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Five days makes for a quick trip to Norway, but with careful planning you can still have a great experience in under a week. See historic cities and cruise the famous fjords, look for the Northern Lights high above the Arctic Circle, or trek through the national parks: this Scandinavian country has something to offer every traveler in every season.

Visit the country's best-loved cities and towns like Bergen, Oslo, and Flåm, or immerse yourself in local culture with a trip through undiscovered Norwegian mountain villages. If you're looking for something more active, a multi-day dog sledding adventure is a good choice for winter. Or, head to Trollheimen, one of Norway's most beloved destinations for summer hiking.

See more itineraries below, or read our overview of How to Spend 5 Days in Norway.

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The Sognefjord, nicknamed King of the Fjords.
Map of Explore Bergen, Fjords & Waterfalls - 5 Days
Explore Bergen, Fjords & Waterfalls - 5 Days

This picturesque five-day itinerary hits key summer spots using various means of transportation for a true Nordic adventure. You'll start off in your home base of Bergen, the country's 2nd largest city (complete with a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and explore the streets and surrounding mountains on your own and with a local guide. From here, take two day-trips involving a scenic train ride, a ferry through the longest fjord in Norway, and a fjord cruise to nearby waterfalls — all while returning to Bergen each night to enjoy its restaurants and nightlife.

The historic Bryggen district along Bergen's picturesque wharf.
Map of Oslo to Bergen Fjord Adventure - 5 Days
Oslo to Bergen Fjord Adventure - 5 Days

This five-day jaunt covers a great deal of Nordic ground, visiting the country's two largest cities and its longest and deepest fjord. Start in Oslo before taking a scenic train and ferry to the fjord-side village of Balestrand. Continue north to Fjærland before getting on another boat—this time to Bergen, a historic wharf city and home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A small harbor in the village of Solvorn.
Map of Western Norway Road Trip - 5 Days
Western Norway Road Trip - 5 Days

This self-drive trip through western Norway offers history, amazing scenery, and even guided hikes—all while staying in some of Norway's best family-run hotels. Start with a local tour of Bergen, and then drive north to explore Norway's two biggest fjords. Finish the adventure with a ferry ride across the Lusterfjord to a UNESCO-listed stave church built in the 12th century.

Innerdalen is said to be the most beautiful valley in Norway.
Map of The Trollheimen Ultimate Hiking Experience: 4 or 5-Day Itinerary
The Trollheimen Ultimate Hiking Experience: 4 or 5-Day Itinerary

Surround yourself with high mountains and lush natural landscapes as you take on one of the most famous hiking areas in Norway: Trollheimen. Sleep in mountain cabins and on summer farms. And don't forget to train before you come - this tour includes 7 - 8 hours of hiking each day.

Lofoten's village of Reine after dusk
Map of Northern Norway Arctic Adventure - 5 Days
Northern Norway Arctic Adventure - 5 Days

In less than a week, experience snow-covered scenery and the Northern Lights with this photogenic road-trip through the Lofoten Islands. The trip begins with a car ferry from Bodø, where you'll drive across the coastline at your own pace and explore some of Norway's oldest and most colorful fishing towns hugging the shore with traditional red 'rorbu' (fishermen's huts). Conclude the adventure with an overnight coastal steamer to Tromsø for a slice of Northern Norway's biggest city.

Hike up to these views overlooking Lake Ringedalsvatnet and stay overnight.
Map of Nordic Adventure for Outdoor Lovers - 5 Days
Nordic Adventure for Outdoor Lovers - 5 Days

This epic jaunt through Western Norway encompasses a slew of outdoor activities — like hiking, biking, and camping — for travelers who want to experience as much summer fun as they can fit in five days. After a night in Bergen, you'll drive through some of Norway's most spectacular scenery as you make your way to Trolltunga, Aurland, Myrdal, and Flåm. Squeeze in a speedboat ride through a UNESCO-protected fjord before heading to the airport for your flight home.

Ferry through the Sognefjord to reach the city of Bergen.
Map of Norway's Cities, Mountains & Fjords - 5 Days
Norway's Cities, Mountains & Fjords - 5 Days

This Nordic adventure covers several key highlights in a short amount of time, starting in Europe's fastest growing capital. Next, hike in Norway's mountainous interior before taking the scenic Flåm Railway towards the western coast. Finish with a ferry ride through Norway's longest and deepest fjord (Sognefjord) to get to Bergen—a colorful waterfront city surrounded by seven mountains.

A sunset ferry cruises the Hardangerfjord
Map of Bergen, Flåm & the Hardangerfjord - 5 Days
Bergen, Flåm & the Hardangerfjord - 5 Days

This five-day jaunt highlights Bergen, where you'll explore hilly streets, UNESCO-listed architecture, and surrounding mountains on your own and with a local guide. Take a day-trip through the Hardangerfjord to a manor in Rosendal, ride the scenic Flåm Railway, and ferry through the longest fjord in Norway—all while returning to the city each night to enjoy a lively restaurant scene.

Scenic trails meander through this mountainous route in central Norway.
Map of Ultimate Guided Trollheimen Trek - 5 Days
Ultimate Guided Trollheimen Trek - 5 Days

Surrounded by dramatic mountains, lush forests, and pristine lakes, Trollheimen ('Home of the Trolls') is one of Scandinavia's most beloved trekking destinations. This five-day adventure takes you through central Norway's spectacular views from well-maintained trails (by day) while staying in comfortable lodges (by night). To round it out, fly through Oslo and soak up the history and culture of Europe's fastest growing capital.

Senja's craggy peaks attract photographers from around the globe
Map of Tromsø & Senja Winter Excursion - 5 Days
Tromsø & Senja Winter Excursion - 5 Days

This quick-paced yet relaxed Nordic itinerary hits two key spots above the Arctic Circle for travelers keen on skipping high season crowds. You'll start in Tromsø with two days to explore the 'Paris of the North' by foot. From here, travel to Senja, Norway's 2nd largest island, where a local guide who will show you otherworldly coastline, wildlife, fishing villages, and inland lakes and forests. Finish with a Hurtigruten ride through the Norwegian Sea to complete this off-the-beaten-path adventure.

Senja offers plenty of drool-worthy vantage points
Map of Senja Island Summer Hiking Excursion - 5 Days
Senja Island Summer Hiking Excursion - 5 Days

Hiking enthusiasts who seek jaw-dropping scenery will find plenty to gawk at on this five-day road trip. Norway’s second largest island, called Senja, is just as magnificent as the more traveled Lofoten islands. Driving from Tromsø, you'll make your way to the island for two full days of hiking. Finish with a night in Norway's buzzing capital to round out this awesome adventure.

The Sognefjord, Norway's longest, deepest fjord.
Map of Explore Bergen, Oslo & the Fjords - 5 Days
Explore Bergen, Oslo & the Fjords - 5 Days

Discover lively cities and breathtaking scenery on this short 5-day journey through southern Norway. Start on the coast, where you’ll spend two nights exploring the cobbled streets and colorful waterfront districts of historic Bergen. Day three takes you deep into the fjords, where you’ll sail through the spectacular Sognefjord before hopping on the famous Flåm Railway for a steep, scenic ride through mountains and waterfalls. End your adventure in Oslo to celebrate the vibrant culture and cuisine of Europe’s fastest-growing city.

Northern Lights - Tromsø
Map of Winter Adventure in Tromsø - 5 Days
Winter Adventure in Tromsø - 5 Days

There's no need to hibernate for the winter, as Tromsø offers so many exciting outdoor activities. Learn all about the Norwegian Arctic on this five-day trip. Get to know the small town, with its cute traditional architecture, as you'll have plenty of free time to explore on your own. Take a trip out of town to see the colorful, dancing Northern Lights. Take a whale-watching trip in the fiords, where you'll spot a variety of sea birds as well as different types of whale. Top off your trip with a thrilling dog sledding ride through the snowy winter landscape.

Discover the stunning landscapes of Northern Norway
Map of Guided Day Hiking in Northern Norway: 5 Days
Guided Day Hiking in Northern Norway: 5 Days

Explore the famous Lyngenfjord region during the enchanting Arctic summer. From glaciers and stunning waterfalls to walks along the Arctic Sea, each scene is more breathtakingly beautiful than the next. And no need to worry about making it back home before dark: at this latitude, the summer sun never sets.

A pretty sunset near the village of Arendal.
Map of Explore Southern Norway by Bicycle - 5 Days
Explore Southern Norway by Bicycle - 5 Days

Pack light for this summertime biking adventure that takes you through charming towns in Southern Norway, sometimes referred to as the Norwegian Riviera. You'll start in Oslo and then spend the next three days pumping at your own pace through places like Tvedestrand, Arendal, Fevikkilen, and Lillesand, which are known for their narrow streets, white wooden houses, and warm weather vibes. Enjoy stops along the way for sunbathing on rock formations, visiting historic lighthouses, and taking day-trips to nearby islands.

The Northern Lights in Norway
Explore Norway's Arctic Wilderness in Alta - 5 Days

Discover the winter landscape of Norway's northernmost county and the town of Alta, where you'll enjoy a dog sled ride through the snowy scenery. Transfer to a lodge of cozy tents with woodstoves and floor-to-ceiling windows for optimal viewing of the Northern Lights, as well as the opportunity for skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, and hiking. End the trip with the indigenous Sami community, where you'll learn about their local culture and enjoy a thrilling reindeer sledding experience.

Preparing the sled in the Norwegian wilderness
Map of Norway Dogsledding Adventure - 5 Days
Norway Dogsledding Adventure - 5 Days

This wintry experience in Norway's Finnmark region starts with a night in Alta before three days of dogsledding in the Arctic wilderness. With the help of a private guide, you'll get to know the huskies by name and drive your own sleigh before falling asleep in cozy cabins—or staying up to search for the Northern Lights.

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