Venture into Norway's far north for a luxurious journey into one of the last wild frontiers on Earth. This weeklong winter adventure begins at the Arctic Circle, where you'll go dogsledding, fish for succulent king crab, and traverse the tundra as you hunt the northern lights. In between snowshoeing excursions and kayaking on Norway's famous fjords, you'll stay in first-class accommodations, including a real-life ice hotel.


  • Overnight in the world's first snow hotel above Norway's Arctic Circle
  • Race across the tundra in a dogsled, hunt for king crabs, and learn to snowshoe
  • Go on nightly hunts to spot the northern lights and capture the perfect photos
  • Settle into 4-star luxury at the harborside Scandic Ishavshotel in Tromsø

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Kirkenes via Husky Taxi, Northern Lights Snowmobile Tour Kirkenes
Day 2 Guided Arctic Dogsled Tour Kirkenes
Day 3 King Crab Safari, Evening Northern Lights Tour Kirkenes
Day 4 Fly to Tromsø, Evening Northern Lights Tour Tromsø
Day 5 Tromsø Winter Sea Kayaking Tromsø
Day 6 Snowshoeing in the Lyngen Alps Tromsø
Day 7 Depart Tromsø  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Kirkenes via Husky Taxi, Northern Lights Snowmobile Tou

A "husky taxi" will whisk you away to your icy accommodations (photo courtesy of Snowhotel Kirkenes)

Welcome to northern Norway! This isn't just any Scandinavian adventure—this is a journey to the Arctic Circle, where icy fjords and snowcapped peaks dot the tundra and the northern lights paint the night sky. The snowy fun starts with your arrival in Kirkenes, a village near the Russian border. Though small, Kirkenes is popular for aurora borealis tours, reindeer safaris, and dogsledding. Speaking of which, at the airport, a team of enthusiastic huskies and their expert musher will be waiting to whisk you off to your hotel on a sled.

The wonders continue when you see your accommodation. The Snowhotel is the first hotel in the world made entirely of snow and ice. It features double and family rooms in a nippy 22°F (-4°C) climate, though you'll keep warm with the help of proper clothing and thermal sleeping bags. You can also beat the chill with a long session in the sauna. And while the hotel features a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant, you can also head to the ice bar and enjoy a nightcap sipped from an ice shot glass.

After settling in, embark on an evening hunt to try and spot the famed northern lights. This spellbinding phenomenon only occurs at the Earth's poles, which is why this part of the Arctic Circle is an ideal place to spot it. The three-hour snowmobile excursion begins when you meet an expert guide and the hotel and transfer outside of town. Here, free of light pollution, you'll be well-positioned to spot the iridescent ribbons of light dancing across the night sky (you might want to brush up on your night photography beforehand).

Day 2: Guided Arctic Dogsled Tour

It's mushing time as you cruise the Arctic tundra in a dogsled
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Yesterday, you got a taste of the fun dogsledding offers—now you can spend half a day enjoying this canine mode of transport. In the morning, you'll transfer to a kennel near Kirkenes and meet your drivers for the day. Then, along with an expert guide and musher, you'll hop on a private sled and hit the trail for a ride around towering mountains and across the snowy tundra. Over four hours, you'll create indelible memories in the company of these remarkable dogs as you all race against the backdrop of Kirkenes' wild and remote landscapes. 

Day 3: King Crab Safari, Evening Northern Lights Tour

King Crab Safari
Fish for prized king crab (and enjoy them for lunch)

Travelers flock from all over to enjoy another wild Arctic activity: a "king crab safari." Kirkenes is located on the shores of the Barents Sea, which is a breeding ground for this famous crustacean. In the morning, your private guide will pick you up at the hotel for the 15-minute journey to a waterside camp. There, you'll change into the appropriate attire and hop on a snowmobile for a ride across the frozen fjord in search of crab pots.

As you go, you'll periodically stop to recover the traps, which, if fate has smiled upon you, are filled with king crabs. These make for a delectable seafood lunch, and the next part of the tour involves learning the art of cooking the crabs. The preparation occurs in a local restaurant, and once the main course is ready, you'll sit down and enjoy the sumptuous crab meat served the Norwegian way: with butter, lemon, and a frosty glass of beer.

After the meal, you'll return to town and have the rest of the afternoon free. Then, cap your third day in Norway with another private expedition to spot the aurora borealis. Once again, your expert guide will follow the forecast and lead you to the best viewing areas, which could take you near the Russian border, west into the Finnish expanse, or south into the Pasvik Valley.

Day 4: Fly to Tromsø, Evening Northern Lights Tour

Winter View of Tromsø atop the Cable Car
A winter view of Tromsø from the mountaintop cable car station

Say goodbye to Kirkenes this morning as you board a plane for the one-hour flight west to Tromsø, located on the coast. Known as the "Gateway to the Arctic," this is a dynamic city that doesn't lack culture and activities. Out of some 65,000 residents, there's a large student population. That translates to a robust music, film, and nightlife culture.

When you arrive, you'll check into the Scandic Ishavshotel. This award-winning waterfront hotel sits right on Tromsø's quayside, a short walk to city attractions like the Polar Museum. The modern and spacious rooms and suites are well appointed, with many featuring fjord views—great vantage points to spy the northern lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer. Additionally, the hotel is a convenient hub for activities like whale watching or a midnight concert at the Ishavskatedralen Church.

After settling in, you'll have the rest of the day to discover Tromsø's highlights on your own. Perhaps start with a cable car ride up Mount Storsteinen. Its viewing platform is a great place to snap panoramic photos of Tromsø and the surrounding scenery. Save your energy, however, because later, you'll meet your guide and embark on a private northern lights tour. This one is ideal for couples and includes snacks, hot drinks, and professional portrait photos taken by your guide with a DSLR camera. 

Day 5: Tromsø Winter Sea Kayaking

Suit up for an Arctic kayak ride you'll never forget

It wouldn't be a trip to Norway without exploring its dazzling fjords. Today's adventure puts you right in the mix, as after breakfast, you'll head to the waterfront for a guided kayaking excursion. Tromsø is nestled amid many islands and fjords, and paddling around the glassy Arctic waters is a memorable way to experience them.

This half-day excursion begins when you put on a dry suit and hop in your kayak. Then, paddle out to the sounds and islands surrounding Tromsø. Feel the fresh Arctic breeze and watch for wildlife like white-tailed sea eagles and curious seals and otters. At the end of the excursion, you'll return to Tromsø and have the rest of the day free.

Day 6: Snowshoeing in the Lyngen Alps

Strap on the snowshoes for a cross-country winter adventure

Meet your guide early and leave Tromsø on a trip into the mountainous interior and the famous Lyngen Alps. You'll arrive at these impressive peaks in the midmorning and strap on snowshoes for a half-day cross-country adventure. It begins with a demonstration of how to attach the snowshoes.

Then, with trekking poles in hand, you'll commence the journey, which follows an easy 1-mile (1.6 km) route you can complete at your own leisurely pace. There's no need to rush, as you'll want to you'll want to savor every bit of the ruggedly beautiful Lyngen scenery. At the end of the afternoon, you'll hop back in the car for the ride back to Tromsø.

Day 7: Depart Tromsø

After a week of northern lights spotting and Arctic adventures, it's time to head home

It's time to bid farewell to Norway and the Arctic. Rest easy in the knowledge that you've filled each day with the adventures of a lifetime. In the morning, meet your driver for the ride to Tromsø's airport, where you'll catch your flight home. Come back soon!

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Map of Luxury Northern Lights Adventure in Norway's Arctic - 7 Days
Map of Luxury Northern Lights Adventure in Norway's Arctic - 7 Days