Designed for avid hikers seeking a route truly less-traveled, this stunning three-country trek crosses the fabled Land of Giants as it winds through Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Overnight in picturesque, well-equipped mountain cabins, spend your days ambling through untouched wilderness, and let go of the stress of modern life for a week of true digital detox.

Upcoming Departures

Date Duration Availability Cost per person
Jul 8, 2019 7 days Available $1,200 USD Inquire
Aug 5, 2019 7 days Available $1,200 USD Inquire
Aug 26, 2019 7 days Available $1,200 USD Inquire


  • Cross the protected Malla Strict Nature Reserve
  • Hike to and across the three-nations border
  • Climb above the Isdalen Valley for panoramic views
  • Relax in a sauna in the middle of the wilderness

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrival and briefing Kilpisjärvi
Day 2 The three nations' border Goldahytta
Day 3 Open valleys and river gorges Gappohytta Cabin
Day 4 Breathtaking landscapes at the Isdalen Valley Rostahytta Cabin
Day 5 A sauna in the wild Pältsastugan
Day 6 Views of the sacred mountain Kilpisjärvi
Day 7 Departure  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to Finland!

A soft sunset over Lapland

Your Scandinavian adventure starts with a scenic 2.5-hour drive from stunning Tromsø, Norway - known for its beautiful cathedral and ancient timbered houses - to Kilpisjärvi, Finland,  a tiny village on a mountain lake. Settle into your room and then meet your guide for dinner and to go over the week's itinerary, safety equipment, and route. If you find yourself with time to kill, Tsahkaljoki Falls is just a short hike away and the Litto Mire Reserve, where frost and bog meet, is just a short drive.

Day 2: The three nations' border

The three nations' border

Lace up those hiking boots and hit the trails for your first day of trekking. Start in the protected Malle Strict Nature Reserve, where young geology, calciferous soil, and rare plants offer a unique backdrop. Stay on the trail - the reserve is delicate - and keep your camera handy as you make your way to the three nations' border stone (also known as the Three-Country Cairn) and continue through to Norway. Overnight in Goldahytta, where a warm, rustic mountain cabin awaits.

Day 3: Norway's open valleys and river gorges

Hiking Norway

Keep west as the trail ambles around peaceful Lake Goldajärvi and climbs onto the fells for an unspoiled view of Mount Paras - which legend says is really a giant turned to stone by the evil forces of the north. If the weather's good, pause to check out at least one of the scenic river gorges (shaped over thousands of years) for a rest and some photography. Then continue on to the Gappohytta Cabin, arriving well before dinner for a lovely, scenic, relaxing evening.

Day 4: Breathtaking landscapes at the Isdalen Valley

Isdalen Valley

Get ready for your longest trek of the week: a slow, sweepingly beautiful climb to the Isdalen Valley mountain pass. Today's landscape features steep-sided cliffs, snowy valleys, and mountain streams at every turn. At the pass, vast views await. And as you make your way downhill, the rocky terrain disappears, replaced with open, grassy plains. Overnight at the idyllic Rostahytta Cabin, flanked by jagged peaks, expansive valleys, and a meandering river.

Day 5: A sauna in the wild

Your mountain cabin and sauna await

Today's trek is a less challenging one. Make your way over the open plains, soaking in the vastness of the northern landscape - once covered in ice and now a rich green, brown, and gray as far as the eye can see. As you descend toward your hut, imposing Mount Pältsan slides into view. Overnight at Pältsastugan - a massive mountain hut with a spacious kitchen, plenty of beds, and even its own sauna.

Day 6: Hike toward sacred Mount Saana

Mount Saana

On your final hiking day, climb back into the fells, through stark, treeless open tundra, toward Lake Kilpisjärvi. As you approach your destination, the curved peak of Mount Saana - a mountain sacred to the local Sami people - comes into view across the lake. Board the Malla Boat for a trip back across the lake and to Kilpisjärvi. 

Day 7: Return to Tromsø

Lovely Tromsø, Norway

Bid the snow-capped peaks, deep blue mountain lakes, and giant-sized legends farewell as you depart the Scandinavian backcountry for Tromsø to catch your flight. If you have a little extra time, Tromsø is home to a famously beautiful cathedral, a collection of centuries-old timbered houses, and a crystalline ice hotel. Whale watching excursions, fjord tours, and trips to the northern polar park are also available.


Map of Guided Three-Country Scandinavian Trek: 7 Days
Map of Guided Three-Country Scandinavian Trek: 7 Days

Upcoming Departures

Date Duration Availability Cost per person
Jul 8, 2019 7 days Available $1,200 USD Inquire
Aug 5, 2019 7 days Available $1,200 USD Inquire
Aug 26, 2019 7 days Available $1,200 USD Inquire