Ten days with the family in Norway is enough time to visit four to five destinations. With a mix of nature and urban adventures, the Bergen, Balestrand, Aurland & Oslo trip is perfect for first-timers and families with young children. The Winter Adventure's skiing and snowshoeing activities and the Summer Adventure's zipline excursion make those two itineraries best suited to active families with older children. Animal lovers and culture seekers will appreciate the wildlife safaris and museums on the Cultural and Wildlife trip.

Itinerary #1: Family Trip to Norway: Bergen, Balestrand, Aurland & Oslo

With a balance of urban adventures in Bergen and Oslo, cultural experiences in Balestrand, and immersion in nature in Aurland, this itinerary is ideal for families visiting Norway for the first time. Although it's suited to kids of all ages, parents of younger children will appreciate the chance to introduce them to farm animals, explore a Troll Forest together, and bring the "Frozen" film to life for their little ones.

Immerse in Norway's pristine natural environment
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Bergen, Explore Bergen
Day 2 Short Hike with a Local in Bergen Bergen
Day 3 Ferry to Balestrand, Explore the Town Balestrand
Day 4 Discover Balestrand: Cultural Walk & Beach Balestrand
Day 5 Orchard Tour & Cider Tasting in Balestrand Balestrand
Day 6 Visit Stegastein Viewpoint, Ferry to Aurland Aurland
Day 7 Fjordsafari & Hike to a Goat Farm Aurland
Day 8 Train to Oslo & Explore the City  Oslo
Day 9 Akerselva River Walk with a Local Guide Oslo
Day 10 Depart Oslo  

Explore Bergen, including the Bryggen wharf area. Fans of the film "Frozen" will love seeing colorful houses that inspired Arendelle. Climb the stairs to Mount Sandviken and Stoltzekliven for sweeping views and a family photo. Continue to Mount Fløyen, and let the little ones explore Troll Forest before returning via the Fløibanen funicular. Cruise Sognefjord, Norway's longest fjord; the kids may recognize the scenery here that inspired the landscapes of "Frozen." On Day 4, pack a picnic and hike a section of Waterfall Path, then take the kids to Sognefjord Aquarium to learn about the underwater world.

Visit Ciderhuset orchard in Balestrand to see how apple cider is produced. Take the ferry to Aurland, where kids of all ages will be amazed by the views from Stegastein Viewpoint, 2,132 feet (650 m) above the Aurlandsfjord, then learn the craft of cheese-making or glass blowing with a local expert. Tour the fjords by boat, then hike to Leim Dairy Farm, where kids can meet the animals. Enjoy the mountain views along the Flåm railway en route to Oslo. On your final full day, immerse in Norway's nature and history on a walk along the Akerselva River, including a stop by Fairytale Bridge. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Winter Family Adventure in Northern Norway 

Offering a chance to go skiing in Alta and snowshoeing and dogsledding in Senja, this winter itinerary suits active families who love exploring in the snow. While the activities can be adjusted for a range of abilities, and certainly the whole family will enjoy meeting a reindeer herd and learning about Sámi culture, the sports excursions are best suited to kids that are old enough to walk (or parents that can safely carry them while skiing and snowshoeing!). 

Take the kids to explore Tromsø, "Gateway to the Arctic"
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Tromsø Tromsø
Day 2 Reindeer Feeding & Sámi Culture Tromsø
Day 3 Guided Tour of the Igloo Hotel Alta
Day 4 Northern Lights Hunt Alta
Day 5 Cross-Country Skiing Alta
Day 6 Evening Snowshoeing Excursion Senja
Day 7 Arctic Boat Safari  Senja
Day 8 Dogsledding  Adventure Senja
Day 9 Ferry to Tromsø, Aurora Dinner Cruise Tromsø
Day 10 Depart Tromsø  

Start with a gondola ride up Storsteinen mountain for a view of Tromsø, then learn about Norway's fairy tale heritage at the Troll Museum—an engaging experience for the whole crew. Visit a Sámi family and their reindeer; little ones will love feeding the reindeer and sipping hot cocoa while your hosts share stories and songs. Take the bus to Alta on Day 3, where you'll tour Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, a great place to snap fun family photos. Check out the exhibit at the Northern Lights Cathedral before heading out to see the aurora borealis. The shared experience of watching the mesmerizing lights is bound to be a highlight. 

Embark on a cross-country skiing tour, complete with a stop for fireside snacks. Visit Senja Island and take a snowshoeing tour in Ånderdalen National Park for another chance to see the northern lights. No experience is required for skiing and snowshoeing; tours can be adjusted to the group's abilities. Give the kids a wildlife list and see how many species you spot on a boat tour around Senja, then learn how to steer your team of huskies on a dogsledding adventure. Celebrate your final day in Norway with a family dinner aboard a boat as you cruise the fjords and share your favorite memories. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Summer Adventure in Northern Norway & the Fjords

Animal-loving families will appreciate the abundance of opportunities to spot wildlife, including a boat tour around Senja and a wildlife cruise around Tromsø, on this summertime, quicker-paced itinerary. Given the inclusion of a zipline excursion in Bergen, the chance for more challenging hikes, and the likelihood of later bedtimes due to the midnight sun, it's also more suited to families with older children.

Children (and adults) will thrill to a swing over a Norwegian fjord
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo, Fjord Dinner Cruise Oslo
Day 2 Train to Flåm, Stegastein Viewpoint Flåm
Day 3 Nærøyfjord RIB Boat Safari, Visit Undredal Flåm
Day 4 Cable Car to Mount Fløyen, Discover Bergen's Seven Peaks  Bergen
Day 5 Mount Ulriken Zipline Experience, Explore Bergen Bergen
Day 6 Transfer to Senja Senja
Day 7 Arctic Boat Safari, Explore Senja Senja
Day 8 Explore Tromsø, Kayak in the Midnight Sun Tromsø
Day 9 Wildlife Cruise Around Tromsø Tromsø
Day 10 Depart Norway  

Grab some tebrødstenger pastries for the kids and tour around Oslo, stopping by Aker Bryyge waterfront and the Open-Air Folk Museum before your dinner cruise. Take the scenic Flåmsbana railway to Flam, where you'll visit the Stegastein viewpoint—the perfect spot for a family photo. Cruise Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord on an inflatable boat, then let the kids have a "Frozen" adventure and meet local goats as you wander Undredal, a village believed to offer inspiration for the film. Transfer to Bergen and take the funicular up Mount Fløyen, or, if the kids have the energy, climb the 1,300 stairs to Mount Ulriken.    

Head to Bergen Base Camp for a thrilling zipline excursion, then take the kids to meet the robots at VilVite Science Center. Transfer to Senja and take advantage of the midnight sun; many sights have extended summer hours. Animal lovers will enjoy spotting wildlife on a boat tour, and active families will appreciate the abundance of hiking trails in Ånderdalen National Park. Head back to Tromsø, and impress the kids with the Magic Ice Bar, where everything is sculpted from ice. Let them stay up past bedtime for a unique experience—kayaking under the midnight sun—before a final wildlife cruise. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Family Viking Tour of Norway

Budding historians and families looking for a unique experience of Norway will enjoy the Viking focus of this itinerary. Kids of all ages can participate in family-friendly activities, including a Viking Heritage Walk in Bergen, learning about Viking shipbuilding and local lore on Svanøy Island, spending a night in Viking-style rooms in Gudvangen, and immersing in Viking life in Njardarheimr Viking Valley. 

Learn about Viking history on a family trip to Norway
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Bergen Bergen
Day 2 Bergen Viking Heritage Walk Bergen
Day 3 Drive to Gulating Gulen
Day 4 Board Ferry to Svanøy Island Svanøya
Day 5 Viking History of Svanøy, Drive to Solvorn Leikanger
Day 6 Urnes Stave Church, Drive to Gudvangen, Flåm Viking Dinner Gudvangen
Day 7 Njardarheimr Viking Valley, Drive to Bergen Bergen
Day 8 Transfer to Flåm, Hiking & Goat Farm Tour Flåm
Day 9 Heritage Fjordsafari, Transfer to Bergen Bergen
Day 10 Depart Bergen  

Ignite your children's interest in Norwegian history with a visit to Old Bergen, an 18th-century reconstruction, and downtown Bryggen where you can view old wooden houses. Travel through time on a Viking Heritage Walk, then hit the road to Gulating in Gulen, one of the oldest parliamentary assemblies during Viking times. Continue to Svanøy Island, home to just 70 residents yet a significant amount of Viking history. Tour the island with a local who will teach the kids about Viking shipbuilding and share local lore. Drive to Solvorn, passing by Sognefjorden, an area that afforded the Vikings access to the sea.

Take the ferry to Urnes Stave Church and let the kids snap photos of the Viking art and architecture here. Then, head for Gudvangen and board your boat to Flåm, where you'll enjoy traditional food at a Norse-style microbrewery. A night spent dreaming in Viking-style rooms back in Gudvangen is the perfect segue to your next adventure: a day in Njardarheimr Viking Valley, an ancient town rich in Viking history, where the kids can truly imagine what Viking life was like. Spend your final day captivated by stories your guide shares as you cruise through Aurlandsfjord and the Nærøyfjord on a RIB boat. Learn more

Itinerary #5: Relaxed Cultural & Wildlife Adventure

This itinerary is ideal for families interested in Norway's culture, history, and animals. The activities, from wildlife safaris and farm tours in Geiranger to museum experiences in Oslo and Trondheim, can be adjusted for kids of any age. 

Kids will love meeting some of Norway's animals
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo, Norweigan Folk Museum Oslo
Day 2 Oslo's Museums & Guided Akerselva River Walk  Oslo
Day 3 Transfer to Lillehammer, Visit the Maihaugen Open-Air Museum Lillehammer
Day 4 Transfer to Geiranger, Explore Geiranger
Day 5 Geirangerfjord, RIB Boat Safari Geiranger
Day 6 Guided Goat Farm Tour & Traditional Norwegian Lunch Geiranger
Day 7 Transfer to Ålesund, Explore Ålesund
Day 8 Day Trip to Runde island Ålesund
Day 9 Transfer to Trondheim, Visit the Trøndelag Folk Museum Trondheim
Day 10 Depart Trondheim  

Tour historic buildings and experience traditional Norwegian life through storytelling and folk dancing at the Oslo Open-Air Folk Museum. The kids will be thoroughly entertained on a tour along the Akerselva River, passing woodlands and waterfalls and stopping to see sculptures at Fairytale Bridge and try 3D printing at the Maker Space. Then it's off to the Maihaugen museum in Lillehammer, where you can meet farmers and their animals, learn traditions, and experience friluftsliv (open-air living). Make a stop at Flydalsjuvet viewpoint for a family photo, then visit the waterfalls of Geraingerfjord on a boat tour.

Encounter sheep, goats, and llamas on a family hike to Vesteråsfjellet, and let the little ones play goat herder for the day as they accompany the goats to Lake Klisti cabins on a tour at Yste Kilsti farm. Admire the fairy tale architecture on a walk around the port town of Ålesund. If little legs still have the energy, take the steps to Aksla viewpoint. Embark on a boat tour of Runde Island, and see how many puffins the kids can count. On your final day, bike around Trondheim and let the kids imagine medieval life at King Sverre's Castle before sitting down to a family dinner in the Bakklandet quarter. Learn more

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Map of 10 Days in Norway - 5 Family-Friendly Itinerary Ideas
Map of 10 Days in Norway - 5 Family-Friendly Itinerary Ideas