In a week, you can experience three to five locations, including Oslo, Geilo, and Aurland. Opt for a more adventurous itinerary encompassing hiking in Ålesund, a kayaking tour in Geiranger, and a boat tour along the Geirangerfjord. Wrap up warm and spend three days in Tromsø and Senja on a winter trip that comprises dogsledding, cruising along fjords, and watching the northern lights. Or concentrate on a small part of the country, such as Bergen and Balestrand, to discover the inspiration behind Disney's "Frozen."

Itinerary #1: Relaxed Family Adventure in Norway: Oslo, Fjords & Bergen

This leisurely Norway adventure is ideal for families looking for a simple tour that covers the country's highlights from Oslo in the east to Bergen in the west, with stops in Geilo and Aurland in between. See the sights in the capital, take a scenic train journey to Geilo, venture back in time at Viking Valley, and visit the many family-friendly museums in Bergen.

Family fun in Norway
Family fun in Norway
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo, Explore Oslo
Day 2 Bergen Railway to Geilo, Hike & Explore Geilo
Day 3 Explore Geilo, Huldreforest Story-Telling Excursion Geilo
Day 4 Train to Aurland, Stegastein Viewpoint Aurland
Day 5 Nærøyfjord Cruise & Viking Valley Tour Aurland
Day 6 Visit Undredal, Ferry to Bergen Bergen
Day 7 Explore Bergen, Depart  

Landing in the capital city of Oslo, begin your exploration at Karl Johan's Gate. Walk around Aker Brygge and see the beautiful architecture of the Oslo Opera House. Depart Oslo the next day and board a four-hour train to Geilo—a mountain village that provides many hiking trails suited to all ages. Adventurous families can canoe or paddleboard across Lake Ustedalsfjorden or hike to Vøringsfossen waterfall. Spend the evening in the Huldreforest, where you'll sit by a campfire and listen to myths and legends of Scandinavian folklore. Then journey to Myrdal via train, where you'll make your connection.

Often cited as "the world's most beautiful train journey," the Flåmsbana affords impressive views of fjords and mountains. Arrive in Flåm and transfer to Aurland, then head to the Stegastein scenic overlook above the Aurlandsfjord. Cruise along Nærøyfjord to Viking Valley in Gudvangen for an authentic Viking experience. Dine at a traditional banquet, learn to use longbows, and hear thrilling stories. Fans of Disney's "Frozen" will relish visiting Undredal, famed for being the inspiration behind the movie. On your last full day, you'll board a ferry to the coastal city of Bergen to visit the Bergen Aquarium and Urban Zoo. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Norway Outdoor Family Adventure: Hiking, Kayaking & Boating

This weeklong outdoor adventure is perfect for kids and adults who enjoy being active on holiday (hiking, kayaking, and boating) while exploring a small area of the country in depth. Begin in Ålesund, drive to Geiranger for an exciting kayaking tour, take the scenic route to Fjærland, and conclude in Balestrand for a cruise on the Sognefjord.

Family hikes in Norway
Take the kids to hike and boat Norway's fjords
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Ålesund Ålesund
Day 2 Drive to Geiranger, Trollstigen Scenic Route via Åndalsnes Geiranger
Day 3 Kayaking Tour in Geiranger Geiranger
Day 4 RIB Boat Tour, Drive to Fjærland Fjærland
Day 5 Mountain Hike in Fjærland, Drive to Balestrand Balestrand
Day 6 Guided Hike to Orrabenken, Finnabotn Boat Tour Balestrand
Day 7 Drive to Bergen, Depart Norway  

Collect your rental car when you arrive in Ålesund, and then let the kids run off steam as you stretch your legs after your flight with a walk up to the Aksla Viewpoint for views of the town center and the Sunnmøre Alps. Head off along the Trollstigen countryside route on Day 2 to Åndalsnes. Navigate along the 11 hairpin bends in the Romsdalen Valley and watch the kids stare in wonder at the dramatic landscapes. Break up the journey with a hike to Rampesteken Viewpoint, then head to Geiranger to embark on a four-hour kayaking tour to see the Seven Sisters waterfall.

Adrenaline-seeking families will love the RIB (rigid inflatable boat) tour in the Geirangerfjord before carrying on the scenic drive toward Fjærland, stopping in Loen to ride one of the world's steepest tramways to the top of Mount Hoven. Families with a penchant for learning can visit the Norwegian Glacier Museum in the Mundal town center. Next, hike through the forest to Nesahaugen and enjoy a picnic lunch before making your way to Balestrand, with a ferry crossing between Hella and Dragsvik. Take a guided hike to the top of Orrabenken, then cruise a secluded section of the Sognefjord keeping an eye out for any wildlife. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Winter Family Trip to Norway: Tromsø & Senja

This winter-focused vacation is for families looking to experience Norway in winter. It includes three days in Tromsø, Norway's Arctic city, and three days in Senja, where you'll dogsled and visit the Aurora Borealis Observatory for the chance to see the northern lights.

Feed reindeer at a traditional Sami village
Feed reindeer at a traditional Sámi village
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Tromsø Tromsø
Day 2 Discover Tromsø, Gateway to the Arctic Tromsø
Day 3 Day Trip to a Sámi Camp Tromsø
Day 4 Ferry to Senja, Mefjord Brygge & Northern Lights Senja
Day 5 Explore Senja & Dogsledding Senja
Day 6 Aurora Borealis Observatory Senja
Day 7 Ferry to Tromsø, Depart Norway  

Begin in Tromsø, the "Gateway to the Arctic." Kids will enjoy riding the gondolas known as "Seal" and "Bear" to a viewing platform that affords vistas of the city, mountains, islands, and fjords. The whole family will relish the novelty of the Magic Ice bar, where the tables, chairs, and glasses are made of ice. Join a kid-friendly walking tour of the city and learn about Norwegian folklore at the fun and immersive Troll Museum or visit Norway's largest planetarium at the Science Center. Day 3 includes visiting a traditional Sámi camp where kids can feed the local reindeer.

Next, you and the gang will board the ferry to Finnsnes, drive to Melfjord Brygge on Senja Island and bike or hike during the day, then head on a three-hour evening excursion to see the northern lights. Experience the island's beauty with a dogsledding trek, an activity that's sure to delight the whole family. Transfer to the Aurora Borealis Observatory, where you'll spend the night. Daytime activities include snowshoe walking, hiking, and reindeer spotting, before spending the evening viewing the northern lights from the panoramic windows in your room. Take the ferry back to Tromsø to depart Norway. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Family Trip to Norway: Bergen & Balestrand

This family-friendly holiday is perfect for first-time visitors to Norway who want to enjoy a more relaxed itinerary, as you spend three nights each in Bergen and Balestrand. Discover the mysteries of Troll Forest, cruise the "King of the Fjords," and take a relaxing trip along Fjærlandsfjord.

Have a family adventure in Norway
Have a family adventure in Norway
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive & Explore Bergen Bergen
Day 2 Fløibanen Hike & Troll Forest Bergen
Day 3 Ferry to Balestrand & Explore the Town Balestrand
Day 4 Scenic Boat Trip to Fjærland Balestrand
Day 5 Discover Balestrand: Cultural Walk & Beach Balestrand
Day 6 Ferry to Bergen & Explore the City Bergen
Day 7 Depart Bergen  

Beginning in Bergen, enjoy a leisurely first day exploring the city at your family's pace, with stops at the Fantoft Stave Church, the Rosenkrantz Tower, and Bryggen, where fans of "Frozen" can explore the inspiration behind "Arendelle." Ride the Fløibanen funicular to the top of Mount Fløyen for breathtaking views of the mountains and fjords. Head to Troll Forest to spot mythical creatures and let the kids run free in the adjacent playground. Cruise along Norway's longest and deepest fjord, Sognefjord, another inspiration behind "Frozen."

In Balestrand, discover Saint Olaf's Church and walk the 1.2-mile (2 km) Heritage Trail to enjoy the fresh air and scenery. Travel along the Fjærlandsfjord on a private boat trip and cruise past cascading waterfalls as you spot local wildlife like starfish, crabs, and porpoises. Stop in Mundal to tour the Norwegian Glacier Museum before traveling back to Balestrand. Hike the family-friendly Nature Trail or the Klibberg Trail, then head to Gamleheimsfjøra lagoon. Alternatively, visit the Sognefjord Aquarium or the Norwegian Travel Museum before taking the ferry back to Bergen for your departure. Learn more

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Map of 1 Week in Norway - 4 Family-Friendly Itinerary Ideas
Map of 1 Week in Norway - 4 Family-Friendly Itinerary Ideas