Surround yourself with high mountains and lush natural landscapes as you take on one of the most famous hiking areas in Norway: Trollheimen. Sleep in mountain cabins and on summer farms. And don't forget to train before you come - this tour includes 7 - 8 hours of hiking each day.


  • Explore the second largest Viking cemetery in Norway
  • Amble through Norway's most beautiful valley
  • Pass through the breathtaking Gate of Innerdalen
  • Challenge yourself with a climb to the Tower of Innerdalstårnet

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Exploring Oppdal Oppdal
Day 2 Hiking from Oppdal to Kårvatn  Kårvatn
Day 3 Hiking from Kårvatn to Innerdalen Innerdalen
Day 4 Hiking from Innerdalen to Oppdal Oppdal
Day 5 Optional extra day: Climbing/hiking to the summit of the Innerdalstårnet  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Oppdal

The Oppdal Valley
The Oppdal Valley

Grab your backpack, check the weather forecast, and head to Oppdal, where your hiking adventure begins. When you arrive, a short walk will take you to the second largest Viking graveyard in Norway, where you'll find a rolling landscape of burial mounds covered in short grass. If you still have time, popular area activities including cycling, canyoneering, rafting, and musk ox safaris.

Day 2: Oppdal – Storlidalen – Kårvatn

Looking over Innerdalen from Trollheimsporten

After a 50-minute ride to Storlidalen - in the heart of Trollheimen - it's time to hit the trails. Start with a walk along an ambling gravel road to Lake Tovatna - a quiet, crystal clear lake with a stony bottom and a backdrop of rolling mountain peaks. From there, follow the marked trail to Kårvatn where green-roofed wooden cabins sit on calm riverbanks and waterfalls tumble down rocks. Here, you'll overnight at a charming farm and cabin. And if you need supplies? There's a sports store here on the mountain.

Hike time: 7 hours

Day 3: Kårvatn – Innerdalen


Grab a hearty breakfast and start your second hiking day on a gravel road before climbing into the mountains to meet the trail from Todalen. Eventually, the easy, meandering trail will start to climb steeply again - all the way up Bjøråskaret with its impressive views of the Innerdalen Valley (known as the most beautiful valley in the country). Take it easy on the descent down to the Rennsdølsetra summer farm, your accommodation for the night. 

Hike time: 6 hours

Day 4: Innerdalen – Storlidalen – Oppdal

Hiking Innerdalen with a view to Bjøråskaret

The third full day of hiking is perhaps the most beautiful of the trip. Make your way through the swampy valley terrain and then start to climb toward the Gate of Innerdalen, where the summits of Kringlehøa and Storsalen rise up on either side. Keep climbing to the highest point of the trail - a place called Meskaret - for sweeping views of the 12.5-mile (20-km) valley of Storlidalen. Cross to Lake Tovatna and, if the weather is good, don your swimsuit for a dip before hiking those last couple miles down to Storlidalen where your car awaits.

Hike time: 7 hours

Day 5: Climb/Hike to the Summit of the Innerdalstårnet (Optional Extra Day)

Summit of Innerdalstårnet

For those craving even more adventure, an optional fifth day takes you to the Tower of Innerdalstårnet, 4,764 feet (1,452 meters) above sea level. The tower is exposed, but you don't need any climbing experience to tackle the peak. Scramble up rock faces and zig-zag up switchbacks for views that'll stop you in your tracks.

Hike time: 6 - 8 hours


Map of The Trollheimen Ultimate Hiking Experience: 4 or 5-Day Itinerary
Map of The Trollheimen Ultimate Hiking Experience: 4 or 5-Day Itinerary