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How to Get from Beijing to Guilin

Beijing to Guilin are 1,240 miles (1995 km) apart, and a three-hour flight is the fastest way to go. But despite the considerable distance, train travel between the two cities... read more

How to Get from Emei to Chengdu

There is no airport near Mount Emei but the 98-mile (158 km) journey to Chengdu is a swift and comfortable trip by bullet train or car. Note that if you are traveling by the... read more

How to Get from Xi'an to Guilin

Guilin is 700 miles (1445 km) away from Xi'an, meaning that a swift two-hour plane journey or the comfortable bullet train are the most practical options. If you don't mind... read more

How to Get from Xi'an to Chengdu

The overland route from Xi'an to Chengdu takes you through 462 miles (743 km) of verdant mountain forest, providing an excellent backdrop to a 3-5 hour bullet train trip, or a... read more

How to Get from Suzhou to Hangzhou

There are no direct flights from Suzhou to Hangzhou, but with just 100 miles (160 km) between them, you can make the trip in an easy two hours by car or bullet train. Suzhou is... read more