With 10 days in Norway, you can experience exactly how nature and luxury go hand in hand. Head to the western fjords for a classic tour featuring cozy retreats and quintessential Norway activities. Or, opt for a rental car and lazily navigate between rural villages. Adventure seekers will find Norway's Arctic an excellent place to chase the northern lights or take full advantage of the midnight sun, while the Lofoten Islands provide an idyllic sanctuary to rejuvenate amid unspoiled landscapes.

Itinerary #1: Luxury Escape to the Norwegian Fjords

Experience the perfect blend of luxury and nature on this 10-day Norwegian fjords escape. While based in premium accommodations, immerse yourself in the surrounding landscapes on foot, by bike, and with a paddle in hand. Hike to the staggering Stegastein Viewpoint, trek through the mountainous Ja-steinen wilderness area, kayak along the Fjærlandsfjord, and bike amid Bergen's native forests.

Stay in the historic "Jewel of the Sognefjord" in Balestrand (photo courtesy of Kviknes Hotel)
Stay in the historic "Jewel of the Sognefjord" in Balestrand (photo courtesy of Kviknes Hotel)
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo, Guided City Tour Oslo
Day 2 Scenic Flåm Railway Trip & Sognefjord Cruise, Transfer to Aurland Aurland
Day 3 Fjord Hike, Rowboat Adventure & Hot Tub Aurland
Day 4 Transfer to Balestrand, Cider Tasting Balestrand
Day 5 Guided Orrabenken Hike & Picnic Balestrand
Day 6 Transfer to Fjærland, Fjord Kayak Tour Fjærland
Day 7 Hike to Fjord & Glacier Viewpoints, Floating Sauna Fjærland
Day 8 Fishing Boat Tour, Transfer to Bergen, Ride the Ulriken Cable Car Bergen
Day 9 Bryggen Wharf Tour & Mountain Biking Bergen
Day 10 Depart Bergen  

Welcome to Norway! Your journey begins in Oslo, and with the premier waterfront hotel, The Thief, serving as your base, you'll immediately be welcomed into luxury. Refreshed and having enjoyed a city tour, settle in for a scenic ride along the famous Flåm Railway to Aurland. This fjord-immersed town is your home for two nights, and during your stay, you'll fully experience its natural splendors while hiking to its Stegastein Viewpoint, rowing along glassy waters, and soaking in an outdoor hut tub. Next, ferry to Balestrand, where a cider tour and a leisurely hike through the Ja-seinen wilderness area await.

Your following destination, Fjærland, promises to be equally awe-inspiring, especially with the impressive F​​jærland Fjordstove Hotel to call home. When you're not relaxing in your rustic-chic room, you'll embark on a kayak tour, conquer a hike to the Nesahaugen Viewpoint, and test your luck at fishing. Afterward, make your way to your final destination, the port city of Bergen. Spend your first evening admiring sweeping views from Mount Ulriken, reachable by a cable car, then explore the city alongside a guide and experience the thrill of mountain biking before catching your onward flight. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Luxury Northern Lights Adventure in Norway's Arctic

This luxury winter adventure is perfect for luxury-loving travelers eager to experience the northern lights. While based in sought-after accommodations, including the imaginative Snowhotel and a glass igloo, you'll join expert guides to experience the best of the Arctic Circle. Dogsled across the sweeping tundra, snowmobile in search of king crab, snowshoe in the Lyngen Alps, and spend a night onboard a luxury cruise liner.

Spot the northern lights from ice hotels and glass igloos as you adventure above the Arctic Circle (photo courtesy of Lyngen North)
Spot the northern lights from ice hotels and glass igloos as you adventure above the Arctic Circle (photo courtesy of Lyngen North)
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Kirkenes, Husky Taxi & Northern Lights Tour Kirkenes
Day 2 Guided Arctic Dogsled Tour Kirkenes
Day 3 King Crab Safari, Evening Northern Lights Spotting Kirkenes
Day 4 The Arctic Dream Cruise: Kirkenes to Tromsø Havila
Day 5 Arrive in Tromsø, Optional Activities Tromsø
Day 6 Transfer to Lyngen, Ski the Lyngen Alps & Igloo Stay Lyngen
Day 7 Snowshoeing in the Lyngen Alps Lyngen
Day 8 Winter Whale Watching Adventure Lyngen
Day 9 Transfer to Tromsø, Sea Kayaking & Aurora Dinner Cruise Tromsø
Day 10 Tromsø City Tour, Depart  

There's hardly a better introduction to Norway's wintry north than a "dogsled taxi," and that's exactly what'll be waiting at the Kirkenes airport to whisk you to your accommodation—the snow and ice-made Snowhotel. A northern lights-chasing experience rounds out your thrilling first day, but the following two promise to be equally memorable. Hop back on a dogsled for a half-day ride, snowmobile in search of king crab pots, and embark on another northern lights tour. Afterward, settle in for a bucket list-worthy overnight cruise, which brings you past colorful port towns and rugged coastlines to Tromsø

An overnight in Tromsø allows you to refresh and explore at your leisure before continuing north to Lyngen on Day 6. This mountainous region is the perfect place to return to winter-themed activities, and over a three-day stay, you'll explore on skis and by snowmobile and join a whale watching tour. That's not to mention your nights spent in a luxury glass igloo, perfect for viewing the northern lights. However, it's soon time to return to Tromsø and wrap up your dreamy winter adventure with a kayaking excursion and dinner cruise onboard an elegant sailing yacht. Learn more

Itinerary #3: Remote Luxury in Norway's Lofoten Islands

World-renowned for their spectacular peaks, captivating fjords, and secluded villages, the Lofoten Islands hold a special allure. And given that they're also home to lavish accommodations and special excursions, they're the perfect destination for nature-loving travelers looking to combine activities with luxury. On this self-drive itinerary, travel from Svolvær to Tromsø, and along the way, pause to hike, kayak, whale watch, and e-bike through unspoiled landscapes.

Watch the midnight sun from a seaside soaking tub in Senja (photo courtesy of Hamn i Senja)
Watch the midnight sun from a seaside soaking tub in Senja (photo courtesy of Hamn i Senja)
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Svolvær, Sea Eagle Safari RIB to Trollfjord Svolvær
Day 2 Full-Day Lofoten Islands Tour Svolvær
Day 3 Drive to Andenes, Hike the Queens Route Andenes
Day 4 Summer Whale Watching in Andenes Andenes
Day 5 Drive to Senja, Kayaking & Hot Tub Senja
Day 6 Drive to Sommarøy, Island Hike Sommarøy
Day 7 Senja Guided E-Bike Tour Sommarøy
Day 8 Drive to Tromsø, Optional Activities Tromsø
Day 9 Tromsø Charter Fishing Tour Tromsø
Day 10 Cultural Walk with a Local in Tromsø, Depart  

Your luxury-wrapped self-drive experience kicks off in Svolvær, and after dropping your bags at your very own red fisherman's cabin, you'll board a RIB speedboat and zip across mountain-backed waterways. The following day, an extended private tour introduces you to the many traditional fishing villages of the region, as well as the narrow fjords and towering peaks surrounding them. Yet, your rental car is waiting, so on Day 3, hit the road north to the charming village of Andenes. En route, pause to trek the famous Queen's Route, then rejuvenate at the lovely Bleik Sea Cabins before embarking on a whale watching tour.

Another superb drive and ferry ride is featured next on your itinerary, this one taking you north to Senja in Troms County. While you'll only have a single overnight here, it'll be one to remember with a private kayak excursion on the agenda. Then, continue to Sommarøy, where, between enchanting nights tucked in the 4-star Sommarøy Arctic, you'll e-bike through unspoiled landscapes alongside a guide. Your final destination is Tromsø, and given that it's more bustling than your previous destinations, it's the perfect place to delve into local culture through a walking tour and fishing adventure. Learn more

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Itinerary #4: Luxury Winter Adventures in Norway's Far North

Combining fine dining, exclusive accommodations, and immersive activities amid wild, wintry landscapes, this 10-day luxury getaway is ideal for travelers who appreciate taking the road less traveled. Spend the first three days soaking up the expansive beauty of northern Norway by snowmobile, reindeer sled, and from your well-equipped room at a luxury lodge. Then, after a memorable overnight cruise, dedicate the second half of your adventure to horseback riding amid the fjord-surrounded Lofoten Islands.

Luxury meets Arctic wilderness along the Alta River (photo courtesy of Sorrisniva Arctic Wilderness Lodge)
Luxury meets Arctic wilderness along the Alta River (photo courtesy of Sorrisniva Arctic Wilderness Lodge)
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Alta, Three-Course Dinner at Maku Alta
Days 2-3 Alta Wilderness Adventures Alta
Day 4 Fly to Tromsø, Aurora Dinner Cruise Tromsø
Day 5 Dogsled Tour, Overnight Cruise to Lofoten Islands Havila
Day 6 Arrive in Gimsøya, Northern Lights Horseback Ride Gimsøya
Days 7-8 Gimsøya Horseback Adventures & Northern Lights Gimsøya
Day 9 Transfer to Svolvær, Kayaking & Floating Sauna Svolvær
Day 10 Depart Svolvær  

There's something about frosty landscapes that awaken your appetite, and upon checking into a luxury lodge in Alta, you'll sit down for a hearty three-course dinner. Don't worry if you overindulge, as over the next two days, you'll have plenty of time to work it off while snowmobiling, chasing the northern lights, and exploring by reindeer sled. Afterward, transfer to Tromsø, where a northern lights cruise awaits, followed by a morning dogsledding trip. It's back on the water on the afternoon of Day 5, but this time onboard a premier Havila cruise for an overnight journey to the stunning Lofoten Islands

Your first destination in the Lofoten Islands is Gimsøya, and you'll be staying at the superbly located Lofoten Links Lodges. Here, you'll pause to relax and refresh before setting off on a leisurely horseback ride. Then, adjusted to the trot of your equestrian friend, spend the following two days navigating through rugged terrain horseback, and between, warm up in your own private outdoor hot tub. Your final destination is Svolvær, the perfect place to wrap up your adventure over a thrilling sea kayaking adventure in search of wildlife and a hearty dinner at the lovely Paleo Arctic restaurant. Learn more

Itinerary #5: Luxury Scenic Drive Through Rural Norway

Hit the road to discover the immensely charming villages of Norway's rural south on this off-the-beaten-track drive. Enjoy stays at 4-star hotels and boutique lodges that encapsulate the region's beauty. Additionally, time set aside to explore your forested mountain surroundings by horseback, bike, on foot, and kayaking makes this itinerary perfect for those seeking an active itinerary.

Your trip kicks off at a luxurious country estate near Nes (photo courtesy of Herregården Hoel) 
Your trip kicks off at a luxurious country estate near Nes (photo courtesy of Herregården Hoel) 
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo, Drive to Nes, Honey Farm Tour Nes
Day 2 Drive to Sonsterud, Self-Guided Cycling & Spa Visit Sonsterud
Day 3 Day Trip to Finnskogen & Nature Hike Sonsterud
Day 4 Drive to Storefoss, Horseback Riding in Valdres Storefoss
Day 5 Drive to Aurland, Guided Waterfall Hike & Picnic Aurland
Day 6 Fly Fishing & Outdoor Hot Tub Experience Aurland
Days 7-8 Drive to Voss, Canoe, Mountain Bike & Kayak Trips Voss
Day 9 Drive to Bergen, City City Tour & Hike, Afternoon Sauna Bergen
Day 10 Depart Bergen  

Straight off the plane in Oslo, put the bustling city in your rearview mirror and set out for the welcoming community of Nes. Pause here to refresh at the 5-star Herregården Hotel before continuing to Sonsterud—a wilderness-immersed village serving as your base for two nights. Upon arrival, a leisurely mountain bike ride introduces you to the region's forested trails, while a side trip to Finnskogen gets you deeper into woodlands home to moose. Next, pause in Valdres for a horseback riding excursion on your way to Storefoss, and spend the evening dining at the lovely Herangtunet boutique hotel.

The second half of your journey features the UNESCO-listed western fjords region, starting with a two-night stay in Aurland. Tucked along its namesake, the Aurlandsfjord, this town is an excellent hopping-off point to tackle a guided hike to the thundering Turlidfossen, test your luck at fly fishing, and soak in an outdoor hot tub. Next, drive farther west to Voss, where numerous activities customized to your interest await, such as mountain biking, kayaking, and canoeing. Afterward, wrap up your trip with an overnight in Bergen, giving you enough time to hop between city highlights alongside a guide. Learn more

Itinerary #6: Luxury Under the Midnight Sun in Northern Norway

Experience the captivating phenomenon of northern Norway's midnight sun on this luxury active trip. Between an overnight cruise, an evening kayaking tour, and a dreamy after-dinner horseback excursion, you'll see just how peaceful Mother Nature can be in the soft light of the never-ending Arctic day. To make your adventure even grander, enjoy stays at premier accommodations, soar in a helicopter, and meet the Indigenous peoples and their reindeer who call the Arctic north home. 

Spend 10 endless summer days in Norway's far north (photo courtesy of Sorrisniva Arctic Wilderness Lodge)
Spend 10 endless summer days in Norway's far north (photo courtesy of Sorrisniva Arctic Wilderness Lodge)
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Bodø, Zodiac Boat Tour Bodø
Day 2 Snorkeling in Saltstraumen, Scenic Helicopter Flight Bodø
Day 3 Transfer to Reine & the Lofoten Islands Reine
Day 4 Transfer to Gimsøya, Surfing Lesson Gimsøya
Day 5 Gimsøya Midnight Sun Activities Gimsøya
Day 6 Transfer to Svolvær, Overnight Havila Cruise Havila
Day 7 Arrive in Tromsø, Transfer to Lyngen, VIP Whisky Tour Lyngen
Day 8 Fly to Alta, Reindeer & Sámi Experience Alta
Day 9 Alta River Canoe Tour Alta
Day 10 Depart Alta  

Your adventure begins in the welcoming town of Bodø, where, over a two-day stay, you'll explore its surrounding beauty while speedboating, snorkeling, and taking flight in a helicopter. Next, ferry to the Lofoten Islands' village of Reine and check into your traditional red fisherman's cabin at the Tide Hotel. An overnight here gives you the opportunity to kayak on the Reinefjord under the midnight sun before continuing to Gimsøya. This spectacular island is renowned for its rugged coastlines, which you'll experience through a surf lesson and during an excursion of your choice, such as horseback riding or hiking.

The second half of your trip starts with a brilliant overnight cruise onboard a luxury ferry. Considering you'll be passing by quaint villages illuminated by the midnight sun, it'll be hard to spend time in your spacious cabin, but not to worry, as the following day, all you'll be tasked with doing is enjoying a transfer to Lyngen and a whisky distillery tour. Next, continue north to Alta's delightful Sorrisniva Arctic Wilderness Lodge. After settling in, join a local Indigenous guide for a reindeer and Sámi experience, then squeeze in a relaxing canoe ride before bidding farewell. Learn more

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Map of 10 Days in Norway - 6 Luxury Itinerary Ideas
Map of 10 Days in Norway - 6 Luxury Itinerary Ideas