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Marisol Herrera

I was born in Veracruz and since I was little, I had the opportunity to travel with my parents abroad, but also in Mexico. I remember that I enjoyed those experiences very much. When we flew by plane, I always ended up talking with the flight attendants (with the English level of a 9-year-old girl …); I loved socializing with everyone! I liked to observe the environment around me, especially during our visits to lesser-known archaeological sites in Mexico. Here I was fascinated to admire the handicrafts and the houses of the local people still living in the nearby communities. Since then, I began to admire the richness of my beautiful country.

I am in the Operations department, keeping contact with our local providers and partners (either guides or small communities), as well as keeping with travellers while they are enjoying their trip! That way I can ensure that all services are provided with the highest quality and our travellers feel looked after.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I am in charge of the operation of these amazing travel experiences!! Ecotourism, cultural and community tourism experiences in central and southern Mexico, always under the sustainable tourism philosophy. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"At the age of 18 I travelled to France, making a dream come true. I was in Europe for 6 months, and I took every opportunity to visit new places, meet people and enjoying the local gastronomy. When I returned to Mexico, I was motivated to begin my studies in International Relations, a career that allowed me to have the basics to collaborate with people from other countries and to gain greater knowledge about my country.

After living in Cholula and Mexico City, life brought me to Playa del Carmen, where my first job (where I stayed for almost 6 years), made me feel that we have to take care of Mexico and prove wrong the stereotypes most visitors come in their minds with. Mexico is culture and nature, is gastronomy, is kindness and its full of smiles and warmth."

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The largest pyramid in the world is in Mexico, as are some of the world's mysterious pyramids—at Cholula and Teotihuacán, respectively—and you'll visit both places on this wide-ranging cultural tour. Learn about pre-Hispanic, Mayan, and Aztec cultures as you explore Mexico City, Mérida, Puebla, and Chichén Itzá, and take a break for a refreshing dip in a cenote. And a taco or two, of course.