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Mario Fortini

I am 42, born and bred in Rome and I love to travel; during my life I've had the chance to travel extensively around the world and came to the conclusion that Italy is a unique place, with endless attractive destinations; I live between Rome (my head office) and Cambridge (UK) where I have a company branch and when I don't work (which is most of my time awake!), I love to travel (!), playing football and everything food related!

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"everywhere in Italy, in terms of location, I have in-depth knowledge of each of the 20 regions and I can offer assistance with the most diverse activity requests "

How did you get involved in travel?

"When I started my own travel agency, I wanted to create a perfect circle (like Giotto would do!), where tailor making beautiful trips around client's unique needs and wishes was on top and where ensuring 100% satisfaction of our clients, post their trip, was at the bottom; I call it the funnel of success, which is what keeps us growing year after year, thanks to the very many repeat and referred clients that come to us, after they have heard how outstanding our service is, from start (receiving and dealing with request) to finish (delivering the perfect match holiday and ensuring happy clients after the trip. I really love what I do and I have a strong passion to make people happy; travelling is a great way to discover the world, and Italy has a huge amount of beauty, culture, and passion available to the Italian traveller; my duty as a true Roman (and Italian) is to facilitate this journey across time and be close to my client at every step of the way"

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"last October I was in Favignana, a tiny island off the West Sicily coast and I went on a fishing trip! We caught 3 huge octopus that we cooked on the boat while a couple of dolphins were playing around our tiny boat, all under the supervision of a flock of seagulls; I was on my element (I love the sea and fish) and it was an experience I will never forget!"