Norway 13-Day Tours & Itineraries

Explore 9 trips designed by local kimkim specialists to get ideas for your trip to Norway.

We've put together fun and immersive 13-day itineraries that give you the chance to explore what Norway offers travelers. If you'd like to drive along the world-renowned Atlantic Road and enjoy a scenic train journey, consider something like this best-of Northwest Norway trip. Want to explore the Arctic? Choose an itinerary similar to this best of Norway's Arctic Islands journey, where you'll hike sandy beaches on Senja, explore Tromsø's culture, and look for whales off the Norwegian Sea coast. If you prefer a classic fjord road trip, opt for something similar to this Western Norway Fjord excursion that includes several hikes overlooking Fjords, kayaking, and a gorgeous waterfall route.

See our itineraries below or read our guide to the best 13-day trips in Norway.

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Explore remote beaches on both archipelagoes
Map of Vesterålen & Lofoten Islands Road Trip - 13 Days
Vesterålen & Lofoten Islands Road Trip - 13 Days

This self-guided summer road trip travels at a relaxed pace through gorgeous scenery above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway. Explore two distinct archipelagos offering hiking trails, peaceful beaches, guided excursions, and a seaside teeming with whales—not to mention constant daylight hours during the 'Midnight Sun' to soak it in. Start and end the trip in Bodø, a cool little city with street art and a charming harbor.

Snowscapes in the Lofoten Islands
Map of Oslo to Tromsø Winter Tour -13 Days
Oslo to Tromsø Winter Tour -13 Days

Not for the faint of heart, this epic 13-day trip through Norway's wintry north includes a dizzying array of destinations, travel modes, and activities that are highly unique to the Arctic. Start in the capital of Oslo and then take a train to the UNESCO-listed village of Røros. From here, dog sled in the mountains and walk through Trondheim before sailing to the Lofoten Islands. Finish with an overnight cruise to Tromsø for more dog sledding and sophisticated dining options in the 'Paris of the North'.

The Nordfjord is located between Ålesund and Bergen
Map of Islands & Fjords in Western Norway - 13 Days
Islands & Fjords in Western Norway - 13 Days

This scenic loop through Western Norway uses a variety of fun travel modes that beckon you to sit back and enjoy the magnificent scenery. Starting in Oslo, you'll ride a train along an emerald river to get to Ålesund. Spend a night in this art nouveau city before taking a Hurtigruten cruise through stunning fjords to get to Florø—your jumping-off point for fishing islands, outdoor activities, and Viking culture. Finish the adventure in UNESCO-listed Bergen before circling back to Oslo on the Flåm Railway.

Åndalsnes is your jumping off point for the region
Map of Best of Northwest Norway - 13 Days
Best of Northwest Norway - 13 Days

This stunning adventure travels to the heart of the Sunnmøre region in northwestern Norway. Start in up-and-coming Oslo and check out this exciting capital before boarding a train that runs along the emerald-green Rauma River. From Åndalsnes, begin the ultimate road trip through mountains, fishing villages, cities, and dramatic fjords with a slew of outdoor activities and national scenic routes, not to mention 11 hairpin turns on the 'Troll's Ladder'.

The village of Reine stays golden under a Midnight Sun
Map of Best of Norway's Arctic Islands - 13 Days
Best of Norway's Arctic Islands - 13 Days

This fun and fast-paced itinerary explores the best of Norway's stunning Arctic coast. Starting from Tromsø, the 'Paris of the North', you'll head to Senja island, the Vesterålen Islands, and Lofoten Islands, respectively. Choose between a number of scenic outdoor activities as you travel by rental car and Hurtigruten cruise—all under the extended daylight hours of the 'Midnight Sun'—for the ultimate summer adventure.

Drive through some of the most scenic roads in the western fjords
Map of Western Norway Fjord Road Trip - 13 Days
Western Norway Fjord Road Trip - 13 Days

This 13-day trip covers some of Norway's best fjords, mountains, villages, and cities in under two weeks. Start in Oslo and check out the capital's new architecture and restaurant scene before traveling west (by train and ferry) to pick up a rental car. From here, drive at your own pace visiting charming towns and stunning fjords while enjoying a variety of activities like hiking, kayaking, and biking. Finish the adventure with a fjordcruise to Bergen—famous for its UNESCO-listed Hanseatic wharf.

Sunset over Alesund
Map of Autumn in Norway: Bergen, Aurland, Oslo, Åndalsnes & Ålesund - 13 Days
Autumn in Norway: Bergen, Aurland, Oslo, Åndalsnes & Ålesund - 13 Days

This 13-day Nordic adventure delivers the highlights of western and central Norway in all their autumn glory. Begin in Bergen, a historic port city where you'll stroll cobbled streets and ride cable cars up to mountain lookout points. The next leg takes you to Norway's stunning fjords and on scenic hikes and train rides before wrapping up with food tours in Oslo, dinners at mountaintop restaurants, and day trips to rugged islands.

Sunrise in the Lofoten Islands
Norway Winter Wonderland Tour - 13 Days

Expect continuous snowscapes and frequent Northern Lights sightings on this 13-day Arctic itinerary that includes fun modes of transportation. The trip starts in Tromsø where you'll have time to explore the 'Paris of the North' before setting sail on the Hurtigruten towards the dramatic Lofoten Islands. From here, head to Norway's third-largest city and the UNESCO-listed village called Røros for a range of activities. Wrap it up with a night in the exciting capital city—Oslo—to finish the adventure.

The Barents Sea off Norway's north coast
Map of Northern Norway Winter Adventure - 13 Days
Northern Norway Winter Adventure - 13 Days

This exciting 13-day adventure—between late February to early April—takes you deep into Norway's boreal territory for unique winter-themed activities and few crowds. After a few days in Oslo, it's time to fly to Tromsø, 'Gateway to the Arctic', where you'll experience local culture and a farm in the wilderness. Then, drive to Alta, Karasjok, and the North Cape for UNESCO-listed rock art, Sami culture, dog sledding, and hiking around Europe's northernmost point before circling back along the stunning coast.

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