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As founder of Hidden in Spain, I am focused on high quality service. My passion for traveling has taken me to different destinations in America, Africa, Europe and Asia where I have been able to enrich my life with other cultures and people. During these trips I found an uncovered need. Most of the companies offered fixed and preplanned experiences to see the most touristy places everywhere but I was far from discovering the REAL country.

That’s why I started this company, to offer real tailor made tours through Spain and let people discover the country as if they were traveling with a native guy showing them everything, not only the most touristy places but also all those off-the-beaten paths they wouldn’t see if no one tell them about and the way people live in this wonderful country.

I also love skiing, watching sports, talking to friends (I mean real chats, not through social media), reading books and spending time with my wife and kids.

My other passion is marketing. That’s why I have a bachelor in advertising and public relations and a Master in Marketing Management. I also got my Master in International Sales, both of them at ESIC in Spain.

And I couldn’t forget, I am a passionate of beer!!! I love it!! I have tasted more than 250 different beers from more than 25 different countries so far!! And counting up…!!!

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"As stated above, I started as specialist in northern Spain but as the time passed I got specialized in the rest of the country and also our neighbor country, Portugal. It is important to say I only work with some of the best providers of tours around the country and in Portugal, I just work with people I personally know so you can imagine it took me a long time to get to know each of them and be sure they offer the best experiences and have a great deal with people.
Same with hotels, I can stick to any budget and preference but I try to avoid big chain hotels if possible, I have a good knowledge of spacial hotels and boutique ones that have a little more to offer and make your trip experience a bit more special. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"After a few years working in the same company (an advertising agency), it was purchased by a bigger company and my office was closed so I got unemployed. After a few months, one of my best friends in Ireland came to visit me and I took him here and there, showed him hidden gems and took him to tiny local restaurants to taste the best local food. When he was leaving he asked me why I didn’t do this with more people, he thought there would be many people willing to travel that way. After thinking it a little bit I decided to start my travel agency.

At first I was specialist in northern Spain, I knew most of travelers coming to Spain know Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, fiesta and "olé", but Spain had much more to offer. So I decided to take people to this area of the country where you can find our how real local people live and there are tens of “off-the-beaten” paths, historical cities, wonderful coastal and inland villages, monuments, history, culture, food… After a couple of years my clients started to ask me to plan their trips to southern Spain and other areas of the country as well . So now I can plan trips through all Spain and also Portugal, our neighbor country, that I got to know with the pass of time."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Well, I have traveled quite a bit but I guess the most important one, for what it meant for my future life, was when I moved to Ireland to work, not only because of the beauty of the country and the great of its people but also because I met my wife there. She is also from Spain but this is life... And it really changed my life, now I'm married with her, we have been more than 17 years together and we have 2 beautiful children (son and daughter). What else could I ask for?!?! "

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