Having nearly two weeks in Norway allows you to see up to three different regions without having to rush. Summer travelers can choose from a number of active fjord trips that include several means of transportation (rental car, train, and Hurtigruten), while those visiting in winter months can head above the Arctic Circle for dramatic islands, Northern Lights, and fewer crowds. All adventures start and end in Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø or Bodø for a dose of Scandinavian urban culture.

Itinerary #1: Highlights of Northwest Norway

This ultimate road trip through the Sunnmore region includes mountains, fishing villages, cities, and dramatic fjords with a slew of outdoor activities and national scenic routes.

A waterfall in the UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo Oslo
Day 2 Explore Oslo with a Local Oslo
Day 3 Train to Åndalsnes - Pick-Up Rental Car Åndalsnes
Day 4 Åndalsnes - Hike to Rampesteken Viewpoint Åndalsnes
Day 5 Drive to Håholmen, via Kristiansund Håholmen
Day 6 Explore Håholmen Håholmen
Day 7 Drive from Håholmen to Ålesund - Explore the City Ålesund
Day 8 Drive from Ålesund to Øye Øye
Days 9-10 Explore Øye & the Norangsfjord Øye
Day 11 Drive from Øye to Juvet Landscape Hotel, via Geiranger Tafjord
Day 12 Drive to Åndalsnes, via Trollstigen - Train to Oslo Oslo
Day 13 Depart Oslo  

As evidenced by most itineraries on this list, visitors to Norway tend to fly in and out of Oslo, Norway’s rapidly growing capital. The compact city center is walkable, while charming neighborhoods are easily accessible by public transportation. While here, you'll enjoy free time to explore the city and a tour with a local guide.

When it’s time to leave Oslo, you’ll take an epic train journey headed northwest towards the mountaineering base of scenic Åndalsnes, located in the Romsdalen glacial valley. Along the route, you'll pass some of Norway's most dramatic landscapes, including the Rauma River, waterfalls, and famous bridges. There are great hiking trails here—consider a steep hike to the Rampesteken viewpoint 1,804 feet (550 m) above sea level.

This is also where you'll pick up a rental car and begin your road trip with a drive along the famous Atlantic Road. You’ll stop in Kristiansund to try the local cod before continuing to nearby Håholmen, an 18th-century fishing village which offers original wharves and traditional fishermen's shacks across 10 acres. Spend the next few days here kayaking, biking, hiking, fishing and golfing, or joining boat excursions to several larger and smaller islands nearby. Next, you’ll drive to Ålesund, one of the prettiest cities in Scandinavia. The streets are renowned for its beautiful Art Nouveau architecture—a result of rebuilding efforts following a devastating fire in 1904.

Get ready for more glorious views as you make your way to the Hjørundfjord and its peaceful countryside. This drive brings you to Øye, located on the Norangsfjord, an arm of the Hjørundfjord surrounded on all sides by the Sunnmørsalpene mountains. You can either explore the area by car, fjord cruise, boat charter (express or high-speed boat), or simply on foot, and you'll definitely want to see the UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord. While in the area, you'll even stay a night at the Juvet Landscape Hotel with modern accommodations tucked into peaceful forests and mountains. Finish the road trip with a drive along the steep and narrow turns of the iconic Trollstigen, or 'Troll's Ladder.' Learn more

Itinerary #2: Norway Winter Wonderland Tour - Tromsø to Oslo 

Expect continuous snowscapes and frequent Northern Lights sightings on this Tromsø to Oslo winter itinerary that includes fun modes of transportation. 

Tromsø is nicknamed 'Paris of the North'
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Tromsø Tromsø
Day 2 Explore Tromsø in Winter Tromsø
Day 3 Tromsø Excursion - Board Hurtigruten Onboard Hurtigruten
Day 4 Hurtigruten - Explore Svolvær Svolvær
Day 5 Trollfjord & Sea-Eagle Boat Tour Svolvær
Day 6 Sea Kayaking Tour Svolvær
Day 7 Svolvær - Hurtigruten to Trondheim Onboard Hurtigruten
Day 8 Relax on the Hurtigruten Onboard Hurtigruten
Day 9 Hurtigruten - Trondheim in Winter Trondheim
Day 10 Train to Røros Røros
Day 11 Dogsledding in Røros Røros
Day 12 Røros - Train to Oslo Oslo
Day 13 Depart Oslo  

This trip kicks off in Northern Norway's largest city—Tromsø—where you'll have a few days to enjoy activities around town and in the surrounding snowcapped mountains. While here, let a local guide take you on a three-hour walking tour—street by street—and soak in its beautiful architecture, including historic wooden houses dating as far back as 1789. You can also go skiing, ice fishing, or sign up for an after-dark Northern Lights Chase. At the end of day 3, you'll catch a Hurtigruten cruise to the Lofoten Islands along the Norwegian Sea, passing some spectacular Arctic scenery along the way.

Arrive at the village of Svolvær and dine in one of the charming local restaurants—the seasonal fare at Børsen is high on our list. While this is the busiest village in Lofoten, it has a population of fewer than 5,000 people. Enjoy a boat trip to Trollfjord, with its incredibly narrow entrance and steep mountainsides, and paddle a kayak (beginners are welcome) during a half-day excursion on the calm sea. On your last day, rent a car and explore the islands at your own pace—follow the E10 road, which runs along the archipelago and offers views of dramatic landscape and fishing huts dating back to the late 1800s.

From Svolvær, it’s time for another overnight Hurtigruten cruise—this time to Trondheim, Norway’s 3rd largest city. You'll have a day to visit the architecture and cultural stops like the National Museum of Decorative Arts. You'll then travel by train to wintry Røros for dogsledding and time to wander its wonderfully preserved 17th- and 18th-century wooden houses (about 80 in total) that make this a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Finish the trip with a train to Oslo for a chance to check out the capital’s New Nordic cuisine options on your last night. Learn more

Itinerary #3: Western Norway Fjord Road Trip

This summer road trip covers some of Norway's best-known fjords, mountains, villages, and cities in under two weeks. 

Kayak in the Sognefjord with a local guide
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo Oslo
Day 2 Oslo Food Tour Oslo
Day 3 Train to Flåm - Ferry to Leikanger - Drive to Gaupne Gaupne
Day 4 Visit Urnes Stave Church - Hike to Molden Gaupne
Day 5 Drive to Fjærland - Mundal Valley Hike Fjærland
Day 6 Free Day in Fjærland Fjærland
Day 7 Drive from Fjærland to Hjelle Hjelle
Day 8 Explore Hjelle Hjelle
Day 9 Drive from Hjelle to Balestrand, via the Gaularfjellet Scenic Road Balestrand
Day 10 Biking in Balestrand Balestrand
Day 11 Drive from Balestrand to Leikanger - Fjordcruise to Bergen Bergen
Day 12 Explore Bergen with a Local Bergen
Day 13 Depart Bergen  

Before you head for the fjords, take a guided food tour through the capital. In recent years, Oslo has experienced a great deal of development including a sleek new waterfront path, modern art museum, opera house, and an area called the Barcode—a row of multi-purpose high-rise buildings completed in 2016. Explore the area and visit a couple of restaurants starting with Hallen where you will learn about and taste Norwegian seafood.

After a few days in the city, it's time to head to the fjords via the Flåm Railway, regarded as one of the steepest and most beautiful train rides in the world. Once you reach the Sognefjord, Norway's longest and deepest, take a ferry ride to Leikanger to pick up your vehicle for the road trip portion of your journey.

From here, you'll make the one-hour drive to Gaupne, located by the Lusterfjord, your base for a few nights to enjoy the surrounding fjord-side villages and numerous hiking trails in the area,  along with a guided kayak excursion. Then it's time for another scenic drive to fjord-side Hjelle. While here, you'll have options for self-guided adventures or organized guided tours in the area's mountains and glaciers.

Next is a drive to Balestrand via a fantastic scenic driving route called Gaularfjellet. This nationally recognized scenic road offers everything from wild rapids and waterfalls to calm stretches of road. Stretch your legs along the way and look for a pedestrian bridge over the Likholefossen waterfall for photo ops.

Following Balestrand, you'll return your car in Leikanger and catch the fjordcruise to Bergen, Norway's 2nd largest city. Get ready to be impressed—Bergen is one of the oldest port cities in Europe, surrounded by ocean, mountains, and fjords, with a vast selection of cultural and outdoorsy activities. The cobblestoned streets are walkable, so you can easily sample Bergen's lively restaurants and nightlife, thanks in part to a young student population. Learn more

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Itinerary #4: Vesterålen & Lofoten Islands Road Trip

This self-guided summer road trip travels at a relaxed pace through gorgeous scenery above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway. 

Both archipelagos offer hidden beaches waiting to be explored
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Bodø in Summer Bodø
Day 2 Explore Bodø in Summer Bodø
Day 3 Drive from Bodø to Harstad Harstad
Day 4 Drive from Harstad to Andenes - Explore Andøya Island Andenes
Day 5 Hike the Queen's Route Andenes
Day 6 Drive from Andenes to Bø
Day 7 Explore Vesterålen
Day 8 Drive from Bø to Svolvær - Evening Kayaking Tour Svolvær
Day 9 Beach Hopping in the Lofoten Islands Svolvær
Days 10-11 Free Day in the Lofoten Islands Svolvær
Day 12 Drive to Moskenes - Ferry to Bodø Bodø
Day 13 Depart Norway  

This trip stays entirely above the Arctic Circle for travelers looking to skip mainstream crowds. You'll first land in Bodø, Northern Norway's 2nd largest city, to pick up your rental car. Spend a few days here checking out the street art scattered around the city center, thanks to a traveling art festival that came in 2016 with international artists who decorated the sides of buildings downtown.

Then, drive (and ferry) to Harstad on Norway’s largest island, Hinnøya, for impressive dining options, independent shops, and untouched scenery. With 24 hours of sunlight during the summer months, you'll also have plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. Choose between hitting the trails in nearby mountains, renting sea kayaks, embarking on a whale safari, or joining in on one of the many diving trips in the Norwegian Sea.

Next is another island, Andøya, (part of the Vesterålen archipelago) just north of the well-known Lofoten Islands. Nature lovers will find varied landscapes that span from peaceful beaches to mountains and dramatic fjords. Most Norwegians know the village of Andenes as a year-round whale watching destination and the northernmost point in the world where you can observe sperm whales. There are also plenty of hiking trails including one called the Queen's Route, a moderate, 9-mile (15 km) round trip along the shoreline and over the mountain between Stø and the old fishing village of Nyksund.

The Lofoten Islands come next, where you can spend an evening kayaking and learn about the archipelago's history and culture from the coastline. You'll then have several days exploring the islands and numerous stretches of soft white sand and blue water flanked by mountains. Make sure to visit Unstad, a cool little Arctic surf village drawing surfers from all over the world. The trip culminates with a ferry back to Bodø where you'll have one more night to check out notable restaurants such as Restaurant NYT, LystPa, and Kom Heim. Learn more

Itinerary #5: Northern Norway Winter Adventure 

This exciting winter road trip—available between late February to early April—takes you deep into Norway's boreal territory for unique snow activities like dog sledding (in multiple places) and few crowds.

Take the reigns and steer a fleet of huskies
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo Oslo
Day 2 Oslo City Tour Oslo
Day 3 Oslo - Flight to Tromsø Tromsø
Day 4 Transfer to Trapper's Farm - Overnight Excursion Tromsø
Day 5 Breakfast at Trapper's Farm - Return to Tromsø Tromsø
Day 6 Breakfast in Tromsø - Bus to Alta Alta
Day 7 Dogsledding & Northern Lights Alta
Day 8 Alta - Drive to Karasjok Karasjok
Day 9 Free Day in Karasjok Karasjok
Day 10 Karasjok - Drive to Honningsvåg Honningsvåg
Day 11 Visit the North Cape Honningsvåg
Day 12 North Cape - Drive to Alta Alta
Day 13 Depart Alta  

The winter season is the perfect excuse to visit the capital’s impressive museums like the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, the Viking Ship Museum, and the Norwegian Open-Air Folk Museum. Or bundle up and walk around the Vigeland Sculpture Park to see hundreds of life-like statues in the city's biggest park.

On day three, you’ll fly to Tromsø landing with enough time to take a ride on a cable car that puts you at the top of a mountain ledge in just four minutes. From the viewing platform at the upper station, you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding islands, mountains, and fjords. The next day you’ll head into the wilderness to spend the night in cabins at Trapper’s Farm where you can expect to take part in a range of day-time trapping and fishing trips as you travel through the countryside by dogsled (snowy months only). 

From there, begin a self-guided road trip towards Alta past forests, mountain plateaus, and fjords. Upon arrival, head to the Alta Museum featuring Northern Europe’s largest concentration of rock art made by hunter-gatherers. Next is an overnight excursion at a lodge outside of the city that offers a touch of luxury. There will be more dog sledding and winter sports followed by dinner in the lodge's beautiful, renovated barn. Accommodations are located in lavvus, traditional private bungalows insulated against the winter’s cold, which come with a wood-burning stove and a floor-to-top window for views of the Northern Lights.

Next is a drive to Karasjok, where you can experience Sami culture—the indigenous people of Northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. The road trip continues to the northernmost points in Europe, Nordkapp. During winter months, you can expect potentially snowy and windy weather, with starkly beautiful landscapes. You'll have the rest of the day to explore the area's tiny fishing villages at your own pace before you transfer to your hotel in charming Honningsvåg for two nights. Circle back to Alta along the northern coast to finish the trip. Learn more

Itinerary #6: Islands & Fjords in Western Norway

This scenic loop through Western Norway uses a variety of fun travel modes that beckon you to sit back and enjoy the magnificent scenery. 

Spend a night in Ålesund before boarding your Hurtigruten cruise
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo Oslo
Day 2 Explore Oslo with a Local Oslo
Day 3 Train from Oslo to Åndalsnes - Bus to Ålesund Ålesund
Day 4 Explore Ålesund - Hurtigruten to Florø Onboard Hurtigruten
Day 5 Arrive in Florø - Explore Florø
Days 6-7 Ferry to Kalvåg - Explore Kalvåg
Days 8-9 Ferry to Florø - Ferry to Svanøy - Explore Svanøya
Day 10 Guided Viking Tour - Ferry to Bergen Bergen
Day 11 Explore Bergen with a Local Bergen
Day 12 Ferry to Flåm - Train to Oslo Oslo
Day 13 Depart Oslo  

Take advantage of summertime in Oslo to start this trip where you can wander around Aker Brygge, a waterfront area made up of beautiful, modern buildings with restaurants, bars, and nightlife. To get outside of the city, you can also sign up for a local tour to the nearby forest called Nordmarka, just outside Oslo's harbor, reached by tram in about 30 minutes from the city center. No cars are allowed here, so the island is full of recreation options.

From Oslo, you’ll take a train and bus to the picturesque city of Ålesund. If you're looking to get beyond the city's typical sites, take a hike up Sukkertoppen (Sugar Top) hill, which affords excellent views of the city, fjord, and coast. Then it’s time to board the Hurtigruten headed to Florø. This is the hub of an off-the-beaten-path coast region of Norway is dominated by mountains and islands dotted with glaciers and tiny villages, with long stretches of fjords and undeveloped coast.

Next, ferry to Kalvåg on Frøya Island with one of the best-preserved fishing village milieus in Vestlandet. Spend the day doing any number of cultural sights of outdoor activities amongst the varied landscapes like hiking, biking, and kayaking. Alternatively, you can ferry to an even more off-the-beaten-path location: the beautiful island of Svanøy. In previous centuries, the island was the most important center in the region, with a high level of export and shipping activity; today, only about 70 people live on the island. Choose to walk or cycling around the lush grounds and/or join a local guide who can teach you about Eric Bloodaxe, a Viking-era warrior who was born on the island.

Your next stop is a boat ride to Bergen where you can hike Mt. Sandviken one of the seven surrounding mountains and visit Stoltzekliven—a local favorite consisting of 900 steps built by sherpas from Nepal. This trail is home to the steepest race in the world and features spectacular views from the top! While in town, purchase a 24-Hour Bergen Card, that will allow you free bus travel and free admittance to most museums (as well as other attractions). Learn more

Itinerary #7: Best of Senja, Vesterålen & Lofoten 

This fun and fast-paced summer itinerary explores the best of Norway's stunning Arctic coast by rental car and Hurtigruten cruise. Travelers who like to be on the move will love the seven different overnight locations. 

A hiking trail above the village of Reine
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Tromsø Tromsø
Day 2 Transfer from Tromsø to Finnsnes - Drive to Senja Senja
Day 3 Arctic Boat Safari in Senja Senja
Day 4 Hiking Free Day in Senja Senja
Day 5 Drive from Senja to Finnsnes Finnsnes
Day 6 Hurtigruten to Sortland - Drive to Bø
Day 7 Explore Vesterålen
Day 8 Drive from Bø to Reine Reine
Day 9 Hiking & Beaches in Reine Reine
Day 10 Drive from Reine to Henningsvær - Explore Henningsvær
Day 11 Drive to Sortland - Hurtigruten to Bodø Bodø
Day 12 Hurtigruten - Explore Bodø Bodø
Day 13 Depart Norway  

Start with a night in Tromsø, with enough time to check out the city’s streets and dining scene under the ‘Midnight Sun’. Then transfer to Finnsnes where you'll pick up a rental car for the first portion of your island adventure: Senja. Check out the staggering diversity of the landscapes around you, with ocean views, mountains, beaches, lakes, forests, and fields within short distances of each other. With three nights here, there will be free time to explore Senja's network of trails as you please. You can also combine hiking with other activities like biking, fishing, wildlife viewing, or sunbathing at one of Senja's uncrowded white sandy beaches. 

On day six, return your rental car and catch the Hurtigruten cruise to Sortland to pick up your second rental car of the trip to explore the Vesterålen and Lofoten Islands. Your first stop is where you will stay in traditional cabins. Spend the rest of the day enjoying the year-round hiking trail to the Vetten Mountain or check out more deserted white sand beaches and colorful moors. The landscapes of this district and archipelago tend to be much wilder than other areas in Northern Norway, with rounded mountains (compared to the jagged mountains in Lofoten), lush green valleys, inland lakes, and small villages close to the sea. 

From here, make the scenic drive to the Lofoten's village of Reine, famous for its red and white fishermen’s huts from the late 1800s—called rorbuer—dotting the shoreline. Visitors can opt to stay in original rorbuer (the oldest one is from the 1890s), which have been modernized with indoor facilities and Wi-Fi. Local museums and galleries provide history and culture of the region, and a recommended hike is Reinebringen, leading to one of the biggest viewpoints in the area.

You'll then continue to Henningsvær, home to some of the most well-preserved architecture of the traditional Norwegian fishing villages. It is also considered to be the Lofoten’s liveliest place and the artistic heart of the islands—home to quirky cafes, restaurants, and local artists. As for scenery, Henningsvær’s dramatic setting is on par with Reine, with colorful buildings lining the harbor and the steep mountains of Austvågøya as a backdrop. Learn more

Itinerary #8: Oslo to Tromsø Winter Tour

Not for the faint of heart, this epic trip through Norway's wintry north includes a dizzying array of destinations, travel modes, and activities that are highly unique to the Arctic. 

Travel from south to north on this active adventure
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo Oslo
Day 2 Oslo City Tour Oslo
Day 3 Oslo - Train to Røros Røros
Day 4 Dogsledding in Røros Røros
Day 5 Train to Trondheim - Explore Trondheim
Day 6 Train from Trondheim to Bodø Bodø
Day 7 Explore Bodø - Hurtigruten to Svolvær Svolvær
Day 8 Explore Lofoten - Northern Lights Horseback Excursion Svolvær
Day 9 Explore Svolvær - Hurtigruten to Tromsø Onboard Hurtigruten
Day 10 Hurtigruten - Arrive in Tromsø - Explore Tromsø
Day 11 Transfer to Trapper's Farm - Overnight Excursion Tromsø
Day 12 Breakfast at Trapper's Farm - Return to Tromsø Tromsø
Day 13 Depart Tromsø  

This itinerary makes its way from south to north, starting with Oslo. Winter is a great time to visit the year-round Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower presenting over 4,000 years of snow sports, polar exploration, and an exhibition on snowboarding and modern skiing, not to mention an observation deck offering panoramic views of the capital.

From Oslo, your journey north then begins with a train ride to the charming UNESCO-listed village of Rorøs with more than its share of wintry ambiance. After walking around the historic streets, have dinner at one of the many restaurants, microbreweries, or gastropubs. If you're here in late February, keep an eye out for the traditional winter festival called Rorosmartnan with an outdoor market and musical theater. While here, you'll also take a half-day dog sledding tour in the nearby countryside. Guides will provide you with equipment and complete instructions for a ride in the snow led by an energetic and handsome fleet of huskies.

Next on the docket is another train journey north to Trondheim, with snowy parks and cultural sights, including the slightly out-of-kilter antique wooden houses. Bundle up and explore the city's bridges, cathedrals, independent boutiques, and local dining establishments, cozy cafés, and bars. You won’t have much time here before you’re catching another train—this time to Bodø over the course of 10 hours (the longest train ride in Norway)! Sit back and relax with a good book or card game while viewing the variety of mountains and forests as you cross the Arctic Circle. After a good night’s sleep in Bodø, there will be time to take a guided Arctic Coastal Walk where a guide will tell you about the local geology and Vikings history.

This same day you'll catch a cruise on the Hurtigruten toward the Lofoten Islands. While here, you can (and should) rent a car to see the archipelago and villages at your own pace with the everchanging light of the winter months—keep an eye out for the local cod hung up on racks to dry. You'll also have the option to join a four-hour horseback adventure in the dark while looking for the Northern Lights. (The tour includes gear like riding boots, helmets, and headlights, as well as hot drinks and transportation.)

Then, there will be another Hurtigruten cruise to Tromsø where you’ll spend a night at Trapper's Farm preparing meals and spending time with the faithful Greenland husky dogs. Depending on the tour, you might have the option to sleep in a tent or under the open sky next to a warm bonfire as you search for the Northern Lights. Head back to civilization for one more in Tromsø to sample the local culinary scene; remember, this little city has a great reputation for sophisticated dining options. Learn more

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Map of 13 Days in Norway - 8 Unique Itinerary Ideas
Map of 13 Days in Norway - 8 Unique Itinerary Ideas