city center to Palace Park. Get your bearings as you wander over to Akker Bryyge, a scenic area on the waterfront filled with various excellent restaurants. Choose somewhere cozy and settle in for the night as you sample traditional Norweigan fare. 

Day 10: Oslofjord Sightseeing Cruise, Discover Oslo's Museums 

Vigeland Sculpture Park
Spend the day seeing Oslo's attractions, such as the Vigeland Sculpture Park

See another side of Oslo this morning as you and your family head to the harbor and set sail for a sightseeing cruise in the calm waters of the Oslofjord. Spot the city's modern and historical landmarks as you pass through narrow sounds and deep bays, and enjoy the islands' natural beauty and the hilly vistas surrounding the scenic waterways. Kids will love seeing the landscape through the eyes of Vikings, with much of the country's natural landscape unchanged over the last 1,000 years. 

Return to the shore and break for lunch before spending the afternoon checking out Oslo's museums. There are over 50 to choose from, and the Natural History Museum is a great bet, where kids will love the life-size dinosaur fossils, meteorites, and an immersive crystal cave experience. Art lovers should head to the modernist architecture of the Munch Museum and the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art. Continue the cultural theme with a stroll through the fascinating Vigeland Sculpture Park, home to 200 larger-than-life sculptures by artist Gustav Vigeland. 

Day 11: Fly to Tromsø, Gateway to the Arctic 

Explore Tromsø's Waterfront Walkway
Journey north to reach Tromsø, Gateway to the Arctic

It's time for the next leg of your family adventure as you and the family fly to Tromsø, often referred to as the "Paris of the North." This lively city blends a compelling mix of rich history and a vibrant cultural and dining scene with bags of family-friendly activities and charm. It's also known as the "Gateway to the Arctic," and in the winter months, the summer wildflowers and green mountains give way to a majestic winter wonderland.

After settling in at your hotel, tempt the kids out to explore with promises of cinnamon buns and hot chocolate at one of the local cafés and then experience Tromsø's scenery with a ride on the city's cable car. Two gondolas will sweep you up the mountainside to a viewing platform to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding islands, mountains, and fjords. Afterward, head out to dinner, passing the colorful 18th-century wooden houses as you choose which of the city's many fine restaurants to dine in.

Day 12: Whale Watching Safari, Northern Lights Chase

Chase the ethereal northern lights
Chase the ethereal northern lights

Head to the harbor this morning to experience the incredible Arctic landscape with a full-day cruise and discover two of Noway's most majestic marine mammals: the humpback and the orca. Board your hybrid-electric ship and discover the beauty of the Tromsøfjord area as you cruise silently past, and the kids spot the whales as they hunt in the herring-rich waters of the fjord. Then venture beneath the ocean's surface from the comfort of the boat as the crew launches an underwater drone and hydrophone that captures the images and sounds of the whales working together.

Return to Tromsø, where you'll have time to relax at your hotel and enjoy dinner in town before getting ready for what will surely be the trip's highlight. The kids will be excited to stay up past bedtime tonight as you prepare to chase the northern lights on a private tour! Leave the city lights behind, and your guide will drive you (sometimes to several locations) to where the clearest weather conditions can be found to give you and your family the best opportunity to see and photograph the swirling hues of the aurora borealis. 

Day 13: Reindeer Sledding, Overnight Camp in a Lavvu

Get up close to reindeer on this unique overnight excursion
Make pals with the reindeer on today's adventure

If the kids are sad that their Norway adventure is ending, then today's plan will have them beaming from ear to ear. Spend the day in Tromsø and enjoy a relaxed lunch before getting ready for an evening in the snowy wilderness surrounded by hundreds of reindeer. Depart from the city center, and within 45 minutes, you and your family will be warmly welcomed at a Sámi camp and invited to join in the traditional activities of northern Norway's Indigenous people. 

One of the Sámi's strongest cultural traditions is reindeer herding. Tonight, after the kids have had an opportunity to feed the reindeer, you and your family will create memories to last a lifetime as you experience an enchanting journey across the snowy landscape in a reindeer sled ride. Keep your eyes peeled for the dancing lights of the aurora borealis, as the camp is an ideal spot to view the northern lights should they appear. Afterward, enjoy a home-cooked Sámi dinner and hot drinks while listening to your hosts' stories about their traditional way of life. 

The adventure doesn't end here as rather than head back to Tromsø, you and your family will sleep in a traditional Sámi tent, a lavvu. Snuggle inside the winter-insulated sleeping bags and reindeer hides as you enjoy the perfect stillness. 

Day 14: Depart Tromsø

Depart Norway
Until the next time, Norway

Wake up in the wondrous surroundings of your Sámi camp, where a delicious breakfast will be waiting for you and the kids. You still have a couple of hours before returning to Tromsø mid-morning, so make the most of the winter landscape before a transfer takes you back to the city. If you have time, enjoy one last hot chocolate and cinnamon bun by the harbor, then make your way to the airport and prepare to board your flight. Trygge reiser (safe travels)!

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Map of Norway Winter Family Adventure - 14 Days
Map of Norway Winter Family Adventure - 14 Days