Explore the famous Lyngenfjord region during the enchanting Arctic summer. From glaciers and stunning waterfalls to walks along the Arctic Sea, each scene is more breathtakingly beautiful than the next. And no need to worry about making it back home before dark: at this latitude, the summer sun never sets.


  • Venture to the world's northernmost distillery
  • Hike the remarkable Steindalsbreen Glacier
  • Explore the spectacular Gorsabrua gorge
  • Take in impressive views of the Arctic Ocean

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights
Day 1 Pick up from Tromso
Day 2 Morning Walk and Aurora Spirit
Day 3 Steindalen Glacier Walk
Day 4 High Altitudes and Wilderness
Day 5 Hiking to the Lands' End and back to Tromso

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Pick up from Tromso

View over Ullsfjord
View over Ullsfjord

Prepare to be taken aback by dazzling Northern Norway. Arrive in Tromso this morning or early afternoon. On your way to Lyngseidet, set off on your first hike in Svensby. En route you'll encounter stunning views over Ullsfjord and the surrounding Lyngen Alps. Enjoy a packed lunch before continuing to your accommodations in Lyngseidt for the evening. 

Day 2: Morning Walk and Aurora Spirit

Views from Rorneshytta
Views from Rorneshytta

Located close to Lyngseidet, embark on a popular walk up the hills behind the town. Leave from the outskirts of the town and follow a marked trail which leads up above the treeline to Rorneshytta, an idyllic cabin with a commanding view over the fjord. In the afternoon, visit the world’s northernmost distillery, Aurora Spirit, and sample the spirits made from fresh Arctic ingredients.

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Day 3: Steindalen Glacier Walk

Steindalen Valley in the Summer
Steindalen Valley in the Summer

Today you set off for the Steindalen Valley, home of the infamous Steindalsbreen Glacier. Follow the trail up the valley as you take in the local flora and fauna as well as the history of this steadily retreating glacier.  Break for a packed lunch along the Tverrelva River before traversing the steep moraine ridge to the edge of the glacier. Afterwards, your car awaits to return you to your accommodations.

Hike time: 5 - 6 hours

Day 4: High Altitudes and Wilderness

Gorsabrua Gorge
Gorsabrua Gorge

Travel by ferry across the fjord to neighboring Kåfjord and the spectacular Gorsabrua Gorge. Venture across the footbridge which crosses the 500-foot deep ravine, one of Europe's deepest, complete with a gushing waterfall. Witness thrill seekers bungee-jumping,  or if you're brave enough, attempt the dive yourself! For those who prefer a less extreme excursion, the dramatic scenery is a photographer's dream setting.

Day 5: Hiking to Lands End and back to Tromso

Lyngstuva, the Lands End
Lyngstuva, the Lands End

Your last walk along Lyngenfjord takes place on your return to Tromso. Stop at Lyngstuva, the outermost point of the Lyngen Peninsula, and hike along what is locally known as the Lands End. Aptly named for its seemingly endless views of the Arctic Sea, the trail concludes at a tiny lighthouse and cabin. Perfect for a lunch stop. Enjoy the lingering rays of sunlight before driving back to Tromso in the early evening. 


Map of Guided Day Hiking in Northern Norway: 5 Days
Map of Guided Day Hiking in Northern Norway: 5 Days