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Seven days in Norway is enough time to cover a few of the country's highlights. Whether you're looking to experience a mix of city culture and seeing the fjords, chasing the Aurora Borealis on a winter road trip high above the Arctic Circle, or trekking in the national parks, the country has something unique to offer in every season.

You can hit the most famous spots in the country's south like Bergen, Oslo, and Stavanger, or have a slower-paced trip and immerse yourself in the local culture of quiet, undiscovered mountain villages. If you're looking for something more active, you can go on a multi-day dog sledding adventure in winter or trek in the borderlands, crossing over into Finland and Sweden in the summer.

See more itineraries below, or read our overview of How to Spend One Week in Norway.

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A view of Aurora Borealis near Tromsø, Norway.
Map of Norway Northern Lights Road Trip - 7 Days
Norway Northern Lights Road Trip - 7 Days

This scenic winter adventure traverses the Norwegian Arctic and checks off a number of natural and cultural sites starting in the city of Tromsø, nicknamed 'Paris of the North'. From here, hit the road and see rock art in Alta, learn about the indigenous Sami people in Karasjok, and visit a hotel made of snow along the Finnish/Russian border. Each day ends with another opportunity to view the Northern Lights in this beautiful and remote part of the world.

A summer evening in the village of Reine
Map of Summer Road Trip:  Norway's West Coast - 7 Days
Summer Road Trip: Norway's West Coast - 7 Days

This lightly-trafficked, summertime road trip is a great way to experience Northern Norway's stunning coastline from late May to early September. The adventure starts with a half-day in Tromsø—"Paris of the North"—before you continue to Sommarøy, the first of many islands. You'll then take car ferries to Senja island and Andoya island to enjoy remote nature where fewer travelers venture. Finish the adventure in Lofoten's stunning, and yes, more popular, islands for hiking and kayaking while based in the charming village of Reine.

One of many small villages on the Sognefjord
Map of Norway Slow Travel: Oslo, Aurland & Bergen - 7 Days
Norway Slow Travel: Oslo, Aurland & Bergen - 7 Days

This relaxing weeklong journey starts in the capital city of Oslo before heading west via the steepest train in Norway (Flåm Railway). From here, embrace the slow-paced local culture of Aurland while staying two nights at a secluded and upscale lodge that serves organic cuisine. Take part in some light hiking and paddling and then cruise the Sognefjord by ferry, finishing the adventure in scenic Bergen—Norway's UNESCO-listed second largest city surrounded by seven mountains.

Bergen's waterfront UNESCO World Heritage Site after a snowfall
Map of Oslo, Bergen & Tromsø Winter Adventure - 7 Days
Oslo, Bergen & Tromsø Winter Adventure - 7 Days

Escape the summer crowds with this winter trip highlighting both southern and northern Norway. Starting in Oslo—Europe's fastest-growing capital—you'll take one of the steepest trains in the world towards the fjords. Then train to Bergen, a UNESCO-listed city loaded with culture and restaurants. Finish with two nights at a resort in the Arctic where you'll dog sled and search for the Northern Lights.

Trolltunga's rewarding vantage point over Lake Ringedalsvatnet
Map of Norway Hiking & Kayaking Adventure - 7 Days
Norway Hiking & Kayaking Adventure - 7 Days

Get to the heart of Norway's spectacular scenery via trail and watercraft with this outdoorsy 7-day itinerary. Tour Bergen and catch a boat to the beautiful Hardangerfjord. Hike to the Trolltunga overlook, with views of Lake Ringedalsvatnet, and kayak in a section of Norway's longest and deepest fjord. Finally, jump on the Flåm Railway and make your way to Oslo for a taste of the fastest-growing capital in Europe.

Prime territory for spotting the Northern Lights
Map of Tromsø & Alta Winter Adventure - 7 Days
Tromsø & Alta Winter Adventure - 7 Days

This exciting and less-traveled winter adventure takes you deep into Norway's boreal territory. Your week-long tour between November and April begins in the quietly sophisticated city of Tromsø, where you can sled with huskies during the day and chase the Northern Lights after dark. Continue to Alta by car or bus for snowsports in the Arctic wilderness and a UNESCO World Heritage Site comprised of rock carvings. To up the Alta adventure factor, spend your last two nights in a nearby hotel made of snow and ice.

Looking toward Norway from the edge of the Malla Strict Nature Reserve
Map of Guided Three-Country Scandinavian Trek: 7 Days
Guided Three-Country Scandinavian Trek: 7 Days

Designed for avid hikers seeking a route truly less-traveled, this stunning three-country trek crosses the fabled Land of Giants as it winds through Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Overnight in picturesque, well-equipped mountain cabins, spend your days ambling through untouched wilderness, and let go of the stress of modern life for a week of true digital detox.

Scenery on the banks of the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord
Map of Multi-Fjord Adventure in Norway - 7 Days
Multi-Fjord Adventure in Norway - 7 Days

This week-long adventure checks off several fjords and two cities using a variety of travel modes. Start with a day in Bergen on the Sognefjord before driving to the heart of the Hardangerfjord. Enjoy free time for kayaking and hiking to waterfalls, and then ferry through the Nærøyfjord to Aurlandsfjord. Finish the trip with a scenic train ride to Europe's fastest growing capital for cultural sites and sophisticated dining options.

Sognefjord, nicknamed "King of the Fjords".
Map of Norway Epic Family Tour: Oslo, Fjords & Bergen - 7 Days
Norway Epic Family Tour: Oslo, Fjords & Bergen - 7 Days

This week-long family-friendly itinerary combines popular summer destinations and activities for a true Norwegian adventure. Start off in Oslo, where you can experience the capital's cool culture before taking a train to the mountain village of Geilo. From here, hop on a scenic steam train to Aurland, where a speedboat whisks you towards Skjerdal for hiking, goats, and spectacular fjord views. Sail through the magnificent Sognefjord to finish the trip in the picturesque port of Bergen, where you can explore its UNESCO-listed waterfront and take day trips into the surrounding fjords.

Winter wonderland scenery in Northern Norway
Map of Norway Arctic Experience in Alta - 7 Days
Norway Arctic Experience in Alta - 7 Days

Located in the northernmost county of Norway (Finnmark), the city of Alta lies in an area with a relatively mild climate. With this winter-themed adventure, you'll meet huskies and reindeer, see UNESCO-protected rock carvings, experience Sami culture, and enjoy snow activities. Easily reachable by plane, the area offers forests, mountain plateaus, and coastal landscapes bathed in distinctive blue light—perfect for star gazing and searching for the Northern Lights.

Tromsø coastline
Map of Arctic Norway Summer Road Trip:  Tromsø & Senja - 7 Days
Arctic Norway Summer Road Trip: Tromsø & Senja - 7 Days

Explore northern Norway at your own speed with this self-drive itinerary. Seven days allows you sufficient time to explore the city of Tromsø and its historic streets, hike around isolated islands like Senja and Sommarøy, and sea safari alongside the fjord wildlife on your journey.

Early snowcapped views of the Altafjord
Map of Autumn Road Trip in Norway's Arctic - 7 Days
Autumn Road Trip in Norway's Arctic - 7 Days

This relaxed road trip explores an area of Norway's Arctic rarely visited by tourists. Start in fjord-side Alta and drive inland to experience indigenous culture while staying in a cozy wilderness lodge. You'll then make your way toward the northernmost tip of the continent for hiking trails, colorful villages, and breathtaking views. Spend each night looking for early glimpses of the northern lights—they usually start in October.

A branch of the Sognefjord in early autumn
Map of Classic Autumn Fjord Adventure  - 7 Days
Classic Autumn Fjord Adventure - 7 Days

This classic and incredibly scenic itinerary checks off several key Norwegian highlights in the span of a week after the summer crowds have left. Start off in Europe's fastest growing capital with a day in Oslo. From here, travel via the Flåm Railway, one of the steepest trains in the world, and stay a night in Aurland before taking a cruise through the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord. You'll then travel to Bergen and spend a few days exploring this colorful wharf city surrounded by seven mountains before returning to Oslo for one more night on the town.

Take a local trail with views of the Aurlandsfjord
Map of Family Hiking in Oslo, Bergen & the Sognefjord - 7 Days
Family Hiking in Oslo, Bergen & the Sognefjord - 7 Days

This fast-paced itinerary covers three popular destinations with plenty of local twists for a unique family adventure. Start in Oslo where you'll have a few days to explore the capital's forests and rivers. Then head west to catch trails and views around the Sognefjord as you travel by train, ferry, and rental car. Finish with a fjord cruise to Bergen and pick between many hikes within its seven surrounding mountains.

Snow-covered Bergen -- Norway's 2nd largest city.
Map of Norway Epic Winter Excursion: Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø - 7 Days
Norway Epic Winter Excursion: Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø - 7 Days

Experience the best of Norway's winter season in this fun weeklong adventure by land, sea, and air. After a night in the country's buzzing capital, you'll head west whilst enjoying spectacular scenery along the famous Flåm Railway. From here, explore the mountains of Voss and stroll the historic wharf city of Bergen. Finish in Tromsø—gateway to the Arctic—and partake in outdoor activities like dog sledding and (weather permitting) a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

The charming village of Flåm on Norway's Sognefjord.
Map of Norwegian Highlights: Oslo, Balestrand & Bergen - 7 Days
Norwegian Highlights: Oslo, Balestrand & Bergen - 7 Days

Experience jaw-dropping scenery and cool Scandinavian culture on this 7-day Norwegian itinerary. Start in Oslo, where you'll have two days to revel in the rich history, trendy cafés, and summer festivals of Europe's fastest-growing capital. Next, you’ll head west on the famous Flåm Railway to explore Balestrand and its majestic mountains. From here, take advantage of the warmer weather with a kayaking tour of dramatic fjords. Finish the adventure in Bergen, with a wander around its colorful wooden houses and a trip up Fløyen Mountain for panoramic views of the city.

A dogsledding team in Northern Norway
Map of Multi-Day Dogsledding Adventure from Tromsø - 7 Days
Multi-Day Dogsledding Adventure from Tromsø - 7 Days

This arctic itinerary starts in the city of Tromsø before five days of adventure in Northern Norway, Finland, and Sweden. With the help of your private guide, get to know your team of huskies by name, drive your own sled, and enjoy traditional meals around the campfire. Fall asleep each night in traditional Sami tents—or stay up to look for the Northern Lights.

A Viking Village in Gudvangen with the village Chief standing beside his house. [Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash.]
Map of Norwegian Viking Heritage Tour: Bergen & The Western Fjords - 7 Days
Norwegian Viking Heritage Tour: Bergen & The Western Fjords - 7 Days

Travel through history, nature, and culinary adventures to arrive at an understanding of both ancient and modern Norwegian life with this trip on the Viking trail. In ancient times, Viking was a type of adventurer, with people leaving their traditional settings for remote areas to learn from new cultures and trade. Later, the Vikings developed an image more associated with plunder and pillaging. But is this the whole story? Find out for yourself as you explore the old streets of Bergen, as well as ancient political gathering spots, isolated islands, and even a recreation of a Viking village.

Aerial Views of Bergen
Cities and Nature of Norway - 7 Days

This trip combines the culture of Norway's cities with active excursions in nature, starting in the capital of Oslo. You'll explore its historic center and museums before heading west to hike the country's famous Preikestolen cliffs and view the wedged boulder of Kjeragbolten. Then take a scenic ferry ride north to the colorful city of Bergen to discover its hills, museums, and eateries.

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