Travel above the Arctic Circle with this relaxed two-week family adventure that starts in Tromsø and whisks you to the island of Senja and the Lofoten archipelago. Travel through northern Norway's dramatic peaks and discover secluded sandy coves as you cruise through breathtaking fjords and experience the phenomenon of the midnight sun. Along the way, hike with huskies, spot gigantic sea eagles, and discover tiny fishing villages where time stands still.


  • Hike with your own husky in the Tromsø mountainside
  • Venture above the Arctic Circle to experience the midnight sun 
  • Explore Norway's northern wilderness by boat 
  • Discover the striking beauty of the Lofoten Islands
  • Soar up Mount Storsteinen by cable car

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Tromsø Tromsø
Day 2 Guided Husky Dog Hike Tromsø
Day 3 Transfer to Senja Senja
Day 4 Arctic Boat Safari  Senja
Day 5 Explore Ånderdalen National Park Senja
Day 6 Transfer to the Lofoten Islands, Explore Svolvær Svolvær
Day 7 Trollfjord & Sea Eagle RIB Boat Tour Svolvær
Day 8 Explore the Lofoten Islands Svolvær
Day 9 Transfer to Reine, Explore the Southern Lofoten Islands Reine
Day 10 Reinefjorden Cruise Reine
Day 11 Free Day to Explore Reine
Day 12 Transfer to Svolvær, Hurtigruten Overnight Ferry to Tromsø Hurtigruten
Day 13 Arrive in Tromsø, Cable Car Experience Tromsø
Day 14 Depart Tromsø  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Tromsø

Tromsø in summer
Welcome to Tromsø!

Welcome to Tromsø! Often referred to as "Paris of the North," this lively city blends a compelling mix of rich history and a vibrant cultural and dining scene with bags of family-friendly activities and charm. The long daylight hours in the summertime allow ample opportunity to explore, so either head out under your own steam or take a guided walking tour to discover colorful neighborhoods and architecture dating back to 1789.

Alternatively, visit the Magic Ice Bar, where even in summertime, you and the family can experience an authentic taste of the Arctic. Kids will love realizing that everything, from the tables, chairs (you'll be given super warm ponchos and gloves), and even glasses, are made of ice as you enjoy your refreshments surrounded by frozen sculptures. Other family-friendly activities include the Science Museum, home to the country's largest planetarium with fun interactive exhibits to inspire the kids' imagination.

Day 2: Guided Husky Dog Hike

Hike with your own adorable husky
Hike with your very own adorable husky

It's your first full day in northern Norway, and what better way to discover the glory of an Arctic summer than a family hike in the mountains, accompanied by your very own huskies? After breakfast, you'll be picked up from your meeting point in Tromsø and take a short scenic drive to the kennels. Watch the kids' delight as they meet the playful puppies and learn about the life of a Norwegian working dog. Then choose your very own furry hiking buddy for the day, whose harness will be clipped to your hiking belt for the trip.

Depending on energy levels, set off for a leisurely stroll or opt for a slightly more strenuous hike into the highlands as you get to know your enthusiastic and sociable husky. Experience the true meaning of friluftsliv, the profoundly ingrained Norweigan concept of open-air living, as you enjoy the beautiful mountainside, bursting to life with birdsong, berries, and summer flowers. Afterward, relax inside a traditional lavvo hut with a refreshing drink and a slice of the owner's famous chocolate cake. Return to Tromsø, where the rest of the day is yours to spend as you wish. 

Day 3: Transfer to Senja

Boy on beach in Lofoten islands
Kids will love exploring the beach in Senja

Today you'll leave the city behind and transfer to Senja, Norway's second-largest island that sits north above the Arctic Circle. Known for its dramatic scenery, thanks to its imposing mountains, steep fjords, sandy beaches, and tiny fishing villages, Senja is the perfect spot for adventurous, outdoor-loving families who crave adventure and nature-based excursions off the beaten path.

After checking in at your accommodation, you have several options. Pack a picnic, hop in the car, and loop around the island, stopping off wherever it takes your fancy. Or, opt for one of the island's many hikes. Husfjell, one of Senja's most rewarding trails on the island's northwestern coast, is a gradual uphill climb, perfect for little legs. Reach the top, and if there's more in the tank, carry on to the nearby peaks of Ersfjorden, Steinfjorden, and the Okshornan mountain range, with awe-inspiring panoramas.

During the summer months, you'll have the opportunity to experience the midnight sun phenomenon due to the island's northernmost setting. Let the kids stay up (you're on holiday, after all) and see their astonished faces when nighttime never falls, and the sun's dimming golden light gives the surroundings an ethereal glow. Families with older children can make the most of the late nights, as many sights and activities stay open into the early morning hours.

Day 4: Arctic Boat Safari 

Sperm whale off the coast of Senja
Sperm whales have been spotted in the sea around Senja.

After a leisurely breakfast (especially if you stayed up to experience the midnight sun), get ready for one of the ultimate ways to explore the island's breathtaking coastline. Make your way to the harbor and step aboard your boat, where you and your family will spend the next few hours sailing along the icy turquoise waters as you explore remote coastal destinations amid the Arctic wilderness. Children will adore helping the crew spot sea eagles, seals, and, if you're lucky, perhaps even a whale or two. 

As the kids enjoy their time as captains of the sea and relish their new seal and eagle-spotting roles, relax as you glide through the archipelago. Look out across the hundreds of tiny islands and inlets before heading to one of the nearby fishing villages to see a slice of true Norweigan island life. In the afternoon, either relax on one of the white sandy beaches nearby or head back out to sea for a family kayak in the calm waters around Senja. 

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Day 5: Explore Ånderdalen National Park

Ånderdalen National Park
The view from Segla is pretty special 

It's your final day on Senja, so make the most of your incredible surroundings and spend the day exploring the hiking trails in the 52 square-mile (134 sq km) Ånderdalen National Park. Known for representing the best of northern Norway's gems, the park's preservation order protects its distinct Alpine coastal landscape and ancient pine forest with countless trees, many over 600 years old.

Fascinate the kids with tales of the park's cultural heritage and the coastal Sámi (famous for their bear-hunting skills) who settled here in Saga times and, more recently, the land Sámi, whose practice of reindeer herding lives on today. Keep your eyes peeled for native wildlife, including red foxes, stoats, hares, and shrews, as you hike along the park's many trails. A family selfie atop the iconic peak of Segla, with its imposing sheer cliff face and panoramic views of Mefjord and Øyfjord, is pretty much compulsory. 

Day 6: Transfer to the Lofoten Islands, Explore Svolvær

The stunning Lofoten islands
The spectacular Lofoten Islands

The world-famous Lofoten Islands, known for their dramatic mountains, soaring peaks, and sheltered bays, are an archipelago of seven main islands separated from the mainland by the Vestfjord. The Arctic light and mysterious midnight sun in the summertime have drawn artists here for centuries. Today you'll transfer to Svolvær, the archipelago's largest town on the southern coast of Austvågøya.

Get settled at your accommodation and catch your bearings with a family walk to the picturesque harbor, or if you want to venture farther afield, head to the charming village of Henningsvær. Thirty minutes east of Svolvær, it's an excellent choice for lunch, with several quirky cafés and a handful of great restaurants nestling among the beautifully preserved traditional Norweigan architecture. Appetites sated, take the kids to see the local football pitch, famous for its location on a rocky outcrop in the middle of the sea! 

Day 7: Trollfjord & Sea Eagle RIB Boat Tour 

Trollfjord and The White-Tailed Sea Eagles
Watch the white-tailed sea eagles as they swoop and dive

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast in Svolvær, and then rally the troops for today's adventure. The best way to experience the majesty of the Lofoten Islands is by boat, and this morning, you'll combine sea safari with bird watching as you and the kids seek out the white-tailed sea eagle, Norway's largest bird of prey, with a wing span up to 8.5 feet (2.6 m). You'll depart from Svolvær's quayside and embark on a guided RIB speedboat tour through the strait of Øyhellsundet and the dramatic Trollfjord with its narrow entrance and steep mountainsides.

Nurture the kids' enthusiasm for wildlife as you put them in charge of seal spotting during your ride around the islands while keeping a keen eye out for the sea eagles as they swoop overhead! Learn about the archipelago's fascinating history as your guide regales you and your family with tales of the Viking Age. As you approach Trollfjord, hear the famous story of the 1890 battle which took place on this stretch, and saw local fishermen pitched against steamboats and their crew in a row over cod fishing. Back on dry land, the rest of the afternoon is yours to relax or explore as you wish.

Day 8: Explore the Lofoten Islands

Red fishing houses Lofoten Islands
Have fun exploring the many red rorbuer fishing huts that dot the islands

Spend the day getting to know the Lofoten islands at your own pace. Hire a car and follow the E10 road, which runs along the archipelago, and after thirty minutes, reach the beautiful island of Gimsøya, rich in birdlife and hiking opportunities. Don't miss a gentle hike to the top of Hoven, an accessible peak for kids to navigate with impressive 360-degree views of the Vesterålen islands when you reach the summit. 

Once you've built up an appetite, sit down to lunch in the café inside the town's small grocery store or grab picnic supplies and head to Gimsøya's white sandy beaches for some family downtime. The island's farm is a great spot to take the kids and home to several Icelandic horses.

Continue to Vestvågøy Island and explore the fishing village of Eggum before reaching Bøstad, where you'll find the superb Lofotr Viking Museum. Release the kids' inner Viking with various family-friendly activities, from archery, horse-riding, rowing Viking boats, axe throwing (parents only), or crafting in the chieftain's house. Finish your epic day of adventure with a trip to Unstad, a surfing hotspot with a worldwide reputation and great local food—the perfect stop for an early dinner.

Day 9: Transfer to Reine, Explore the Southern Lofoten Islands

Little boy in Reinebrigen
Don't miss the stunning views from Reinebringen

Make an early start this morning as you transfer two and a half hours from Svolvær to Moskenesøya at the southernmost end of the archipelago. Keep your eyes closely peeled for several waterfalls along the way, including the Molneva cascade in Flakstadøya. Nestled between the open ocean and towering peaks is the beautiful village of Reine, your overnight stop for the next couple of days. Admire the iconic rorbuer, the red and white fishing huts that dot the shoreline, before checking in to your accommodation, stocking up on snacks for the kids, and heading out to explore.

Many of the best hiking trails in Lofoten are within a short distance, including the trail to Reinebringen. For families with active older kids, the panorama of the Reinefjorden, when you reach the top, makes this one of the most rewarding hikes in the archipelago. For a gentler excursion, head to the neighboring town of Hamnøy for a stroll around the island's oldest fishing village—its particularly photogenic location draws photographers from all over the world. 

Day 10: Reinefjorden Cruise

Cruise the Norweigan fjords
Experience the majesty of the fjords by boat

Head to the harbor at Hamnøy this morning to embark on a ninety-minute sightseeing cruise across the Reinefjorden—it's a spectacular way to see the beauty of Reine, a village so unique that Leogoland has built a mini version of the small town in their theme park in Billund, Denmark. Sail past Kjerkfjorden and Forsfjorden, admiring the towering, jagged mountain backdrop of the Olstind, Seiltind, and Reinebringen peaks which rise to the skies 3,280 feet (1,000 m) above the sea. 

Your last stop is Vindstad, where you can hop off, catch a return ferry later in the day and walk to Bunes beach, a secluded sandy cove only accessible by boat. Stock up on freshly made cinnamon buns at the tiny café by the harbor and spend a leisurely few hours playing with the kids on the beach before returning to Reine. 

Day 11: Free Day to Explore

The tiny village of Å

It's your final full day on the Lofoten Islands, and you have several options. Pick up picnic supplies and follow one of the many trails, making the most of your surroundings in Lofoten's hiking mecca. Or, head out onto the water for a family kayak. The fjord's calm waters are perfect for mini kayakers and paddleboarders. Art lovers should head to the art gallery at the Reine Cultural Center to see the evocative paintings by Eva Harr and Karl-Eric Harr.

In the afternoon, make the most of the longer daylight hours and head to Å, the southernmost village in the archipelago (it also has the shortest name in the world). Kids will love the Norweigan Fishing Village Museum, an open-air folk museum where you can travel back to the 1800s. Explore the wonderfully preserved manor house, boat house, and fisherman's cabin as a guide takes you through the life of local families and traveling fishermen two hundred years ago. Treat the family to fresh cinnamon buns from the 19th-century bakery before returning to Reine.

Day 12: Transfer to Svolvær, Hurtigruten Overnight Ferry to Tromsø

A birds eye view of Svolvaer
Bird's eye view of Svolvær

Today you'll transfer back to Svolvær before catching the overnight Norweigan Coastal Express (Hurtigruten) to Tromsø. The first leg of your journey is only a couple of hours, so spend a relaxed morning saying goodbye to Reine before hitting the road. Arrive in Svolvær and enjoy some free time either browsing the town's galleries, boutiques, and museums or squeezing in one last activity before heading to one of the many cozy restaurants for dinner. As evening falls and the midnight sun starts to appear, board the Hurtigruten and settle in for the night.

Day 13: Arrive in Tromsø, Cable Car Experience

Get a birds-eye view of Tromsø from the cable car and platform
Kids will love the Tromsø cable car

Today you can sleep in (kids willing) and relax. You'll spend the morning on the Hurtigruten as you sail along to Tromsø, arriving mid-afternoon. Check in to your hotel and then make the most of the stunning scenery with a cable car trip that sweeps you up Mount Storsteinen. Reach the summit and admire the panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and fjords. Follow one of the nearby trails and get your land legs back before grabbing a bite to eat at the nearby restaurant and heading back to town, where the rest of the evening is yours to spend at leisure. 

For families with older kids that don't mind a later bedtime, take a guided sea kayak tour to explore the Arctic wilderness under the light of the midnight sun. Travel past tiny islands and encounter wildlife such as otters, puffins, and bottlenose dolphins while sea eagles fly above in the amber-hued skies. On a nearby island, you'll take a break and enjoy the warmth of a campfire and tasty grilled treats with a warm beverage before heading back to Tromsø and tucking the kids into bed. 

Day 14: Depart Tromsø

Depart Tromso
Until the next time, Norway!

As your family adventure draws to a close, make your way to the airport, and prepare to board your flight. Trygge reiser (safe travels)!

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Map of Epic Northern  Norway &  Lofoten Islands Summer Family Adventure - 14 Days
Map of Epic Northern Norway & Lofoten Islands Summer Family Adventure - 14 Days